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Yeah or they could have slapped Yajima on something not like in GBF the Yajima family was shy about slapping their names on everything.
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Originally Posted by Skye629 View Post
Well, unless I missed something when watching, all I saw was that they stated that GPD was the old battle system that used actual gunpla in combat. The view of the old battle system they gave us also bears no resemblance to GBF/GBFT's platforms, though granted that could have probably evolved through the years. When the machine powered up as well, it glowed green and the computer interface activated (and for some reason skipped straight to a recording randomly)

And that is really all the episode gives us, the biggest linking piece being the old system using the actual gunpla in battle somehow. Which is nothing more than a statement in which they never show us exactly how this is achieved

IMO, if they had REALLY wanted the past series to be connected, they would have simply showed the power up shot of the system releasing Plavsky Particles like in previous shows, that one bit alone would have explained everything and established the link

Jury is still out on the universes being the same, but as they made no effort to establish a direct connection at the best opportunity they had so far, for the time being I doubt there's a continuity
I would say this is "the absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence" kind of thing sostill can't think as sound argument , but at least I somehow now see where are you comming from when you say so. Thank you.

I would like creators sometimes doesn't want lean too much on prequels even if they keep it in same universe. "Look on Accel world or Blood C. G.R.R. Martin also do that in his sci-fi novels.
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