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Old 2017-05-07, 20:23   Link #1
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Couples Who Inspire Each Other

So I'm looking for a manga or anime in which the main couple inspires or moves each other. And when I mean inspire, I don't mean like a one time thing. It has to be constant. By the end of the story it has to feel as if they have grown as a person.

Requirements: -NO love triangles or harems
-NO frustrating moments in which the couple is too immature to keep
the relationship going due to a small incident
-Happy, fulfilling ending
-Couple's relationship has progressed emotionally*.

*NOT a requirement, but it would be nice if the couple's relationship has progressed in other ways too...

P.S. I would prefer if the anime had a light tone, but a dark one is okay too

If the Manga has an Anime or vice versa, please let me know which one I should watch
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Old 2017-05-07, 21:48   Link #2
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Hmm ... Akagami no Shirayuki-Hime jumps to mind most immediately.

The manga is the source material and is still ongoing, but there was an anime adaptation made as well (24 eps in a split cour season) that I thought was quite good indeed.

For the record I like the manga better than the anime adaptation, but that sort of thing often (not always) happens with me.


Another possibility might be Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii.

This is in the same general pattern as Shirayuki above: the manga is still ongoing (and I enjoy it more), and there has been a one cour anime adaptation that was pretty well done in my opinion.


Finally, one that is manga only, and that is one of my favorite currently ongoing series: Colette wa Shinu Koto ni Shita. Give it a try. It is really, really enjoyable. If it gets an anime adaptation I can only pray that they do this one justice.
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Old 2017-05-08, 08:22   Link #3
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Nodame Cantabile has this theme. Both Nodame and Chiaki are inspired by the other's talent and strive to work harder as a result. This is especially true for Nodame at the outset since Chiaki was the more accomplished musician, but Nodame's distinctive style of performance influences Chiaki as well.

Nodame is a major franchise with a manga, 46 animated episodes, a live-action television version, and some live-action movies. I've watched the anime and the live-action versions and enjoyed both in different ways (though I did tire of Nodame's live-action actress, Ueno Juri). I've never read the manga.

Balsa and Chagum in Seirei no Moribito don't have a romantic relationship (she's 30; he's 12), but they do inspire each other over the course of the story. Chagum's development is more obvious, but Balsa's coming to grips with her maternal feelings remains an important theme. Moribito is a based on a series of novels by anthropologist Uehashi Nahoko, but I recommend the anime. I also enjoyed the live-action version. The first season recounts the events of the anime and first novel, but the second season covers material from the later novels not in the animated version. The concluding season airs this fall.

I think Kuragehime might fit, but it's been a long time since I watched it. Planetes has a "senpai" relationship like Nodame does, but again I think both main characters eventually influence the other.
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Old 2017-07-18, 10:17   Link #4
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Clannad would definitely fit the bill with a few exceptions. It is technically a harem though but it's made clear really early that there is only one girl who has a chance particularly if you ignore the AU OVAs. Though since it is based off a visual novel there is even purpose in those towards the main girl. The main couple heavily inspire one another. The main girl is the timid type but she inspires him to be a better person. The main guy is a delinquent who inspires her to be stronger and follow her dreams. There is no way you can doubt the progression that is shown between the 2 between Clannad and its 2nd season After Story.
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Old 2017-07-18, 17:06   Link #5
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One series occurred to me that might work, though it is to my knowledge incomplete and technically the two are not dating. The relationship does grow quite a bit over time, but again I can't say for sure that it'll end well because they hadn't started dating at the point I had to stop reading (can't get new volumes of Young Animal) and it hasn't ended to my knowledge. So take with a grain of salt, but the two's relationship is gold all the same and so far it really looks like things will go that way. The series is March Comes In Like a Lion, and I'd say you can read, watch or do both, since it's just about one of the most thorough, dedicated, perfect and well-done adaptations I've ever seen. The second season is coming soon and should have a lot of the arc that might fit your wish best.

Spoiler for major spoilers, don't read unless you're OK with knowing:

Also, a big stretch, but you might like Working, AKA Wagnaria, as well. The main pair, Takanashi Souta and Inami Mahiru, grows a good bit in some areas throughout the series. They're not terribly mature and their relationship doesn't really become anything romantic until the very end, but this in and of itself is a huge milestone on account of the main characters' personal problems. The hero has a natural love for small, cute things and when this is combined with years of trauma from his crazy older sisters and mother he frankly detests older women, as well as women his own age or in general any girl over the age of 12. Learning to love a girl his age (or here a little older) is in itself a demonstration of him overcoming his past and growing as a person. At the same time he's pretty much the reason Mahiru is able to gradually overcome her androphobia, which she'd acquired through years of mental manipulation by her father. The very fact that she's gradually able to eliminate violence directed at anyone besides Souta, who's strong enough to take it, and also steadily decreases the amount of violence and fear she exhibits toward him, demonstrates the impact he's had on her life. Again, it may take until the end of the story for them to actually become a couple or even for them to overcome their issues enough to look each other in the eye and fully acknowledge their feelings, but the end is still very happy for the both of them.

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Old 2017-07-18, 18:36   Link #6
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If you don't mind same sex couples, try Yuri!! On Ice.
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inspire love happy couple

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