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Old 2022-09-14, 22:48   Link #10901
Greenish Growth
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So that Hameln area of syosetu is where the fan fiction of existing properties gets posted? I never noticed it before.

Because I ran across a Sword Art Online and Mamahaha NTR stories from there from a search page.

Yeah it's pretty hard to find new stories that don't fit a template nowadays. That's why I give credit to Armored Maiden Armed Maiden's author for trying to do something different.
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Old 2022-09-19, 17:44   Link #10902
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Good news, everybody! I discovered that The Decline and Fall of the Goldana Empire is pretty darn good, so now we have something to read again. Apparently it was too spicy for Narou, so the author moved it over to Nocturne, but it's extremely low on actual sex scenes, even if people discuss the matter quite a bit.

Mostly it's an isekai about an overpowered guy who goes to magical medical school while trying to pick up hot vampire chicks and avoid getting married off to muscular noble (wo)men. The first few chapters are pretty rough, with way too many explanations from God(?), but then it quickly picks up and becomes surprisingly interesting and fun.
Highly recommended, in these otherwise very meagre web novel times.
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Old 2022-09-22, 06:36   Link #10903
Join Date: May 2003
Location: Sweden
Found another new title that's pretty good, 昭和38年. The author's got a bunch of works prior, both on Narou and Nocturne, with some being published as well.

Plot's about a 43-year-old hack writer who suddenly finds himself time warped to 1963 Tokyo, and struggles through a quickly changing society to get back to a decent lifestyle. This kind of time leap story isn't exactly original, but what makes it stand out for me is the time period chosen.

Usually it's either "medieval fantasy" where the protagonist can go hogwild with all his modern knowledge, or "my childhood", where the MC is already intimately familiar with the setting, since they've lived it once before. Here we've got "grampa's era", which is more vague, and much of his knowledge has already been implemented by others.

Instead we get interesting details about how Japan changed after the war, like needing to buy a padlock to keep thieves out of your apartment, or just how expensive but handy a refrigerator was back then. Keeps it unusually fresh, at least for me.

It also helps that the first character the protagonist starts hanging out with is a young man, so it stops the story from becoming yet another midlife crisis fantasy about dragging around a harem. To some degree, anyway.
__________________ my humble opinion.
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