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Old 2008-12-18, 20:23   Link #141
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Originally Posted by lnels View Post
I just saw this on a science news site they have proved that "dark energy" exists and that it is the force of nothingness which is causing the universe to expand faster. apparently darkness is not just gravity who would of thought.
Isn't that a form of "anti-gravity"?
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Originally Posted by Bannakai View Post
Copy Copy no mi:

Lets face it this fruit is too strong to exist.. the ability to copy any fruit users' power
and use it for your own.
so i decided this one ill give it some extreme disadvantages to go with this extreme ability
... you will see them in my cons list

-Any devil fruit user you touch you gain his ability.

-You accumulate all the weakpoints of all the devil fruits you copy..
for example: If u got the sand ability from Crocodile u r forever vulnerable to water.. even
if you are currently using your metal metal form that u copied from Mr.1.
-You have to touch the user to get the ability.. if u cant reach him u cant get it..
-Overload.. you cant remember what to use since you have too many options.. your reaction
time is dulled which could be lethal with all the accumulated weaknesses.
-He needs to adventure fast and meet Df users (inexperienced ones 1st so he
wouldnt be at a disadvantage).. imagine him stuck with abilities of buggy only!

If some1 like that existed survival for him would depend on how smart he is.. he could
always summon a noro noro beam to stop attacks coming towards him for example..
i would say such a man would be perfect as a second line fighter (because his attacks
are unlimited but he is quite vulnerable).
Osom Osom No Mi (osmosis Ningen):

First I would like to say that this IMO (In My Opinion) is the strongest DF possible..
for those of u who dont know what osmosis means: it is to be able to pass
through other things "to diffuse with anything".

That man would be a Diffusion-ningen and he would carry the perfect weapon
for him which is a staff of seastone coated with another metal.. lets say steel.
the steel coat is to prevent the seastone from affecting him when he is not is his
diffusion form. This man with his seastone staff can simply stab any other man with this
sea stone staff (ill call it SSS) and kill him.. regardless of what abilities he has.
and when this man is 100% "permeable" no physical force can affect him or push him or
watever, you can even put a candle inside him and he wouldnt be hurt by the fire.
you could throw sea water at him and it would pass right through him. And just like it
works with logia users if u ambush him with a sword or shoot him from the back he
would automatically turn permeable.
even if don flamingo controls his movement and stabs him or tosses him at sea.. he would
simply turn himself 100% impermeable.. I love this shit.

And using the SSS nothing can stand in his way.. be it a normal human with skills like
zoro and mihawk or a DF user like Enel.. he would just pass the staff simply through their
chest and then return it to physical mode.. making a hole inside their chest.. The seastone
inside the SSS is their to affect even Logia Users that have the SSS diffused through their

-all what you just read.
-since you are permeable you can pass through every thing .. including air..
(no air resistance = Very Very fast).
-Fruit name Sounds like Awesome Awesome no mi .. so .. Awesome-Ningen!

-I Honestly cant find any.. Pls let me know if u do.
-Or maybe toss a seastone rock at him when hes sleeping.. but then again it would pass
through him..
-and lets say the fruit will taste like shit.. literally.
-and it can only be found growing in a pile of donkey diarrhea.. eating it needs will power
that surpasses luffy's and shanks :P
Well I have a CON for you: If you're in 100% osmosis mode and you pass through EVERYTHING, wouldn't that mean that you just fall through the ground and (as a result of the gravitation pressing into the middle of the planet) be stuck in the earth core?

Oh, and I would eat the Copy Copy no mi ;-) It's just a matter of not just blindly copying every devil fruit power you meet. Just make your own mix and keep yourself from involuntary copying by wearing gloves.
My mix would be like:
- Gomu Gomu no Mi (Rubber-Power)
- Doa Doa no Mi (Door-Power)
- Suke Suke No Mi (Invisibly-Power)
- Hana Hana no Mi (Flora-Power)
- Nikyu Nikyu no Mi (Paw-Power)
- Goro Goro no Mi (Lightning-Power)

And the reaction time doesn't slow down very much, because I only have got about 6 Powers I can choose from (which are enough if chosen right)

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Old 2009-01-22, 17:19   Link #143
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I have an idea: Yume yume no mii, the fruit of dreams.

It gives you complete dominion over your and other people's dreams.

-You always have the dreams you want to have.
-You are unstoppable in battle once you activate it.
-anything that happens to either person in a dream happens outside said dream, as well.

-It only works on sleeping targets.
-anything that happens to either person in a dream happens outside said dream, as well.
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Old 2009-04-07, 18:02   Link #144
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Lysol Lysol no Mii
Type: Paramecia
The Ability to Control Chemical-Based Products
You can control most chemicals that would be considered a "base" in chemistry. If there are none available immediately, you can take out the elements that form bases from objects around you.
NOTE: You cannot create bases from your own body, but you can carry them within your body.

-You could Febreeze anyone in the face if they annoy you
-You will always smell lemon fresh

-Can't swim
-If there's too much dirt, your chemicals refuse to obey your will.
-You have an irrational fear of closests.
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Old 2009-04-11, 10:02   Link #145
monkey D goku
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the weapons fruit
pros: allows you to turn and body part into a deadly weapon
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Old 2009-05-28, 07:08   Link #146
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Originally Posted by Suthek View Post
Well I have a CON for you: If you're in 100% osmosis mode and you pass through EVERYTHING, wouldn't that mean that you just fall through the ground and (as a result of the gravitation pressing into the middle of the planet) be stuck in the earth core?
hahaha I like that but, I gotta say that kind of problem is too technical like for example:
the things Luffy directly touches don't become rubber yet when he makes a gomu gomu fuusen (Ballon) u find his clothes stretching as much as he does (also with lucci's suit when he becomes 25 times bigger in leopard form :P )

But if u insist then lets say he will leave a single cell at the bottom of each foot non-permeable & that will stop him
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Old 2009-05-28, 12:24   Link #147
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Hakkyou Hakkyou No Mi

Madness Madness Devil Fruit

Paramecia that allows user to shape enemies nightmares,foes and many illusions.Im not talking about some genjutsu stuff like naruto.These nightmare clones will be seen only by enemy and hurt him like real.Enemy will be forced to fight with invisible monsters that they cant save themselves until they completely defeat the clones, in an other way they will simply go mad.

Example : Luffy will think that he is fighting with Crocodile,Eneru,Lucci and will bleed to death slowly from their attacks, while strawhat crew looking at him and thinking that "what the hell he is just punching the air" like.

- If you'll defeat all the nightmares, you'll be able to see the Hakkyou user.
- As always pain will be your helper for waking up from a nightmare.You'll surely get hurt from the clones and last image you will see before dying will be the user.An instant and great pain can give you a visual of Hakkyou df user as well.
- No logia like defense, all you have to do is to find your way out of nightmare.
- Massive haki usage will reveal the user as well.
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Old 2009-05-30, 11:33   Link #148
shoubri kayatu
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orb orb fruit- gives the ability to seperate him/herself into thousands of ink droplets in order to transfer him/herself into an enemies body to poisen the enemy.
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Old 2009-06-02, 20:00   Link #149
shoubri kayatu
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copy fruit:

Creates holographic copies of the user that have the abilities of fire, water, air, and earth, but the copies are slightly weaker than the original.
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Old 2009-06-02, 20:09   Link #150
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Originally Posted by shoubri kayatu View Post
copy fruit:

Creates holographic copies of the user that have the abilities of fire, water, air, and earth, but the copies are slightly weaker than the original.
Creative.... Good thinking
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Old 2009-06-05, 14:52   Link #151
luffy's property
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Lightbulb ^.^

hi i made a devil fruit my self its pretty awsome too its called the heal heal fruit and you can heal your self or anyone else at any time and can control plants and poisen people!!!!!!!!!! but dont get me mad ill unleash its fury!!!!!!!!!!! [not really] oh "my bad"
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Old 2009-06-27, 20:11   Link #152
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Originally Posted by luffy's property View Post
hi i made a devil fruit my self its pretty awsome too its called the heal heal fruit and you can heal your self or anyone else at any time and can control plants and poisen people!!!!!!!!!! but dont get me mad ill unleash its fury!!!!!!!!!!! [not really] oh "my bad"
Interesting: a Heal Heal fruit that can also control plant life and generate poisons. I see.

Nice fruit though, btw: I like the plant control part a bit.

Anyway, folks: I thought up one more, having to do with my original idea for the Academic Academic Fruit class of fruits.

Academic Academic Fruit; Class: Computer Science; Model: Network Network.


Control and manipulation of any kind of network stream, or network medium. By extension, you can form crude digital signal networks using any metal item in your reach.

By touching any kind of computer that is connected to a network medium of some kind, it is possible to send and receive messages from that computer, and broadcast command signals to other computers that it can send network information to.

By touching, say a rod of metal, and transferring your thoughts into it, you can multicast messages via radio waves into the air, thereby jamming frequencies you bombard. By extension, you can also pick up any network messages passing around you by grasping a metal rod and using it as a receiver/antenna. (Hint: wear a ring at all times ).


Note well that you cannot reprogram devices you touch; you can only send and receive signals from them. So, no: you aren't as cool as Micah from Heroes yet.

I'd also thought up one for:

Academic Academic Fruit; Class: Computer Science; Model: Program Program.


Ability to reprogram devices as fast as your mind can come up with the right structure for the program. The limitation here is how fast you can reason out the steps to the solution to a problem.

Ability to, at a peripheral level, do some network broadcasting on devices that have network capabilities. So you can do mental cracking. (Yea: Now you're cool like Micah. )


You must be in contact with the device in question.

You don't just think: "Do this". The device must be programmed. You have to think out a series of logical steps and send them to the device via thought. So the speed is limited by your own speed of reasoning.

Programs must be complete for a machine to understand them, and not catering for errors will produce the same effect as a machine programmed via a natural method with the same negligence: a system crash.

That's all for now.
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Then they came for the Jews: and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a Jew;

Then they came for me!
...and there was no one left to speak out for me.
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Old 2009-11-06, 18:05   Link #153
Sandai Kitetsu
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i have two
the mythical zoan fruit, model: thunderbird
(similar to Marco's but with electricity rather than fire)
Pro: immune to physical attacks, can fly, plus tons of offensive potential
Con: Luffy and most earth based df users would be immune to the electricity

the shippou shippou no mi (sliver sliver)
a metal logia df
this logia is made of millions of small metal slivers
through command of the slivers the user can change his density size and shape
(any shape other than the original would have the luster and color of metal)
with the users left hand he can assimilate other metal objects into his "body"
with the users right hand he can permanently reconfigure the slivers into objects
(water does nothing to these objects)
Pro: Immune to Captain Laws Shambles
Cons: Captain Kidd would own you!!!
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Old 2009-11-07, 15:02   Link #154
WhO PuT BaKOn In My SoUP!
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i didn't read every post so someone might have said this.

Shift Shift Fruit

You can shape yourself into any object, person, or thing you have a vivid memory of and use their ability to a surtain extent. For example you could turn into a gun and shoot some one(it wouldn't penetrate as far), or turn into luffy and use his power (but you couldn't stretch as long and you would feel pain in your muscles after changing back).

Fish can also be taken shape of but you will imediatly take original form when you touch the water. Your shape can only be as big as the size of a house and as small as a baby ant. If you stay in the form for more than 10 min. you will rapidly fade away into oblivion.

Also i was thinking the same way luffy and chopper have a level up on thier power (luffy's gears and chopper's medicine balls), say if the character assigned this power was to have had a near death experience as a child and seen the land of Gods. Now when ever he went unconcious he took a form of one of the Gods he seen (God of Destruction, God of Creation).

In the begining their was Cupcake, and Cupcake was with Gir, and Cupcake was Gir. With out Cupcake everything that is would not be.
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gun gun friat

pro. can creat any gun with your arms

any exsesaryy that gos with a gun like a scop.

can throw baranets once saying gun gun beranets

cons no swiming

explosens or heat nere you very bad

nead to eat meatal and alot of food.
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Here is another Devil Fruit I made:

Gekido Gekido no Mi

Rage Rage Fruit

This fruit is the absolute opposite of Boa Hancock's Devil Fruit whose powers do not affect it.

Pros: It has the power to turn the user through anger into a hulking monster with tremendous strength for killing enemies.

Cons: Other than sinking in the ocean, the user would not stop killing the enemies even after they are killed.
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Jikan Jikan Fruit ( Time Time fruit)

Able to control a specific areas time from moving to breathing to gravity

Cons: What ever state you are in prior to the zone will remain after (just like the one from D-grayman)
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Ok, my idea was partly inspired by this episode of Digimon Frontier...

and the Fight between Ace and Blackbeard...


So i just coulnd't resist, but when i write about this, i will probobly get banned, as people finally find out how mentally twisted i truly am

At the beginning, there was the dream fruit. Or as it was known in the Japanese One Piece universe, yume yume no mi. It was considered the strongest of the extremely rare psychos fruits, wich allowed the eater of these devil fruits to for example read other peoples thoughts

The dream fruit gave the ability to it's wielder to effect peoples subconsciousness, even daydreams. It could be used for both good and evil.

It is said that a long time ago a good person ate the fruit, causing him to become the "sand man" giving people good dreams, hopes and visions about the future.

But 1 day an evil version of this fruit was born. It is unclear how it happened. One explanation is, that the person who originally ate the fruit suffered fighting hes "dark side" but eventually won. It is said, that sometimes seeds of the original Devil fruits or even new ones are "reborn" in peoples stomacks and then move through the "back door" back into circulation. It is suspected that this is how the seed of the original "Nightmare Nightmare fruit was first born, and then wondered off in the world, before finding a quiet spot where to land, and started to grow.

The evilest devil fruit of them all! The Nightmare Nightmare fruit! Or as the Japanese would probably call it;"Akumu Akumu no mi!"

This fruit was said to have born, when the original eater the of the dream fruit, the "sand man" won the vicious battle inside him/herself, and the evil was forced to move out of hes body, manifesting itself in the form of a seed, and eventually transforming itself into a devil fruit. While the original eater of the yume yume no mi refused to use it's powers for evil, evil was therefor forced to manifest itself in the form of it's own.

And thus the king of all Devil fruits was born;"Akumu Akumu no mi!"

A Devil Fruit like no other! For hundreds of years no human or animal would dare to eat this fruit, for the evil aura it gave to all the living. But 1 day the fruit found a host. An abandoned "nerdy" boy, bullied, isolated and ultimately abandoned. The fruit "promised" him he would never be bullied again, and that he would surdenly be the most popular boy in school, if he would eat this fruit.

Akumu Akumu no mi is evil like no other! Slowly but surely an aura of evil surrounds all who eat it. Within a year hes own subconsciousness and aura will have submerged with the fruits. A person will slowly but surely lose hes own will, and become a slave to the fruits, so the only way to stop this evil is literally kill that who bares it!

As the name implies, Akumu Akumu no mi has the ability to create nightmares. However it goes a lot deeper then that!

Like the original yume yume no mi, that who "controls" this devil fruit can also affect peoples subconsciousness and daydreams. That is why it is sometimes considered the "God fruit" as the "divine link" between human and god is often seen to be in the subconsciousness.

When in school the boy was still heavily bullied by hes "friends" but he didn't care. He had a "strange glow" in hes eyes, and suddenly the bullies(basicly everyone else)started leaving alone. He was now alone and isolated, but also safe from bullying. "It's just not worth it" the bullies now said.

All the other classmates now wanted to nothing to do with the "freak kid" However they still had to attend class together....

Suddenly strange things started to happen while in class. The biggest and the strongest boy in the class had "something" thrown at him buy the "coolest boy" in the class, who he envied anyway, since all the girls were all over him. The big boy turned around to give "Ace" a fierce look. The "Ace of the class didn't even notice, as he was too busy chatting with the girls.

"I'm gonna kill you" said the big boy quietly to himself. And in the next recess thats almost what he did. A MAJOR fight broke out, and the "Ace" of the class was almost killed. The "Bully" was expelled from school, and "Ace" was forced to go to hospital for nearly a month!

Several similar situations started happening all over the school. Bloody fights broke out. Teachers could no longer hold class. Eventually they too were effected by the "twisted dreams" And 1 day one of the teachers decidet to rape a 14-year old girl...

Eventually the whole school was burned down, and nearly all the students and teachers killed. Except for 1 boy...

He had now learned to "manage" hes powers and no longer returned home. He wondered around the earth. Shops that wouldn't give him anything to eat were mysteriously robbed. He always found money, and never had to sleep on the street. Hes evil grew stronger day by day, year by year...

The strongest DEVIL fruit of them all! Akumu Akumu no mi!

This Devil Fruit has the ability to create subconsciousness nightmares. It feeds off negative energy. The more negative energy there is, the more the fruits powers grow. A bit like insects used to grow based on the oxygen level in the atmosphere. A couple of million years ago they were GIANTS!!!

This little nerdy boy became the great WARMONGERER who pillaged villages, sacked towns, annihilated tribes of people and even WHIPED OUT entire nations! As hes power grew, so did hes fame! Finally he was invited to join the "Shadow council" The highest council of evil in the world, specialized in printing false money, drug tracking and pedophilia...

But not even this was enough for HIM! Nothing was EVER enough! He set a new agenda for the "Shadow council" A world government ruled by the shadow council and it's puppet "world government" and a Shadow council controlled by HIM! And he planned to achieve this by a WORLD WAR, that would annihilate atleast 1/3 of humanity. The more pain and misery he would produce the more powerfull he would become!!!

The Akamu Akamu fruit literally FEEDS off negativity! Greed, jealousy, guilt, hate and fear! It needs them to breath just like oxygen. Only people who allow themselves to be manipulated by evil fall under the fruits evil radius of effect. The bearer of the fruit has the power to literally "leech" 10% of the physical energy of hes victims. This can make him physically stronger, practically immortal, and also give him a haki like forcefield against all other devil fruit users.

When the evil intentions of the "Shadow council" came to being, a group of the most powerfullest haki and devil fruit users in the world united in an attempt to stop hes crazy plans. They were only known only as "the twelve" and in a vicious and epic battle the "great satan" was finally defeated, but the great twelve suffered great loses, as 6 of them were killed and 1 lost hes entire arm. The shadow council was also defeated and forced to go underground, but it is said that before the defeat of "great satan" the essence of hes demonic power sensed the impending defeat, and the seed escaped again, waiting for better times.

And those times have now come. The GREAT SATAN shall rise again!!!

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kirby sama
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Lightbulb Omoi Omoi No Mi

Omoi Omoi No Mi (Mind Mind Fruit)


* This fruit gives you the ability to take over the mind of a victim

* The fruit user can take over the mind and eventually the body of a person/animal and could do anything with the victim, even use his/her abilities
* You are also able use your own mind/body: moving, thinking, fighting...etc.

* You are only able to control 1 mind at a time
* There is a "cooldown" time between choosing different minds
* And obviously you can't swim
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Munashii Munashii no mi (Void Void fruit)

Apearrance: The fruit takes the form of a black banana with purple designs on it

Ability: The user can open up small, circular areas to a universe of nothing, anything trapped in it is not killed, but is trapped unless released or crushed through a certain ability.

Pros: If 2 or more areas are created, the user can teleport between the two, It can be used on most surfaces with ease.

Cons: The user can be trapped in the area if not careful, also it can't be used on a moving surface (AKA Water) or Spiked surface. Of course you can't swim.


Munashii Kone: The user can grab the portal and move it to another surface.

Munashii Dyou: Summons two only the user can pass through.

Munashii Oni: Summons a creature from the portals that are pure black with purple design.

Yuuen Munashii: The strongest normal ability that can be use, summons a large portal usually 10m in diameter which starts to suck everything in, excluding the user.

Dou Munashii: The user transform to be pitch black with purple designs on his/her body.

Abilities in Italics are the attacks used by Dou Munashii.

Musnashii Tsume: The user uses his hand to claw in and out of The Void.

Munashii Rasen: While jumping in the air, the user sprials very fast ripping into the void along with what ever get in its way

Munashii Kujiki: Anything in the void can be crushed if the user grasps his fist, this is quite weak but can cause damage.

Munashii Fuubi: The user makes a small sphere in their hands and can expand it to cover a 2 mile radiai, anything caught in it is in full control of the user, to only ways to escape is to defeat the massive Munashii Oni which is inside it or the master is killed in any way.
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