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Old 2016-08-04, 07:05   Link #41
Join Date: Aug 2010
Age: 31
Originally Posted by Nvis View Post
Well that explains who killed the security guards.
No, not really.
All the security guars where killed by an act of force - and while she could certainly do it with the robot, it wouldn't exactly be inconspicious. - Monokuma and the traitor are likely not the same.
The one having killed the guards though is imho Monokuma.
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Old 2016-08-06, 00:59   Link #42
Join Date: Feb 2004
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Every episode I'm dreading thinking that Asahina is going to get punched.
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Old 2016-08-06, 03:54   Link #43
Kamen Rider Muppeteer
Join Date: Jan 2012
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Age: 34
Same here, haha. Even if it never happens and she has permanent plot armor now, I empathize too much to simply discount the possibility.
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Old 2016-08-06, 04:01   Link #44
Maddo Scientisto
Join Date: Aug 2013
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Notice how she said "you saved my life back then" and the guy was like "uh? I did not do that much" and she couldn't say more, but yeah, he probably actually did.
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Old 2016-10-21, 23:22   Link #45
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Watching this episode for the second time reminded me how dull the pacing for this show was the first time.

Kyoko actually did something by performing her investigations so as to keep the narrative flowing.

Tengan tried to hammer reason on Munakata, because the latter became so much obsessed with destroying despair disregarding the costs, as he will continue for some more episodes; Chisa's death threw more oil and gasoline into his burning fire.

And, the episode reminded me as well how much tedious and hateful to me was Sakakura at the beginning, solving everything with just administering violence. For Munakata Sakakura did anything to ensure the formers' ideals and concepts of hope and justice were to prevail..

Lastly, not impressed me the spiteful bickering that went between Ruruka and Seiko, at least, until reaching this episode. Those two had their share of history touched upon the Despair chapter.
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