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While Gunbuster's final mission destroyed the space monsters' star system, the intergalactic war still continues. Earth's only hope lies in the hands of "TOPLESS," an elite mecha group with children possessing supernatural powers and new Buster Machines. Among their ranks is a rookie named Nono and the ace pilot Lal'C—whom Nono looks at as a "big sister." Together with their teammates Nicholas and Chiko, they must aim for the top and protect all of mankind from the wrath of the space monsters.

Story (9/10):
Dispite being a sequel to Gunbuster and sharing the same universe (a few thousand of years later), Diebuster is an entirely different anime. Yes it's still a space/mecha anime like it's predecessor but it got an different feel to it. The first half of the show have some goofiness to it and will feel a little more comedic and after a great plot twist the show take a more serious turn leading to a good conclusion.
Like it's predecessor friendship is a big part of the driving force behind the characters leading them to the actions that move the story up.

Characters (9/10):
The MC is a lovable klutz that is easy to like. Her actions dispite being goofy on the outside actually Stems from deep emotions she was one of the main reasons i liked the show.
Characters in general were really well made. Less simple minded that Gunbuster characters, show alot of emotions and dispite being a short show you get a good understanding of what kind of character they are. good growth throughout the show for most characters

Art and Animation (9/10):
Lovely simple and colorful art that gives you the corect vibe about the show and helps you get immersed. Character design was also pretty good, you can tell what kind of character you have just by looking at them. Mecha designs were amazing and unique and are one of the main good points about the show imo
The show had amazing animations as well. Movement looked fluid and there were no weird animation. Fights looked intense and lively.

Music & VA (8/10):
A really good OST. Each moment had a good sound track to go with it and help set the mood
OP and ED both had that "uplifting beat" feel to them, not the most amazing but still some good tunes
The Voice Acting was pretty good, suited the characters and carried out the emotions well
No annoying sounding characters as well.

Effectiveness (8/10):
Liking the character was a main factor in liking the show and having a not so serious feel at the beginning also helps in drawing you in. Combine that with some good animation solid action and you get a good package of entertainment
Even if you didn't watch Gunbuster you can still watch this on it's own and get the full experience

Overall (9/10):
Diebuster was a great show with a good set of characters some good actions and quite a good plot twist. It kept me entertained the entire time
If Gunbuster was the spiritual predecessor to NGE like so many on the internet claim then Diebuster is certainly the spiritual predecessor to Gurren Lagann
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