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Old 2011-10-13, 23:26   Link #501
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Welcome back! Production I.G.

Please continue to stay on course.
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Old 2011-10-13, 23:27   Link #502
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Well, the first episode was, well, ok. The art, music, and animation was really good, but every else was meh.

I'm not really liking the MC's whiny and depressing personality with the usual HORRIBLE TRAUMATIC BACKSTORY. I'm not sure exactly why he thinks that he's a coward for preventing himself from getting shot either. The only character I really liked was Gai.

The worst thing is the source of the MC's awesome OP power, which is DNA. I mean, seriously? The MC draws out different kinds of weapons using his friends' genetic code? And every time he accesses someone's genes, a ray of light is blasted into the sky? . I wouldn't care if it was supposed to be magic, but this kind of pseudoscience when it's used as a plot point is a serious turnoff to me.

And also, why the heck did they send a girl dressed in basically a maple leaf themed dress to infiltrate a top secret facility?
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Old 2011-10-13, 23:29   Link #503
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I loved everything about that. I'm in awe.
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Old 2011-10-13, 23:29   Link #504
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Originally Posted by Terizent View Post
And also, why the heck did they send a girl dressed in basically a maple leaf themed dress to infiltrate a top secret facility?
Hey now, she had a cloaking field, so her choice in clothes shouldn't have mattered. So sexy is good.

Though, I admit, she did come off very much as a moe damsel in distress, but here's hoping we simply haven't seen her awesome kung-fu skills yet.
It feels like years since they've been updated, btw.
Also, cake.
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Old 2011-10-13, 23:36   Link #505
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Oh yea, I forgot to mention that little thing that resembled a tachikoma.

That's moe too!
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Old 2011-10-13, 23:39   Link #506
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I'd rather see a character struggle and grow then see one that's already at the awesome stage. Since it's only episode one I can overlook his hesitant nature. Hell, like someone already pointed out I don't really see him as a coward with all the guns that were pointed at him. That's called common sense and he's not Superman...
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Old 2011-10-13, 23:43   Link #507
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Originally Posted by Triple_R View Post
Granted, Shu's character is another Makoto Everyman in many ways, but by throwing such a character into the settings and conflicts of this anime's narrative, we see the core appeal of this archetype blossom boldly beautiful.
Could you develop that a bit?Because I'm failing to see the "core appeal" of this character archetype.The fact I'm getting sick and tired of this archetype is maybe blinding me.

Now, as for Inori, I really loved her in this episode. She's like a blending of the best elements of Lacus Clyne (Gundam Seed) with C.C. (Code Geass). She has a natural moe to her, that arises out of subtle prettiness, elegant attire, and mysterious but comforting personality.
Now I don't dislike her at all,but for me to get attached to her she's going to need to do more than running around and saying a few one liners here and there.
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Old 2011-10-13, 23:43   Link #508
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Originally Posted by Flower View Post
Hmm ... I kinda like the feel of the setting in this one. I agree the soundtrack is quite nice - even "haunting" in a modern synthesized way (if that makes sense), and very effective at times.
Yup, the music was beautifully done. Until Last Exile airs, GC and Fate/Zero are tied for best music of the season so far.

I like how the music gets inserted during a particular scene then changes. I especially liked how they did the OP song and the way they animated it. The fight scene towards the end and how the music builds up. Another example is when Gai starts fighting and this rock theme starts and when the battle is over, the music stops.

The music is both beautiful and haunting, like you said. It's just really done well.

Originally Posted by Kismet-chan View Post
First of all, I wish people would stop comparing the overall quality of this first episode to F/Z's first episode. I honestly don't see what was so great about it. Then again, as I said earlier in this thread, perhaps I only feel that way because I am not a part of the strong fanbase that is backing that show. (Not to mention that I often HATE prequels because they tend to range from poorly done to mediocre or "barely acceptable"... With a few exceptions.)

I'm also a little annoyed by people saying things like, "Oh, not another resistance group story". You people DO realize that Geass was NOT the first NOR the last to do a "revolution/guerrilla group terrorism for the benefit of the nation/purge of innocents by evil gov't or corperation" type of story, right? As cliched as it is, it makes for a fairly solid story, it's hard to go wrong with it most of the time (well, unless the show is called Fractale), and it relates to current world events. It's not going anywhere any time soon. Deal with it. (Although I will agree that the premise is similar to Code Geass; pretty girl [with powers?] empowering young male protagonist in a world where Japan is going to hell and big mechs are present type of deal.)

Now to the topic at hand... Everything was superb. The animation, the soundtrack, introduction to the state of the world/the setting, the environment and architectural designs, and even the voice acting. I know the story isn't anything revolutionary, but this is one instance where I don't care. As long as the action remains there and things don't get too stupid story-wise, this is one ride I'm definitely glad to be on.
Originally Posted by hero147 View Post
Took the words right out of my mouth. Even if Fate/Zero's first episode was dialogue heavy and essentially an info dump, it's nothing more than a stepping stone for more interesting things to come. Fate/Zero will get better after the foundation has been laid, while Guilty Crown may get better or may get worse.

While Code Geass had a similar premise, keep in mind it wasn't the story that made Code Geass so popular, it's because of Lelouch. The show was majorly character driven.
Definitely agree with both of you. I don't think I could have said it better. Both F/Z and GC are two entirely different stories. Both are being animated by two distinctly unique and talented studios. The one difference is that F/Z has an established story.

The first few episodes may seem like exposition, but that's what I like so much about the stories from Type-Moon like F/SN and KnK. You see the groundwork of the story layered first then it builds up.

I really hope they keep this up in the episodes to come. The anime with its original story shows a lot of promise already.

We have character designs by redjuice; music by supercell; and Production IG behind it. Whereas Fate/Zero approaches movie-like production value in every episode, Guilty Crown's animation is just as good. I'm still in awe just by the opening sequence and the transition between Inori singing and running. It's haunting and beautiful at the same time.
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Old 2011-10-13, 23:45   Link #509
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How about you mods make a "Fate/Zero vs Guilty Crown, Go!" thread?
It feels like years since they've been updated, btw.
Also, cake.
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Old 2011-10-13, 23:58   Link #510
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Now that was an exciting first episode, possibly the best of the shows I'm following.

As for Shu, normally I'd bash on this type of character, but given that Japan suffered a biological disaster and has foreign forces running amok, having a tragic backstory isn't really that out of place. And cowering in front of armed soldiers pointing guns at him is perfectly natural, though I do hope that now he has his power he's more willing to rush out like he did at the end.
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Old 2011-10-14, 00:07   Link #511
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I'm mixed on the episode. It wasn't bad, but the characters were boring for the most part. The main himself was terrible, although I did like when he got power (although the scene was a little ruined when his wimpy face came back during that scene). Looking forward to this, though I hope it doesn't turn out like Eureka Seven (I don't consider the show bad or anything, but the initial episodes were annoying and when it got good, it really wasn't worth it).

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Old 2011-10-14, 00:08   Link #512
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Originally Posted by Nerroth View Post
There are some nice wallpapers/art pieces/etc on the official JP site; plus what I might guess to be the first of a series of 4koma strips!

(Any idea what it says?)
Originally Posted by Raiga View Post

"Oh? Are you hungry?"

"Would you like some onigi..."

*pulls out rice*

"Huh?! That thing doubles as a rice cooker?!"

"And over an open flame?!"
You TL, I edit .
Spoiler for size:
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Old 2011-10-14, 00:33   Link #513
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Originally Posted by Raiga View Post

"Oh? Are you hungry?"

"Would you like some onigi..."

*pulls out rice*

"Huh?! That thing doubles as a rice cooker?!"

"And over an open flame?!"
Thank you kindly; and thanks to the poster above for the edit!
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Old 2011-10-14, 00:36   Link #514
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That was bloody fantastic!! LOL
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Old 2011-10-14, 00:39   Link #515
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Old 2011-10-14, 00:43   Link #516
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The right amount of story, character interaction, action and even fanservice packed with glorious visual and audio quality. Such a shame there was no room left for the OP video.

The first and last 5 minutes were superb. All the stuff between was just really good and Gai's battle music didn't bother me at all.
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Old 2011-10-14, 00:48   Link #517
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Man are we seriously back to talking about Fate/Zero in this thread? What does that have to do with anything?

Anyway got to check the show out and I'm initially a little blown back by it's complete lack of subtlety from top to bottom, but that doesn't mean I'm not interested in seeing where this is going. Just want to talk briefly first about some I.G signatures I noticed in this premiere. The obvious one was the mini-tachikoma and the others would be tanks and birds flying on monitors and TV screens.

As for that lack of subtlety thing, it really does permeate the show for me. The conflict between the "terrorists" and the military is presented as pretty black and white early on, much like the Earth Federation and the UE in Gundam AGE. The military seems incredibly destructive and willing to go to the extreme almost immediately to get what it wants and it makes me wonder just how bad the epidemic must have been to have the people willing to put them in charge. I guess it reminds me of Patlabor 2 a bit, but the military was actually trying to protect the city there, not just capture dissidents. Inori's group, at least she, seems to be the must peace loving and pacifistic saintly person on the planet that just takes beatings from the military. It's just a little overkill a portrayal in my opinion so I hope it gives way to a little more of a complicated scenario at some point. Surely Inori can't be perfect like Lacus Clyne can she? Funny coincidence that the same writer who did her character arcs should be writing this very same show.

Speaking of the characters, it seems like our director asked this Red Juice fellow to design all the characters with maximum sex appeal in mind and doesn't mind at all constantly showing them off. I think I lost it a bit when Inori told Shu to use's just one of those "really" moments. Classic Hiroyuki Yoshino. The show also has zero qualms about positioning her in every shot to show of the maximum amount of her curves and revealing outfit, but I'm not complaining cause like every other female character in this show she's got a really sexy design. All of them do from the pilot to the weird cat eared girl manning the computer at the end there and being all gruff and bossy. Gai's also in the vein of Gundam Seed male characters and in a sort of class of super bishonen that only the likes of Reinhard Von Lohengramm could top.

It's honestly all quite amusing and of course there's lots of concepts that could go almost anywhere and potentially be really interesting. I'd just hope Hiroyuki Yoshino won't feel the need to constantly top himself and just make this a little too over the top and black and white like Code Geass and Gundam Seed could get at times. It looks like his usual staple of morality as a theme will play a big part again here(with a title like Guilty Crown I'd almost expect it), I just hope it's a little more complex than usual and has those twists and turns of the kind they had in Code Geass. That sort of thing seems to be his partner Ichiro Okouichi's forte so hopefully his presence here will again allow for that so I have pretty high confidence in this turning out to be a really fun and engaging show.

edit: Oh right forgot to mention the main character. Boy did he just come across as the biggest clueless loser in this opener before he got his power up. I sort of hope he shapes up a bit, cause it's kind of starting to look like he might be a little bit of a pain in the ass for a while like Kira Yamato got to be in the original Gundam Seed. Hopefully the dude realizing he's not a weakling anymore thanks to Inori's gift will trigger that soon and he'll keep using it cause I'm not the worlds biggest fan of mopey useless male leads.
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Old 2011-10-14, 00:52   Link #518
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Originally Posted by Decagon View Post
You TL, I edit .
Spoiler for size:
You've forgotten to translate 米 as rice (and what is とまニ or something like that?)
Also, as I see it, the art was being done by Yuupon (ゆーぽん), one of Nitro+ illustrators.
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Old 2011-10-14, 01:04   Link #519
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The animation is crazy good - as good as anything I.G. has done since the greatness of 2007. Absolutely beautiful. Unfortunately I found the plot pretty derivative, and I confess I'm growing weary of Kaji Yuki. There's just no variation from role to role - he has one gear and he's always using it.
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Old 2011-10-14, 01:15   Link #520
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Impact wise for first episode. This one did the best for me this fall season. It did better than AGE. Fate and Shana's story is already known to me so the impact isn't that great.
As I thought anime original is the best even though some ideas are pretty much reused all the time but the animation and how they present it is great. And I don't see any resemblance to Code Geass... okay maybe I see it but I can't compare Lulu and this MC because they are vastly different for me. Lulu is the one in charge while this guy is like the one being ordered around or like to follow through instead of standing at the top. So I won't compare it.
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