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Old 2018-05-23, 00:59   Link #41
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Why no snu in this series though... Underdog tales are fine and all, but ain't underdog tales where the dog snu all the hot babes in some freak-bestiality party much more popular?

Also, Note/Nort has been a supporter for half a yr from party to party, so isn't it strange that they only noticed the value of his skill now? I would assume that at most after the 3rd party he would be able to sell himself better.
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Old 2018-05-23, 02:20   Link #42
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No snusnu because tsundere was super against the whole in-party awkward romance vibes between members.
When the slutadin Rosalia decided to go after him, tsundere put in extra effort trying to make in-party romance against the rules.
Putting the tsundere in a tough position when she actually fell for him (even if she was the only one who ever agreed to the rule in any way).
So the protag isn't even dating anyone at the moment despite having two girls interested in him, with him even being interested in one of the two.

It's not like there can't be snusnu in the future.
The series doesn't actually have all that much content due to the author going on hiatus for like half a year, and before that he was updating like once or twice a month for a little while.

The Arrivers are the first party he's been to the dungeon with. Before that, he was a luggage carrier at best.
No one, including Mia, ever bothered trying to get him learn how to fight since skills are generally regarded as the most important part in real fights.
His map has good synergy with scouting Arts but by default all it is nearby geography—nothing notable. He had no merits as an adventurer, especially with him being nearby just being depressing since he was a sad mope for a while.
Note was basically waiting for a solution to fall into his lap which didn't happen in Jin came along.

While it's also theoretically possible for people to train hard enough to surpass skill holders, it's widely regarded as infeasible.
The only people to have notable fighting ability unrelated to skills is Jin, with the recent Head-chopper assassin noted to have above average sword ability without having a skill directly related to it.
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Old 2018-05-23, 02:20   Link #43
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^^ Nothing of that was in a dungeon and his skill mostly shines now because of the detection art, which seems pretty hard to learn and he had neither a mentor to teach him that nor the will to do so. Lastly, most people want to learn attack arts, not support ones.
As for snusnu, I have no idea, considering at one point it went almost there, just got fuzzled later. But in current chapters Note is no longer an underdog, weak yes, but not miserable.

^ Ninjaed.
Also, the head cutter is described as weak in a real fight. He can do only one move that is worth mentioning (chop off the head) with the sword and even that is just on a level Note can evade even if done in a counter. His main forte is the hiding, but he has a skill support for that.
And Jin's fighting style is mostly reliant on the fast movement skill and changing the form of metals for tricky moves. So even he is largely dependent on his skills (even though those skills might not be directly attack focused).
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Old 2018-05-23, 03:25   Link #44
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This is not the type of story to have snusnu
Probably only at the ending
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Old 2018-05-23, 10:54   Link #45
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Location: Brazil
jin is assassin right?
he is not a scout right?
then instead of dying isnt most likely that he is going full assasin?
like the guys with the best (how do you say it ?)
damage dealer? dps? these things in games
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Old 2018-05-23, 20:07   Link #46
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Welp, everything ends well. Feels a little anticlimactic, but it's in the spirit of the novel, so I guess it's fine.
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Old 2018-09-27, 12:38   Link #47
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Hazure Skill just got a manga version.

Artist is Savan, who also does World's End Harem Fantasia.
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dungeon, fantasy, growth, harem

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