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Old 2017-04-23, 02:44   Link #741
Exitus Acta Probat
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^--- I read some threads here and there after making this disheartening observation and apparently:
1. WG either wants the population to keep playing the lower tiers by making high tiers intimidating.
2. WG wants to weed out the "less skilled" players by making high-tier gameplay financially unforgiving, literally telling them to "git gud or go back to whichever Tier you came from".

There was one time I played the Iowa, won and survived and still lost $10K. It's rather galling, especially when you're using the stock ship (no free XP left because the damn thing gobbled everything up, especially the $) without all the bells and whistles...and what's the point of playing to reach endgame content if the said content is financially hostile to you? Tier VIII is the limit, IMHO, and you better be having a premium ship like the Tirpitz, Alabama or Atago to make sure you don't lose credits when on a regular account (I'm on premium ATM, 54 days left).

As for the Mighty Mo, you do realize I have to grind 750K of free XP to get it...or shell at least 99 Euros' worth of doubloons to convert locked XP? (the sum total of which must reach 750K, in the first place) Most of my ships are still around Tier IV (except my USN and IJN ships, which are spread across Tiers VI to VIII). I (re)started playing WOWS somewhere around the beginning of the year.

And...yeah, I'll be playing the Atago, Tirpitz and Scharnhorst like a dopamine-addled madman, after 1-2 matches in the Iowa (for the first victory of the day multiplier, just to get the 50-100% XP). Kinda figured out my future course of action the minute I saw how unforgiving high tiers were.

BTW, with the recent concealment changes, am I better off switching my Atago's rudder upgrade back to concealment? Personally, I'm the type to do preemptive strikes (I have the unfortunate propensity to get dropped in a team that doesn't push and just hangs back, waiting for a miracle to happen) and push...usually, this means opting for rudder shift to dodge incoming fire (which the Atago does best at a distance, not so much up close and personal), but now I wonder if concealment's the way to go.

EDIT: Hallelujah, finally a game where my Iowa didn't suck like a vacuum cleaner and I'm not in the red financially!

Still got citadel'ed to death, though.
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Old 2017-04-23, 07:00   Link #742
Psyco Diver
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I hear it's possible to break even in the Iowa but the financial situation is based on WoT, to play high tiers you either need to grind mid tier or buy premium time and/or but premium ships. It's a sound business model that keeps the game free to play
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Old 2017-04-23, 07:14   Link #743
Ashigara's master
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My overview on French cruisers:

Short version: I genuinely think both French and Russians can become good buddies, since they both got some things in common.

Long version: Most of them are the most fragile ships of all. Especially from Jurien to Emile, even the latter is much weaker than Kirov. But on the bright side, one may not worry much as that means their paper-thin armors can have a chance to get over-pen.

But until La Glalissoniere, it gets better. Algeria and Charles Martel are a real great treats. Though Saint-Louis and Henri IV sacrificed rudders for speed and gun parameters, they both actually complement well with both Dmitri and Moskva. Try pair Henri with Moskva, they make great partners. You won't regret it.
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Old 2017-04-25, 14:50   Link #744
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Most of my friends aren't playing the game as often anymore. I need some new active friends to play with on NA side. I have two tier 9s, but mainly play tiers 4-8 and currently grinding French cruisers.

I am about average player skill wise
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Old 2017-04-26, 09:26   Link #745
Psyco Diver
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Join Date: Feb 2014
I'm taking a break currently and only playing a limited amount but if you see me on hit me up, I use PsycoDiver on there as well and have something from tier 2-8 mostly BBs though
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