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Old 2016-07-19, 22:07   Link #81
Professional Hikkikomori
Join Date: Feb 2009
Originally Posted by Klashikari View Post
I don't believe Chisa is alive either, both due to the situation at hand AND in term of meta: she is now a "retired" character in the scope of the story hence why she is presented as the narrator for despair arc.

It isn't like the probability of a false corpse is zero, but again, similarly to the VR issue, using a fake corpse right from the get go again is unlikely for Kodaka's team, especially considering the context of the game this time.
I actually like the theory behind her being alive. In the first minute of the despair arc we see her "watching" her "death". What if the scene isn't some sort of afterlife but actually her in another room controlling Monokuma.

Hell it might even link up with the despair by showing how Junko Despaired her.
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Old 2016-07-20, 02:06   Link #82
Kamen Rider Muppeteer
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I don't think anyone's been saying it's the afterlife. It's just a space outside of canon. Not the first time Danganronpa uses those.
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Old 2016-07-20, 07:37   Link #83
Fighting Dreamer
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Originally Posted by Dengar View Post
I don't think anyone's been saying it's the afterlife. It's just a space outside of canon. Not the first time Danganronpa uses those.
Yeah pretty much this, it just seems to be another version of the monokuma theatre.
Originally Posted by AC-Phoenix View Post
My point is that something is fishy with the building pointing to it either a VR or an unknown amount of time having passed. With VR imho being the more plausible one here.
Te damage done there is just too much for just a few months having passed. Next thing is - there is no dust.
Even if it was just a few month's there would be tons of dust by now.
I'd imagine that there is no dust simply because the mastermind cleaned it up along with the bodies of previous future foundation members, we've seen a similar cleaning thing in the first school life killings where monokuma would clean-up the scene of a crime to a ridiculous standard, so much so that doors and walls were returned to a perfect state(CHISA WAS CLEANING WALLS TO A RIDICULOUS LEVEL; MUST BE HER! lol). except this time I doubt monokuma would have access to stock tables from his competitors and such; broken down doors could be replaced though, more so when someones NG action seems to be opening doors.

the only flaw here in my expanded idea seems to be that monokuma hasn't prepared a rule regarding vandalism, and if monokuma want's to preserve the quality of the building and hide the supposed time skip; it would be in his best interest to keep the vandalism rule from previous killing games.
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Old 2016-07-20, 11:26   Link #84
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Another problem I have with the VR theory is it would reduce the audience's sense of danger. After all, no one can die.
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Old 2016-07-20, 22:00   Link #85
Senior Member
Join Date: Apr 2009
man i knew there was a chance that she would died at some point but OMG!!!! really in the second episode!!!! i hate to jinx it but i don't see kyouko living pass this, after the revel of forbidden action. the opening gives me the feeling that the forbidden action is to cause naegi to miss saving her at a important time. really hope that is not true.
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Old 2016-07-21, 03:15   Link #86
Kamen Rider Muppeteer
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Save her from what? Nobody is trying to kill her at this point in time.
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Old 2016-07-21, 15:03   Link #87
Senior Member
Join Date: Apr 2009
Originally Posted by Dengar View Post
Save her from what? Nobody is trying to kill her at this point in time.
i mean it gives a foreshadowing feeling
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Old 2016-07-21, 15:14   Link #88
Kamen Rider Muppeteer
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Age: 35
One way I see her dying is her deliberately breaking the rules in order to give Naegi some kind of advantage.

Obviously, the fact that Naegi isn't allowed to run in the hallways is intentional given how he is the prime target of his peers.
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Old 2016-07-21, 20:52   Link #89
Komrades of Kitamura Kou
Join Date: Jul 2004
Age: 34
Kirigiri is too genre savvy to die. At least this early anyway.
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Old 2016-07-22, 05:49   Link #90
Maddo Scientisto
Join Date: Aug 2013
Location: UK
ASAHINA NOOOOOO :'(. My bestest most favourite character from the franchise got killed. Game of Thrones ain't got nothing on this shit .

Besides that... we Werewolf now, apparently. Good call imho, changing the formula makes things more interesting and this way it's more suited to a short-ish anime series (multiple cases with multiple trials take more time than a single investigation and a single culprit). Plus it makes sense for a group where people already know each other and won't simply go "oh well let's kill this random person who I never met and I'll get to walk free". This is really shaping up well. Now if only the FF didn't have so many assholes...
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Old 2016-07-22, 06:09   Link #91
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I wonder if it will ever happen that someone accidentally forgets their forbidden action and then performs it?
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Old 2016-07-23, 19:48   Link #92
Brother Coa
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Location: Holy Terra
I have no idea if this is VR or not, seems real enough to me. Although after Asahina died I too wish for this to be VR....

On the other hand, the entire presentation is suspicious as hell. I woudl not be surprised if Naegi was mind-controlled to kill everyone while in sleep. Well, I guess we will only know about that if they find a way to get pass the sleeping drug.
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Old 2016-07-23, 20:22   Link #93
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Goddammit they kill off my favorite character from the first game two episodes in.

Hell I'm more upset about this than any GoT character dying!

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Old 2016-07-29, 11:14   Link #94
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Glad that the Monokuma Hunter Game uses a different approach or twist to the killing mechanism, since fans from both the games and the previous anime are already too much acquainted with the Class Trials and that includes me as well.

The essence in here is cabin fever syndrome playing a more nuanced role than in the previous chapters as:
1. all sixteen members are trapped with seemingly no way-out to freedom.
2. a traitor is set within their ranks dispatching the survivors one-by-one, as he or she is free to stay awake.
3. killing bracelets are attached to the survivors limiting specific actions for each of them killing them by lethal injection should each one of them fails to heed the rules.

In essence, the most awful and biggest scare ingredients to ensure that the remaining survivors suspect each other to go against each others' throats.

Honestly, I wished earnestly for Asahina not becoming the next casualty, but I was saddened to find out she got killed, and the culprit at large incriminated Naegi to keep susipicions on the latter to continue at an already worse pace.
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Old 2016-10-02, 10:18   Link #95
a small cat
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Have just started Mirai-hen. And OMG, why kill Asahina so early. I did not exven expect her to die.

The guy with the cow / bull mask and wheelchair girl both seem to be on Naegi's side at least. They can help him survive.
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Old 2019-02-22, 17:18   Link #96
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Finished the second future arc episode

-I like that they are continuing with the *announcing things that were big last time from the beginning* theme,first with the loss of memory in DR2 and now with the TV airing here XD

-so now that we also have killing rules and all that,might i ask again why the heck they didnt make the future arc a game instead? seriously,there are no differences other than the court system's absence >_>

-and now we supposedly have our first major clue to monokuma's identity: it is certainly someone with intimate knowledge of what happened in DR2,as he wouldnt have known the "Usami becoming Monomi due to Junko's AI" matter otherwise.
now,the ones we do know that know about what happened are:
--the 6 DR1 survivors.
--the 5/6/15 DR2 survivors (depending on if mikan actually went in a coma or not and on if they found a way to wake the rest up or not).
--most likely Monaca,as due to her Nagito alliance it is reasonable that they could have found a way for her to see what will happen on the island.
out of these monaca is most likely. however,it is pretty likely too that someone else learned about the events somehow,and there is also the unresolved matter of Junko's second AI chip from DR:AE's end. so there are too many suspects to even be suspicious of any specific person being behind it

-so how are the windows blocked exactly? because i am pretty certain that during the shortwhile that they were asleep in they couldnt have been blocked to the degree that they are impenetrable by the ultimate wrestler/boxer combo. minor plothole right here >_>.

-have to give them credit though,the "banned action" idea is a great one. it adds a new layer to the proceedings and opens a lot of possibilities

-speaking of which,the farmer's death was both shocking(which was obviously the goal) and ASTONISHINGLY stupid. the farmer is a huge dude,so if he read his banned action then any shred of common sense would make him stop the building fight at any cost,and if he didnt then it is still astonishingly stupid because who wouldnt check his banned action immediately after he learns that he will die if it happens?!! so either way it was shockingly stupid. not a plothole though,as unfortunately there are people that stupid >_>

-speaking of stupid,the "do a random vote now with an obvious result" idea is one of the stupidest i have ever heard. i know the supposed reasoning is that he broke following her death,but i think there is more to it than that. personally,that guy is my number one suspect right now,but even that i think might be a bit too obvious so i am not 100% certain why he actually did it

-so,why the hell didnt kirigiri follow them and help Naegi? honestly,i extremely disliked kirigiri since she without a care in the world let naegi die after all that he did for her in DR chapter 5. seeing her not follow him makes that dislike intensify again.backstabbing b**** >

-i am liking the wrestler even more than i already did! i am starting to wonder if his banned action is "not standing against unjust actions" or something though. also,now THAT is an elbow drop the macho man randy savage would be proud of XD

-the president not chasing them increases the possibility of him being the traitor (he knows where they are and thus could have killed Aoi),but there is also a chance of his banned action having something to do with locked doors thus he couldnt chase them.

-so i first thought the wrestler will die first because he raised a "Byakuya V2 will not let anyone die" flag. however,after the Naegi-Aoi conversation i was like "crap. that is a death flag if i ever saw one". and indeed. poor Aoi :'(

-there are multiple red herrings about the wrestler. he is most likely innocent. the killer likely came and went via the airducts.

overall,not that impressed with Future episode 2 either :/
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