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Old 2012-04-21, 17:12   Link #1
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Avengers and colour changing eyes.

As title says, I'm searching for a character that is searching for revenge. However, I would prefer for that character to not be 1 dimensional like Sasuke and have only revenge on his/her mind and nothing else.

I want someone more flexible like Kurapika from HxH. The guy wants revenge but does not forget that there other more important things like current friends. He does have his snapping moments but he still is composed and not blinded to the core.

Or maybe someone as Kikyo from Inuyasha. She is not exactly an avenger but bunch of people hate her even though I see nothing wrong in her actions. You could say I want a double team playing character too.

Shows I've seen are:
Code Geass
Jigoku Shoujo

Another type of shows I want are where characters eyes colour changes. For example Kurapika's eyes change from blue to red sometimes. Sharingan in Naruto and etc.

Have seen:
Code Geass
Phi Brain

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Old 2012-04-21, 17:27   Link #2
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revenge-GunxSword (protagonist is not your typical male lead. He's really weird.) Jigoku Shoujo ( I am not sure abt recommending this because it is episodic and does not feature only 1 character but revenge is definitely the main theme) Peacemaker Kurogane

eye colour changes-Trinity Blood, Rental Magical.....and Gundam 00 (the innovators part)
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Old 2012-04-21, 17:30   Link #3
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Revenge - Shion no Ou (it's a sport anime, but the main protagonist go revenge against someone who have killed her parents)

Eyecolour changes - 11Eyes, Qwaser of Stigmata (even though the main theme look a bit bothering)
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Old 2012-04-21, 18:07   Link #4
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When it comes to revenge and... multidimensional (is that right?) characters, I would recommend Shigurui. It's a tragic tale featuring certain members of a martial arts dojo, and is set in 17th century Japan.
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Old 2012-04-21, 23:16   Link #5
Kleo Scanti
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Gankutsuou? It is in your "To Watch" list, so I guess I don't need to explain what it is.
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Old 2012-04-22, 08:16   Link #6
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Try Avenger anime :3 Just like the title, I think it might suit your preference.
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Old 2012-04-22, 08:19   Link #7
It's yuri, bitches
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There are eye color changes in Caanan.
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Old 2012-04-22, 08:44   Link #8
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Thanks everyone, will take a look at some of those
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