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Old 2011-06-22, 20:11   Link #181
Mr. Wang
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Originally Posted by sezen_atacan View Post
I have a question. I've seen some official pics or what seems to be being circulated showing kotonoha wearing kimono/miko clothes and wielding a katana. What chapter or volume is this in? Is it in School Days or in one of the spin-offs that shows kotonoha being a skilled swords-woman??

Is archery, kendo and whatever other martial arts (am I missing anything else) I may be missing an official canon hobby and side skill of kotonoha?
I've seen what you've talked about. I'm positive that it has to do with one of the spin-offs, most likely Summer Days. This is an actual gif image from the game, and another still image seemingly confirming that this is from Summer Days.

Spoiler for Images:

As for the scenario or scene from which this gif came from, I'm still looking into it.

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Old 2011-09-16, 06:53   Link #182
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I hate being rude but can the moderators put this sub-forum in "retired" section? Its pretty confirmed that it won't have a sequel. By the way the show itself is already 4 years old.
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Old 2011-09-18, 20:20   Link #183
Dr. Casey
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No thnx. I don't want the forum for my favorite anime mostly locked down. (I think the idea of Retired forums is a bad one anyway, at least the 'locking most of the threads' aspect of it...)

Besides, School Days isn't much older than some of the series that still have active subforums, like Clannad and Kannagi.
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Old 2011-09-19, 00:13   Link #184
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True Tears obviously younger School Days and its already in retired section after its clear that no sequel of spin-off will be made. Not to mention TT lacked of shocking elements like *coughcogh*NICE BOAT*coughcough*.

Yeah its popularity, rather than quality that makes School Days alive while the moderators already killed TT long time ago.
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