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Old 2015-08-20, 10:23   Link #41
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I finished watching the movie weeks ago, it's a lot better than season two for sure. The interactions between Shinya and Akane are incredibly entertaining, the production values are impressive and the action wasn't bad. There were few minuses to be found though, such as the lack of characterization for the rest of the main cast and the Engrish, while a bit bearable, seriously made me wish the Khmers will occasionally speak in their original language since it does take place in Cambodia for the majority of the movie after all.

I'll probably watch more of this franchise so long as the producers can dream of, even better if they'll somehow fix some of the problems, I mean Mika still acts pretty much like a brat as an Inspector but please just give her the Ginoza treatment. That's all I can ask for.
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Old 2016-01-19, 05:59   Link #42
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Well a good movie they reached a dead end in what they can do with the series. The movie did deviate with the mercenaries being thrown in out of no where. They weren't even bad guys just hired guns it was stupid to shift focus into chasing them so much.

Sybil is literally all thats left outside what ever happened was chaos. We never get told this in depth and shown till the movie. While a good presentation would have been much better with a slow build and more climatic scene done in a series like with season 2 which they wasted. Heck as good as this movie was all it does is show how awsome it could have been if they did no movie and just use the plot for the movie to make season 2 since most of season 2 was giant senseless crappy filler that shifted characterizations in some aspects of it.

Finally the series fucked up should have never did season 2. They could have easily made the movie season 2 and slowly built up on how messed up the outside world is making it a oh shit the future is fucked even outside of sybil moment so much potential waste. In the proper hands removing season 2 and creating a less cheesy and stupid way to humanize sybil and make it less corrupt would have made this series a 100 times better.

Make sybil check and purge itself and look at things from a human perspective and you go from dystopian future to as close you can get to a system that can bring the world out of chaos and into peace. Even let people with cloudy hues out in public with a less demoralizing version of the collars. Like make it a small wristband.

Season 2 should have been about how messed up the outside world is which the movie show us. Sybil improper approach to fixing the rest of the world with Akane humanizing sybil on top of that Everyone there just rejects sybil due to the blood shed it created. A large collective of Sybil realizes it failed due to its approach.. Where it climaxes with sybil doing its first purge of the brains that went around trying to expand sybil in to violent a fashion. Then end showing the after effects of a much improved sybil rebuilding the world.
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Old 2016-02-10, 04:51   Link #43
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I’m just gonna post this here since posting it in Asuki-Awards thread won’t be appropriate IMO. I have seen this movie way back then but didn’t get to voice my (short) opinion in this thread, so here it is:

This movie was mediocre at best. It feels more like a side-quest/filler rather than a worthy continuation of the series. It doesn’t really take the characters to new grounds which is ironic since the premise of the movie is taking Akane & co (as well as Sybil) to see the world outside Japan. Kogami become the generic reluctant foreigner (aka. Japanese) who becomes the “leader” of resistance in non-Japan country with no notable character arc. The “no notable character arc”-bit can also be applied to Akane. Even her reunion with Kogami doesn’t result in anything meaningful other than exposing and ruining the “villain of the week's” plans with Sybil still came out on top (after obligatory taking Akane’s advise and input to improve for the better). They're basically just saying "hi" to each other and "see you" at the end of the movie. Other supporting characters are basically non-existent aside from providing Akane with backup and more firepower. We did get a little “last goodbye” thingy between Kogami & Ginoza, but that’s it. All in all, this is pretty much like a movie from a long-running shonen series like Naruto and Bleach which doesn’t really add anything very important to the series. In terms of content, at best, it’s only as good as Naruto: The Last movie which is disappointing for Psycho-Pass standard. And I’m glad this movie didn’t win the movie category in Asuki-Awards coz it really doesn’t deserve it. I’m not a fan of Love Live, but even I can see how Love Live Movie is understandably better than Psycho-Pass Movie. In fact, I feel Psycho-Pass is the only movie that doesn’t deserve to be in the top-five nomination.

Oh, and that goddamn annoyingly long and frequent Engrish! Kill it with fire!
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Old 2016-10-04, 18:31   Link #44
Mad Pierrot
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I watched the movie today. It was nice seeing the new interactions between Kogami and Akane, as well as the similarities between the former and Makishima. The action was pretty good but I would have preferred that Akane aided Kogami rather than Ginoza. The final scene was so messed up that there I realized Urobuchi wrote it

Still, I don't think Urobuchi will make something better than episode 16 of season 1. BTW, is the franchise dead or Production I.G wants to give them a break?
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