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View Poll Results: Danganronpa 3: Despair Arc - Episode 8 Rating
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Old 2016-09-07, 15:31   Link #41
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I think they simply couldn't do anything about it. Everyone knew Junko was behind the tragedy anyway. Perhaps her plans unfolded so quickly or so perfectly or both that anything they do is too little too late.
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Old 2016-09-07, 16:03   Link #42
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Originally Posted by erneiz_hyde View Post
I think they simply couldn't do anything about it. Everyone knew Junko was behind the tragedy anyway. Perhaps her plans unfolded so quickly or so perfectly or both that anything they do is too little too late.
No the FF wasn't aware of Junko being the Mastermind until after the end of DR I
At least if I understood that right in IF.
Those who forget about the past are condemned to repeat it - Santayana

Sidenote: I'm seemingly too dumb for my current keyboard, so if you see the same character twice in a row, when it doesn't belong there just ignore it.
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Old 2016-09-08, 02:51   Link #43
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btw I just finished Danganronpa 2 and found out Despair-Nagito seemed to act he met Izuru for the first time on that boat, but he has already seen him in this episode. So, memory wipe?
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Old 2016-09-08, 03:59   Link #44
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Originally Posted by Gan_HOPE326 View Post
Well, yeah, but the point is clearly *how*. The big deal is how obviously something big must happen and the fact that both Mitarai and Chisa are there tells us that at least one of them is very likely to be a traitor in Future.
Well it's just that, from my perspective there's still many ways this could go, so I'm not worried about them writing themselves into a corner and having to bullshit their way out.
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Old 2016-10-25, 23:05   Link #45
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I was afraid this episode plus the next one would stagnate, but, thankfully, it opened the scenario for all puzzle pieces gathering right into Junko Enoshima's grasp.

Honestly, I do not want to spoil so much to the newbies that are recently watching the Danganronpa shows, so I can only say this much that Chisa-sensei's undying love to protect her students at short term will become not only her undoing but also the catalyst for the hell to be unleashed as well triggering a very sad, bad ending for a character that I love so much in this show, that will soon come.

P.S. Tsumiki Mikan acting like a pig in heat, that was good one from Junko-chan.
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Old 2019-03-06, 12:07   Link #46
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Finished the eighth Despair Arc episode

-and from the very beginning of the episode it is obvious that mikan is already gone XD. and she is far better(and far HOTTER) gone than she ever was before XD. I quite like how she wasnt hypnotised,but rather manipulated and broken by Junko. same goes for Nagito,although he didnt need much manipulation XD. hope the rest will be like that too

-Mitarai suspected Junko,but how he pretty much s*** his pants when he learned the truth was hilarious XD

-seems like Junko also made custom puzzles. guess the ultimate puzzle maker is also a ROD >_>. also,having the pictures on the ground with all the faces missing was a pretty nice touch .

-ZV Test=Zetsubo Video Test

-pretty sure what mikan said was either "secret" or "despair".

-so that is the parade event i kept hearing of. i wonder if the Oddities are involved XD

-love how mukuro randomly jumped into the scene to set the projector and hand the remote then jumped out again. that was hilarious lol.

-The Junko-Mikan scenes feel like the hot S&M video that i never knew i wanted XD. why isnt there a Danganronpa hentai? XD

-seems like Ryota doesnt value his classmates that much considering that he decided to run after being warned. then again,it isnt like he ever interacted with them so i guess it makes sense. weird that Junko allowed him to escape though,but i guess she had bigger things on her mind at that time.

-so Nagito pretty much swam all the way back? XD. His "Who?" line on Saionji was pretty funny too XD.

-ultimate imposter was so worried that he forgot his mitarai voice for a second there. poor guy

-so Nagito pretty much knows everything already. my guess is that he stumbled upon the secret alone due to his luck,hid and watched and figured out the situation,then came back and did what we saw this episode. the part i dont get though is why didnt he suggest they all stick together? that way they all would have entered. but i guess that would have been a little suspicious and some might have tried to stop him when he pulled the gun. speaking of which,we still dont know where Mikan is,so they might actually find her.

-this is weird. if they met before,how come nagito said he never met him in DR2? is this a plothole?

-so she recognized him. what a hook for next episode.

overall,this was yet another very good despair episode
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