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Dammit, I want to read Root Double. But it's going to take months before it's released, over 2 years before it's ported, and then at least two more years until it's translated. ;_;
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Originally Posted by VDZ View Post
Dammit, I want to read Root Double. But it's going to take months before it's released, over 2 years before it's ported, and then at least two more years until it's translated. ;_;
If it ever gets a PC port, then I might translate it. It depends on the status of my other projects at the time.

But yeah, two years sounds about right... I think. It depends on how long it is, because it sounds like it's longer than I/O if Nakazawa's text size report was correct (and I/O took me about 48 hours to get 100% completion).
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Route B's summary:

Spoiler for Route B Summary:
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Here's the first scene: "Unchanging Days"

◆September 10th, 6:00 Episode/Route B――――
When he enters the living room, he can hear some light humming coming from the kitchen.
"Hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm~♪"
Natsuhiko calls out.
"Ah, morning!"
And a cheerful voice answers him.

The newscaster on the TV speaks with an indifferent tone.
"――Our next piece of news.
  Early this morning, objectional literature arrived at Rokumei City's "BC Training Center" by an organization of extremists.
  This may be related to the recent incident with the BC Seminar, and so the police have joined with the city's security department to――"
Natsuhiko thinks to himself while ignorning the TV.
(It's about time for her to wake up, huh...?)
As Natsuhiko thinks this, he opens the living room door.

"Morning, Yuuri."
"Zzz... Hikorin, Mashiron, mor... ning..."
(TN: Hikorin is Yuuri's nickname for Natsuhiko, and Mashiron is her nickname for Mashiro. You probably knew that, but I just wanted to be safe.)
At the same time Yuuri falls prostrate on the living room table, "Mashiro" comes out of the kitchen.
"Morning, Yuuri! Good timing, breakfast's ready~"
The girl who speaks energetically is "Mashiro"――she is also one of Natsuhiko's childhood friends.
Yuuri was about to go back to sleep, but Mashiro's voice wakes her up.

"... Huh? Yay, breakfast, breakfast!"
"What's today's menu?"
"Bacon and eggs, hashed browns, salad, omelettes, and orange juice.
  It's a so-called American breakfast."
"Oh, that's perfect for the morning."
"Sounds delicious~"
"Well then guys, place your hands together――"
"Let's eat!"
(TN: In Japan, before saying "Itadakimasu!" and "Gochisousama deshita!", it is customary to place your hands together and say the phrase.)
After saying those customary words, they begin breakfast.

"Mmm~, so good~! Great job, Mashiron!"
"Yeah, I'm surprised I can make this much even though I've only be cooking for a short time."
"Ha ha, practice makes perfect. You've already been cooking for half a year."
Mashiro breaks out into an embarrassed grin from Natsuhiko and Yuuri's compliments.
As if to break up the conversation, they hear an uneasy voice.

"Our next piece of news.
  Last night, there was a fire at the "BC Development Center" within Rokumei City. Research Building #6 was completely burned down."
"A fire...?"
Unexpected tension runs through the dining table as the indifferent voice continues.
"When the fire occured, several personnel and research workers were left inside, but――
  Because the fire department's rescue team was dispatched, they were able to save everyone, so fortunately, there were no casualties."
"So they were saved. What a relief."
"Hmm? Yeah, you're right."
"That was kinda noncommital. You're cold, Natsuhiko."
"Really? It's a story I'm hearing from the TV, so what's done is done, right?"
"Hmm... but it happened in this city, so you can't say it's completely unrelated to us, right...?
  Lately, the city's been wrapped up in some dangerous incidents..."
"You're overthinking things. If it's this city, then I think it'll be fine."
There is extreme public order in the city they live in.
Therefore, Natsuhiko doesn't think about getting caught up in incidents.

But then, Yuuri――
quietly tilts her head, and speaks.
"... Hikorin. You can't just be relieved all the time."
"It's not like these horrifying events are occuring only inside the TV.
  Something unexpected might happen even to you..."
Natsuhiko's expression stiffens upon hearing Yuuri's omnious prophecy-like words.

(There's no way that'll happen...)
He wants to say that, but his voice won't come out.
――Horrifying events won't happen twice.
As long as these peaceful days continue forever, then not even small accidents will occur.
Even though I've always thought like that――

At that time, Natsuhiko suddenly notices a strange phenomenon.
It's his precious wristwatch, which has been used for many years.
It had broken without him noticing.
(Why... when did this...?)
――Natsuhiko still doesn't know.
When or why his watch broke.

The date and time on the watch is――
Natsuhiko's watch broke at that time.

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Okay, here's Scene 2, "BC Activation".

◆September 10th 7:00 Episode/Route B――――

They go from Natsuhiko's house to the nearby bus stop.
By the time they can see the road, the bus is already there.
"Mashiro, hurry! The bus is leaving!"
But just after Natsuhiko says this――
The bus takes off.
They didn't make it in time for the bus.

"H-Hey, wait up, Mr. Driver!"
Natsuhiko shouts this at the departing bus, which is starting to go far away.
"Damn, there's no way they can hear me.
  Mashiro, what should we――"
Natsuhiko turns back towards Mashiro, then clams up.
Mashiro isn't running after him, but standing still with her eyes closed――
She places a finger on her temple.

"H-Hey, Mashiro... don't tell me you're...!?"
"Wait a minute, I'm concentrating..."
Mashiro answers with that, and in the next instant――
A voice that could shake the core of any heart echoes around the area.
The birds perched on the trees all fly off at the same time.
The dogs basking in the sun on the roadside run away in surprise.
And the bus that Natsuhiko and Mashiro were running after comes to a sudden stop.

"... Whew. It seems like it reached them."
While saying that, Natsuhiko rubs his ears.
Because of that large shout from earlier, it feels like his eardrums are still trembling――
(Right, it has nothing to do with my ears...)
Because that voice "directly echoed inside Natsuhiko's brain".

"Mashiro, you used 'BC'...?"
That is the ability to directly convey one's will into another's brain.
A power that one shouldn't use without reason――
Being accused of abusing that power, Mashiro answers nonchalantly.

"Hee hee hee. If your voice can't reach them, then it's fine to directly talk to their mind."
"No, I get that, but... you shouldn't transmit it to a large number of people."
"It couldn't be helped. It was the critical moment between us being late or not."
"Aaah... don't blame me if they arrest you for violating the rules."
"It's fine, it's fine, if it's just this much, they'll overlook it."
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Voice samples are up on the character profile pages:

- Watase's voice is a little softer than I expected.

- Natsuhiko's voice is pretty much what I thought it'd be: a bit soft, but still deep enough.

- Kazami kinda sounds like Tsugumi at times, but it's pretty much a standard Rina Satou voice.

- Jun is done very well. Tomonaga sounds nothing like Inubushi/Hotori in these clips.

- Ena's voice sounds like it's somewhere between Toyoguchi's typical voice roles: somewhere between her soft voice and her hard type. You can hear a little bit of Mayuzumi in it, but emphasis on little (though clip 3 sounds more like Mayuzumi).

- Mashiro's voice actually reminded me of Kokoro's in the first two clips, but not as much in the other two. Either way, sounds like your normal "peppy girl" voice.

- Ukita= Tomitake. Nuff said, as that was pretty much the voice I was expected Ookawa to use.

- For Yuuri, Nazuka is using a voice that I would say is between her Eureka voice and her deeper voice roles, but it's kinda hard for me to describe. It's soft, but also feels a bit reserved as well.

- Mmm... not really a fan of Louise's voice at the moment. Maybe it's a bit too... nasal? It might just be me, though.
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In addition, there's special voice samples posted up on the site today to celebrate Halloween.
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Scene 3, "Lesson":

◆September 10th, 8:00 Episode/Route B――――

First period's lecture is "parapsychology"――
They went to the special "BC Room" for the lesson, as Rokumei City has a particularly momentuous curriculum.

At the teacher's desk is the teacher, "Ena Tsubakiyama", who swings her teacher's pointer in front of the screen.
"――Human communication has gone through great changes along with the times."
(This lesson again... Tsubakiyama-sensei really likes this story.)
Ena frequently recites the anecdote related to BC.
At any rate, today's subject is elementary.

"Long ago, humans used gestures and actions to convey their will to other people, and before long, words were created.
  And then letters were born, printing was born, telegraphs and telephones were born, the internet was born... communication has evolved.
  And at the beginning of this century
  ――A great conversion in the methods of human communication occured.
  Yes, you all know this very well! The manifestation of BC!"
As she says this, Ena fiddles with the computer, and then
――letters appear on the screen.

"Beyond Communication! That is the way to speak without language, a new way to convey one's will!
  If people in the past saw this, they would clearly call it ESP.
  But this isn't a story from the world of the occult.
  The etymology for the word occult is 'concealed'. This has so much large-scale recognition that it's no longer occult."
Ena is right.
People who can use BC are nicknamed "Communicators"――
Approximately 16 years ago, its existence became recognized all around the world.

"――The turning point of history was in 2014.
  This was the year that the existence of BC was scientifically proven.
  And then, as if they were working together, many Communicators all around the world were born."
As Ena says this, new letters appear on the screen.
2014 was also the year Natsuhiko and his class were born in.
Several years after that, various changes occured in society, but Natsuhiko doesn't know the details very well.
("The Espers' Nest", huh...)
Natsuhiko sighs as he thinks about the school's nickname.

"――And so, out of all other countries, Japan was the fastest in beginning to train people with this power.
  It was a smart move by the country. As a result, a large..."
Before long, the sounds of the bored student's raised voices mix in with their bitter smiles.
"Um, sensei, you can say what you like for your opening comments, but this is all common knowledge, right?"
"If there was anyone here who didn't know that, they couldn't be in this school."
"Yes, yes, it's too much of the same old BC stuff we already know."
"O-Oh, sorry. Last night, I watched a documentary on the dawn of BC, so that was really on my mind."
With a cough, Ena makes the letters on the screen disappear.
It now looks a little lonely.
"... Now then, today's lecture will be about this.
  It's about time to begin using practical skills!"

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Scene 4, "Start of the Distortion of the Ordinary"

◆September 10th, 5:00 P.M. Episode/Route B――――

"Huh, what's wrong?"
"Something seems wrong with that car, doesn't it?"
They see a car that's moving unsteadily.
It strays from the road, and heads towards Natsuhiko's bus stop――!

"!!? Mashiro!!"
Right after Natsuhiko grabs Mashiro's hand, the sound of the violent collision resounds.
The car has crashed into some roadside trees by the bus stop.

But even so, the car's momentum doesn't stop, and it continues to spin――
It crashes into a street light on the side of the road, and finally stops.
"Mashiro, are you all right!?"
"I-I'm fine... But what about the driver!?"
The front of the crashed car is smashed, and the door is hardly in any better condition.
If that's the case, then it seems the driver is stuck inside, as it'd be impractical to try and get him out.

"Aaah! W-We have to help him!"
"Calm down, Mashiro. It's useless, we're only amateurs.
  We should call an ambula――"
"Wh-What are you saying!? An accident just happened in front of us!"
Mashiro ignores Natsuhiko, and runs towards the scene of the accident.
"Ah! Hey, wait, Mashiro!"
As he screams this, he looks at the car――
In the car's driver seat is someone whose face he knows very well.

"Mr. Ukita...!?"
It's Natsuhiko's neigbor and his mother's coworker, "Keiji Ukita".
"What!? M-Mr. Ukita!? Are you all right!?"
There are no clear wounds on Ukita.
But if he suffered a cerebral concussion, his consciousness must be hazy.

"What's this, an accident?"
"That's rare for this city."
Suddenly, curious onlookers assemble around the scene.
Mashiro ignores the onlookers and shouts.
"Please wait a minute. I'm getting you out of there now!"
But at that time――
Mixed in with Mashiro's voice is a strange, water-like sound.
At the same time, Natsuhiko smells a bad stench that causes him to pinch his nose.
The shock of the accident caused gasoline to leak out and vaporize.

In spite of the fact that most cars in this day and age are mostly comprised of electric automobiles, this car seems to be a hybrid, rare in this day and age.
If any flames appear as a result of the crash from the car――there'll be an explosion!
(Mashiro will be caught up in it!)
In the instant he thinks that, something bursts open in Natsuhiko's mind.
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Scene 5, "Turbulent Glance"

◆September 10th 5:00 P.M. Episode/Route B――――

And at that time――a person is seen at the end of his field of vision.
He sees an unfamiliar girl standing over there, holding a stuffed animal.

Mixed in with the now scattering onlookers, she stares far off in Natsuhiko's direction.
(She's staring at the crash site... no, is she staring at me?)
She seems to be the same as Natsuhiko and Mashiro, as she's wearing a Rokumei Academy high school uniform, but――
(Who is she...? Have I seen that blonde-haired girl in school before...?)

Her eyes look like they could see through anything.
Even so, her facial expression shows no signs of being interested in anything...
Shivers run up Natsuhiko's spine.
"Mashiro, let's go..."
"Huh? Huh?"
He grabs Mashiro's arm and leavess that place.
An unidentifiable sense of fear spurs on Natsuhiko.
"Hey, what happened?"
"... Nothing."
He turns around only once, but at that time, the girl has already disappeared...
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I can't wait for the full op song.

hai, hai. Onii-chan has his work cut out for him.
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Scene 6, "Prophecy in the Moonlight".

◆September 10th, 9:00 P.M. Episode/Route B――――

"Well then, good night, Yuuri."
With that exchange, Natsuhiko turns off the lights in the living room, but then――
Suddenly, in the background, he hears a quiet voice.
"... Hey, Hikorin.
  I think you're scared."
(TN: I made a mistake in my translation of the first scene. Yuuri's nickname for Natsuhiko is "Hikorin", not "Hikkorin".)
Natsuhiko is taken aback when he sees Yuuri.

"'Scared'... of what?"
"Of losing your current, calm life.
  Of these repeating days no longer repeating anymore... of losing all of that."
Yuuri's shadow floats up in the darkness.
"... You're scared that your calm lifestyle will be interrupted by something unexpected.
  If it's you alone, then it's fine, but you're scared of getting others caught up in it..."
Yuuri's tone is different than usual.

(Wh-What the...!?)
――Yuuri has had panic disorder attacks several times in the past about things happening.
That's always happened in times when she's been taken outside.
(But, this is... different?)
It's not like she's outside, so it doesn't seem like her panic disorder.

Yuuri continues as Natsuhiko stares in bewilderment.
"But you're no longer a child like you were at that time, right Hikorin?
  Even though you might have obtained the strength to overcome the sadness..."
"Y-Yuuri... what are you saying?"
Moonlight shines in from the window and onto Yuuri.
But he can't rely on the light to read her expression.

"... From now on, I think a lot of things will happen to yourself, Hikorin.
  Fun things, painful things... things that will overcome you without courage.
  But there'll definitely be some things that you musn't avoid..."
Her words gradually start to sound like a prophecy.
Natsuhiko feels unrest.
"Y-Yuuri...? Could it be that you're already half-asleep? That you're sleepwalking?"
"... Why do you think it's such an obvious answer?"
"Because you're usually asleep at this time..."
"At what time?"
When she says that, Natsuhiko looks at his watch――
And his eyes widen.
His watched had broken without him noticing it.
Just like that morning, the hands have stopped.

"No way... Why...?"
Natsuhiko stares at his watche's face in the darkness.
The time and date displayed on the watch are――
――That's the morning of six days from this day.
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Voices up for the mysterious characters up.

Ai Shimizu's character has a rather deep, young voice.

Momoko Ohara's character sounds very boyish. Seriously, if the profile didn't say she was a girl, I would be convinced that this new character was a young boy.
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Scene 7 "De-ja Vu A"

◆September 16th, 6:00 Episode/Route B――――

  Can you hear me, Hikorin?"
"... Ugh..."
Natsuhiko opens his eyes upon hearing Yuuri's voice.
"I'm so glad... that you're okay."
Natsuhiko rises up, his consciousness faint.
In the short time he had lost consciousness, it seems like he had a dream.
Mashiro and the others run through the fumes surrounding the area.

"Natsuhiko! You're not hurt from the explosion, are you!?"
"N-No, but... where..."
"Do you know where we are now and what the situation is?"
(That's right... I've got to get out of this facility!)
But on the way, he encountered Yuuri, who should have been waiting at home
――Right after that, he was caught up in an explosion.
He can see that the explosion has created flickering flames surrounding the area.

"Yuuri, let's run!"
This loud, automatic response causes Mashiro and the others' eyes to widen.
"Yuuri!? What about Yuuri!?"
"No, I'm surprised too, but――Yuuri's in this facility."
Taken aback, Mashiro and the others look around.
Yuuri stands in the fumes.

"W-Why is Yuuri... how and why would she be out of the house...?"
At the time she says that, they hear a voice over the PA.
"This is an urgent broadcast!
  Just now, a great number of explosions occured within the facility!
  The explosions have mainly broken out in every emergency staircase!
  Currently, the emergency stairs in Area 2 are still safe, but they could collapse at any time!
  This is an emergency! All personnel, please evacuate above ground immediately!"

After hearing that desperate, shouting voice, Natsuhiko takes a deep breath.
The situation is impending.
He doesn't know why Yuuri's here, but right now, he doesn't have time to wonder.
There's no time to ask her.
"... Let's take Yuuri as well, then the four of us need to get out of here!"
"'Salou', can we use the elevators in Area 1?"
The girl besides Mashiro answers that question.

"Unfortunately, they've stopped. It seems that the elevators have been suspended."
"Then we have no choice but to find a safe staircase to get to the surface."
"Then let's go to Area 2!"
Everyone nods at Natsuhiko's words, and runs off at the same time.
Before long, they see the end of the passage is sealed off by a gate.

"! It's a dead end!"
"What!!? Even though they said all the gates would be open now!"
Due to the effects of the explosion and fire, the gate is slightly beat up.
It seems it can't be opened.
"Natsuhiko, let's go back!"
Looking around, he sees that the passage is blocked off by flames from earlier.
They can't go back even if they wanted to.
"No choice, we've just got to manually open it! Help me out, guys!"
Natsuhiko and the girls run over to the gate, and put their strength into it.
The gate opens little by little, the sound of it creaking as it begins to open.

"What's wrong, Mashiro!?"
"M-My nail...!"
Her nail has bent slightly, blood rushing from it.
"Are you okay!? Salou and I will be enough for this, so just wait with Yuuri!"
Mashiro goes back as Natsuhiko and Salou work on the gate.
The fire is approaching them from behind. If they don't hurry up, they'll be burnt to death.

While doing this, a thought passes through his head.
(Now that I think about it, something like this happened the other day...)
It just seemed like an ordinary thing at the time.
Yes, it was the morning after Yuuri made that prophecy.
The instant Natsuhiko thinks that――
"... The prophecy wasn't all there was to it."
Yuuri mutters this from right behind him.
In the distant clatter, only Yuuri's voice echoes in his ears.

"'Fun things, painful things... things that will overcome you without courage.
  But there'll definitely be some things that you musn't avoid.'"
"... Yuuri?"
(Why is she saying that now?)
  No, why does she know what I'm thinking?)
At that time, both of them have things to say to each other.
But only Yuuri quietly speaks.

"After that, you asked various questions.
  Can you answer these questions? Can you bear those answers...?"
The sound of Yuuri's comment fills Natsuhiko's mind.
"No, you probably can bear it.
  So remember. With your strength, Hikorin, you can do it.
  No matter what questions you may ask, the right answer will appear..."

And then Yuuri shuts her mouth.
Surrounded by silence, he can't hear anything.
No――he can only hear the sound of his watch.
Natsuhiko looks at his watch, and is taken aback.
The watch that should be broken had its time pass without him noticing it again.
(Impossible... why!?)

The date and time displayed are――
"6:29 A.M."
――That was the morning of five days ago.]
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Scene 8, "De-ja Vu B"

◆September 11th 6:00 Episode/Route B――――

"――Come on."
"... Huh?"
Natsuhiko is taken aback by the voice that calls out.
Mashiro is in front of him.
(Is this... my house?)
It felt like he was in some other location just up until now.

However――there's no reason for him to go somewhere this early in the morning. So it must be his imagination.
(Guess I'm still half-asleep...)
"Umm... what do you mean?"
"'What do you mean'? I'm telling you to look at my hand, Natsuhiko."
"That's right. If it was impossible for me to open that bottle, then I hurt my fingers."
"Ah... sorry, you're right."

He tries looking at Mashiro's fingers again, and indeed, there is a small cut.
"Oh, it's not big deal. All you need is a band-aid."
"Figured. So where can I find one?"
"Oh, they're in the medicine box."

Mashiro takes a band-aid out of the medicine box, and wraps it around her finger.
"Now then, I have to hurry and cook. Wait a bit."
Mashiro says this, and heads back into the kitchen.
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Nakazawa just made a lot of tweets. Did he say anything interesting?
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Originally Posted by VDZ View Post
Nakazawa just made a lot of tweets. Did he say anything interesting?
Most of his tweets are his comments on a bunch of famous Japanese mystery novels he just read/is reading. However, he mentions 3 Root Double related things.

#1: The final three seiyu interviews will probably be up this week.

#2: There should be an interview with himself appearing on Dengeki Online sometime in the next few weeks.

#3: He says more information on the game will be released at the end of the month, along with "The biggest piece of information you all probably want to know." Could this be the release date?
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Originally Posted by GundamAce View Post
#3: He says more information on the game will be released at the end of the month, along with "The biggest piece of information you all probably want to know." Could this be the release date?
Must be the announcement that it will also be released on PC at the same time.

If only...
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The final three seiyuu interviews are up. There's also an announcement that there will be an interview with Nakazawa on 11/19 (which is also Nakazawa's 35th birthday).
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Kaori Nazuka's Interview:

――First, please tell us your recording impressions.

 There were many difficult terms, so it was hard to talk while keeping in-character. We also had to keep going back and forth between different times (TN: I assume she’s talking about the different routes), so it was hard to differentiate my acting between all that. But in the end, I think it was worth all that trouble.

――Describe your feelings when you got the role.

It’d been a while since I’d played a young, reserved character, so I was surprised.

――Please tell us your impressions concerning Yuuri Kotono.

 “I alone can put up with it…” “I don’t mind losing if it means making everyone happy…” is how I would best put her mindset. When placed in difficult situations, she does quite the difficult things in order to achieve this. I think she’s a shy but strong girl.

――If you were in the character's shoes, what would you do?

 I don’t think I’d be calm. I wouldn’t know what to do, and I’d have to prepare for the worst…

――If you had BC (Beyond Communication), how would you use it?
 If I could… I wouldn’t use it. That is to say, going into people’s minds is kind of awkward, and even though you could talk to people’s minds, it’s be lonely if you didn’t get an answer.

――Please tell us your impressions of the work.

 The recording was very hard, but I thought the whole shifting of different times was very interesting. The bad endings were very heartbreaking, so everyone, good luck with them.

――Out of all the characters, which one are you most interested in and which is your favorite?

 Mashiro-chan. The girl with the exact opposite personality of Yuuri, who is a very important existence to Yuuri.

――Finally, a message for the fans and readers, if you would.
 Thank you for paying close attention to this work. We’ve done our best to strive to your expectations. I pray that you will all escape alive.
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