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Old 2018-04-12, 13:59   Link #2861
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Wow, even OPM isn't safe from the eventual shipping discussions? The series got boring that quickly? Granted more fubuki chapters are always welcome but still...
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Old 2018-04-12, 19:52   Link #2862
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Originally Posted by grecefar View Post
or maybe he will end with genos female version, there was a good fanart around about female genos.

doctor can make a good update.
I'd rather find it more surprised if Murata made the arts just like Oda at One Piece about swap gender like he did at Supernovas and Marine Admirals. I already hold my laugh thinking if all of characters genders are swapped.
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Old 2018-05-24, 20:27   Link #2863
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Looks like Garo got wrecked, hard. That snake lady looks hot, though...

And we're trolled hard whether Saitama will join the fight.....
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Old 2018-05-24, 21:59   Link #2864
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Now that's a monster king. About time Garou got rekted, other than the times with Saitama.
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Old 2018-10-22, 05:47   Link #2865
Bonta Kun
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I really quite like Child Emperor, his way of fighting is pretty cool and you know, Super Robot!

Looking forward to this Robo throw down.
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Old 2018-10-22, 08:24   Link #2866
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Yeah, so far I really like the way his fights his enemy. Plus, it is a nice to see his weaponry and machinery are designed as school equipment. It fits him perfectly.
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Old 2018-10-22, 09:26   Link #2867
James Rye
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Child Emperor is a cooler kid version of Tony Stark. That robot style!
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Old 2018-10-27, 10:23   Link #2868
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So I caught up with the lastest release..

I just dont seem to care about the other S rank heros, infact I am rooting for them to get there asses kicked (even taht loli girl needs an asswhopping majorly). Only ones I give a hoot about are the ones who truely have an eye for talent and repect, like Silver Bang or those who hang with Saitama (king and Genos). What child emporer is doing is kinda BS atm and he should be squashed already. Thus Saitama comes through and saves teh day. But the S grades get the credit.... again.

However I admit I liked when Flash told sweet mask to STFU. Or when Atomic Samurai said they'd protect him as he plays his little idol boy. Least I not the only one getting tired of his BS. When he talks like his hot shit . Hes all bark.

Garou has been the biggest bullshit tho. I understand he can beat a group of As, no problems there, but all these fights against the mosnters shooting lasers if just BS. Am I right to think cause hes turning into a monster that hes becoming this invincible ? Otherwise I dont like this BS hes showing. But I cant stop laughing when Saitama fucks him up without a care in the world. Thats the comedy huh

The Blizzard girls been pretty fun tho. Still trying to recruit them into her gang it seems. but its just funny how they ignore her. She might get annoying if she keeps it up, but I guess I like the female presence near saitama. Shes pretty hot. If saitama needs a wife..... well just saying ^_~

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Old 2018-10-27, 14:16   Link #2869
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Garou is a bit of a stretch, but it isn't bullshit or an asspull that's making him stronger. He's currently undergoing natural evolution at an accelerated rate. It's been hinted at/alluded to that he's in the process of breaking his limiter and therefore capable of reaching power levels that far surpasses what any normal, modified or mutated human is capable of. (i.e. He's on the cusp of becoming another Saitama.)

I speculate that the reason why he's beginning to look a little monster-like is probably because of his desire to be a monster influencing the changes and transformations occurring within his body.
"When there is evil in this world that justice cannot defeat, would you taint your hands with evil to defeat evil? Or would you remain steadfast and righteous even if it means surrendering to evil?" - Lelouch vi Britannia as Zero.
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