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Originally Posted by silenceblade View Post
There something I don't understand. The labyrinth were created to test concept of the challenger, right? Shouldn't there be safeguard in place so the followers of god won't be allowed to take the magic there?

Freed completed the labyrinth, even when he was a worshipper of god. Well, the class was also allowed to gather god of age magic despite using Hajime's power.
The Great Labyrinths are there for all, even those who were originally worshipers of the gods. The trials are there to help people overcoming their weaknesses and the fanaticism they have towards the gods. The labyrinths were designed for the people of Tortus, so it naturally can't exclude people who worship the gods.

Moreover, I remember it being mentioned something about how Free wasn't this fanatic when he started out. That he was initially just a soldier trying to do his best for his country before losing his way.

Therefore, Freed was lucky in that, of the the two labyrinths he entered, one he entered before becoming a fanatic worshiper while the other didn't have any concepts which tested his faith. Had it been Haltina's labyrinth, Miledi's, Melusine's or the one at God Mountain, Freed wouldn't have been able to get the magics.
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