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Old 2004-04-02, 05:07   Link #1
lost in wonder forever...
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Jerry rig a PS2 HD?

Well I was wondering if you could jerry rig(sp?) a regular PC HD to the PS2 because I have an old empty 20 GB HD in the shed. I just bought an online PS2 system and all I'm missing is the HD which was not included. Did anyone buy the HD and is it the same as a regular PC HD?
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Old 2004-04-02, 11:00   Link #2
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The interface is for a standard IDE HDD. However, I'd imagine the drive would need a special format and/or special data in order for it to run. I'd like to get ahold of one of the units just so I could do an image dump and analysys of it. Too bad I don't have a spare $99 and PS2 laying around.
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Old 2004-04-02, 12:45   Link #3
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Well if it's anything like the xbox you'll need to get ahold of a ps2 hard drive image. Theres a special formating. theres prolly lots of sites out there, i'll look around for a few and post them here if i find anything worth while.
Check this site looks like they have info on using other hard drives with the ps2.
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Old 2004-04-03, 00:35   Link #4
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Yeah, they probably have some special bootloader or image file to make sure people have to buy the special hard drive.

You could try, but don't expect it to work.
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