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Old 2013-06-06, 15:50   Link #161
Iron Maw
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Originally Posted by Revan21 View Post
New image

Spoiler for Image:
Why do I have bad feeling about this? Oh well, I guess this means this show will end with a bang afterall.
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Old 2013-06-07, 20:51   Link #162
Xion Valkyrie
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Originally Posted by Iron Maw View Post
Why do I have bad feeling about this? Oh well, I guess this means this show will end with a bang afterall.
There's a reason why Urobutcher is writing the last episode.
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Old 2013-06-09, 16:42   Link #163
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That water tower was a transmitter all along.

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Old 2013-06-09, 19:49   Link #164
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So if this whole story is meant to be a metaphor of a boy becoming an adult, then I guess that Chamber and Kugel represent Ledo's parents.

Ledo will probably confront them both and find a way for himself.

Chamber was invaluable for Ledo's growth, but to become an independent adult Ledo must separate from him.

Besides Chamber's path will never diverge from the annihilation of the Hideauze and Ledo will most likely end up deciding to try another way.

Though I prefer to think that this separation will happen in friendly terms. Chamber is a pretty cool character I find it hard to believe that he would attack Ledo (and if that happened would Ledo even have a chance?)

Kugel however is a lot harder to predict. I think it's very likely that he is bent on the annihilation of all the whalesquids. He probably doesn't know that they were originally human, but he probably wouldn't care.

Anyway next episode is going to be pretty interesting.

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