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Old 2018-05-19, 03:11   Link #81
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^ No idea. There was the short early episode with Yulia, but except for that I have no idea. As far as I know, all his girls and his 13 children are safe... well one child is gonna be traveling far away, but it's a guy.

Btw. caught up a while ago, but for some reason, the updates stopped... strange considering he has it everything written.
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Old 2018-05-19, 04:15   Link #82
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^What happened with Yulia again?

The update frequency was lowered to milk it out
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Old 2018-05-19, 12:31   Link #83
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^ Oh geez. I guess I will be waiting till it finishes.

And I am speaking about the early scene where Yulia loved MC, but was supposed to marry the sadistic old noble to avoid civil war (no prince, low king authority, and the guy ruled the greatest faction in the kingdom and would be likely to rebel if she did not marry him making him the king). And of course, there is no real NTR.

MC's mistress is a beastman (beastwoman?) btw., though not kemonomimi, and she has 6 children with him at once (greatly worrying MC and his wives fearing that her belly is gonna explode).
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Old 2019-02-03, 17:25   Link #84
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is it normal for isekai mc to discuss their political scheme with their wives while naked in ofuro while doing alot of skinship?
I know they are his wives and intimacy is important but....
Well it is better like this rather than dull sexuality in a lot of doujinshi...
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Old 2019-04-18, 12:56   Link #85
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Someone said something about democracy being instated or similar. Is it true? Because at least up to where I read (in the manga) what he is arguing for is centralisation through the use of popular support for the Crown. Basically he is going for absolutism and maybe a later transition to a more constitutional monarchy.

Also, I like the setting of this story, relatively low magic early iron age society is not what we are used to. I hope he has luck when they eventually meet not! Carthage (haven't read more than the manga so I don't know if he eventually does).

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Old 2019-04-19, 04:52   Link #86
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In manga right now, King Ferme is taking losses for attacking Almus Village.
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Old 2019-09-29, 11:12   Link #87
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Hi guys, I started reading the novel recently and I have only one doubt:

Spoiler for Julia:
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blessing, curse, nariagari, nation building

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