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Old 2008-01-08, 23:53   Link #121
Ancient Death
Lonely without Suigintou
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At last! A new chapter have come out...last month. -.- Baka password.......anyway, it's still good to me. sisters still not know that Gin-chan lives next to them...Hahahaha!
-Evangeline A.K. McDowell
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Old 2008-04-14, 00:47   Link #122
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Well, I've been planning a story here for awhile now, so here goes my plans...
  • Set after the end of the original Alice Game.
  • The original dolls created eight new dolls as their own choice to continue the Alice Game.
  • The original dolls have all become Alice. They can seperate into their individual selfs or remain as Alice.
  • The new dolls only know that the originals existed and they inherited their powers and nothing more. They only have the same information that the originals did when THEY were in the Alice Game.

Alright, lemme tell you about the new dolls before I go on...

1. Kohaku, made by Kirakishou, has rose vines and crystals, has Sufi.
2. Noboru, made by Souseiseki, has the gardener's shears, has Lempicka.
3. Hanako, made by Kanaria, has the violin, has Pizzicato.
4. Akemi, made by Suiseiseki, has the gardener's watering can, has Sui Dream.
5. Sakurako, made by Shinku, has the cane and rose petals, has Hollie.
6. Etsuko, made by HinaIchigo, has strawberry vines and self-created exploding bubbles, has Berry Bell.
7. Tomi, made by Suigintou, has the wings, has a new spirit named Pacchiri.
8. Mari, made by Suigintou, has the sword, has MeiMei. Twin of Tomi.

Now, there will be 5 different mediums for all them.
1. Airi, the main character, male, gets Hanako, Akemi, and Etsuko.
2. Tomyo, female, Airi's best friend, gets Noboru.
3. Kasumi, female, gets Kohaku.
4. Moe, female, gets Sakurako.
5. Chouko, female, gets Tomi & Mari.

Back to the plot... Airi is a boy who gets sent to Catholic school because his mom thinks he gets into fights, but he really just got bullied. Well, the people who bullied him went to this school. One day, he gets locked in the bathroom by them, and the mirror starts glowing. Here's where he meets Hanako, who asks him to be her medium in a rush.
Confused about generally everything, Airi tries to get out of the bathroom, but it's still locked. Tomi comes through the mirror and attacks them, and Airi makes the contract with Hanako. As the dolls fight, the twin of Tomi, Mari, comes through and makes her leave. Hanako explains to Airi what happened, and that he's now become tied into the Alice game.

I really suck at summaries.. x_x;; Hopefully it won't be as bad as it sounds...
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Old 2008-06-28, 17:29   Link #123
The Necessary Evil
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RM:W is back on business, focusing on the birth of Kirakishou

Spoiler for Rozen Maiden: Wiederbelebung Interlude - The Revival of the White Rose :
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Old 2010-02-16, 01:45   Link #124
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My idea, clearly what should be in the next season:

It is unfortunate that there isn't another season, and I believe the creators did intend on having another. At the end of season 2, they mentioned that two dolls had to be brought back later. Had there been another season, that certainly would have been what it was about.

Bring back Hina-Ichigo and Souseiseiki.

Any of the manga about that? If so, I'd probably buy that.

What about fanfics?
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Old 2010-03-24, 18:11   Link #125
Ancient Death
Lonely without Suigintou
Join Date: Sep 2007
Location: in the Endless Forest.
Three of my most favorite RM stories of all times.

Dream of Something Better - Take place after years from the original time.

Megu and Suigin Tou's Excellent Adventures - Sequel to Atmung, about Megu and Suigintou as they try to learn about the world from outside and inside. Crossover and Free-Yuri.

Seven Faces - How do I explain this it!
-Evangeline A.K. McDowell
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