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Old 2009-12-21, 07:19   Link #141
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"Watashi wa mamo no itsu mo dakara..." ["For I am one who slays demons..."] - Mai
[was that really in the anime? because I'm not entirely sure xD]
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Old 2010-06-05, 04:51   Link #142
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Makoto: Well there he goes

His tone and choice of words made me lol
Blood runs thin diluted by tears, my wounds are fresh but soon they'll scar. Please tear it out, just cut it free i'm sick of the beating. White noise, a scream in my ear, it pounds in my head, Claw at my chest, and dig in my knives, leaves me gasping for breath and salt trails on my face. Just watch as I kick and I scream and i bleed. You stare through me empty, a shell left unfilled, a husk or a corpse left brittle just to crumble, left moist as it's sustinace, craked and breaking, dripping and rotting
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Old 2010-06-20, 15:14   Link #143
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"All animals get thrown away when they're no longer wanted"

"We're the same. We're nuisances that have nowhere to go"
[In retrospect, This quote makes me sorta feel the plight of older shows that just get thrown away and forgotten as time passes]

Mai and Makoto:
"Come" [pats her on the head]
"What, are you making fun of me?"
"I thought you wanted me to do that"

Episode 14:
"Nice knowing you, Ayu" ~Yuuichi
"As many times as you like" ~Mai
Yuuichi and Mai
"What would happen if you hurt yourself? You'd only lose everythig. Do you want to lose Sayuri and me and all the memories we made together? Answer me, Mai!|
"I don't want to lose everything"

Yuuichi and Ayu:
"Oh a body exploded"
"So there are variations of uguu~"
Let us start here from Square one. No... from zero!
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Old 2010-06-23, 18:02   Link #144
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Yuuichi: How much you wanna bet that your 'cookies' will turn out rock hard?
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Old 2010-07-12, 01:30   Link #145
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I am not sure which episode exactly used it, but I like this line[well thought rather] during first lunch with Yuuchi, Sayuri, and Mai:

Yuuchi: I feel victorious every time I get her to talk[referring to Mai].
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Old 2010-07-12, 01:42   Link #146
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So many good quotes, but if I had to pick just one:

Spoiler for Episode 17:

Aside from that, I really liked Nayuki's alarm clock scene (VN only), but it's long so I won't quote it in its entirety here.
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Old 2010-10-27, 08:36   Link #147
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Originally Posted by Raniie View Post
Episode 1:

Akiko: "Watch out for cars!"

Only Kanon vets will be able to understand that quote, for now.

Ouchhh this reply is epicly late but damn that brings back memories....a sad quote when you think about it

Not sure if this was done but I think it went like this


Ayu: even this you bought this headband for me.
Yuuichi: I gave that to you?
Ayu: yeah it was just before you left for your city.
Yuuichi(thoughts): so I had a habit of giving headbands to girls
Ayu: Hey yuuichi do you remember the day you gave this to me?
Yuuichi: sorry no I don't.
Ayu: I don't either I was hoping you'd remember

like yours people who've seen the series will understand

also this a lesser known one

Yuuichi: Do you need something?
Ayu: no not really
Yuuichi: then why are you here?
Ayu: I just felt it'd be good if I stayed by you now.
Yuuichi: Mind your own business.
Ayu: Right....
Yuuichi: Yourva strange person.
Ayu: Right...


as you can see I'm a massive Ayu fan!!
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Old 2012-01-21, 19:12   Link #148
Yami Sonozaki
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Originally Posted by XGeneral2000 View Post
So many good quotes, but if I had to pick just one:

Spoiler for Episode 17:

Aside from that, I really liked Nayuki's alarm clock scene (VN only), but it's long so I won't quote it in its entirety here.
I agree, that is the best quote by far, and my favorite by a mile.
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