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View Poll Results: Shakugan no Shana III - Episode 24 Rating
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9 out of 10 : Excellent 27 18.12%
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7 out of 10 : Good 7 4.70%
6 out of 10 : Average 3 2.01%
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Old 2012-03-22, 23:48   Link #1
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Shakugan no Shana III - Episode 24 Discussion / Poll [FINALE]

Welcome to the discussion thread for Shakugan no Shana III, Episode 24 [FINALE].

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Old 2012-03-23, 13:06   Link #2
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I cannot ask for more than this, JC Staff delivered this final season in a grand way. I will never forget this series.

The final episode was glorious, the action was intense, the moments with Shana and Yuji were touching, and just about everything I wanted to see happened. I cant give myself to score anything less than 10/10 for this anime. Im going to go into a corner and cry now.
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Old 2012-03-23, 13:25   Link #3
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Thank you so much, the production committee of Shakugan no SHANA, J.C.Staff in particular, for providing an fitting end to this anime and being faithful to the novels. Thank you to the author, Yashichiro Takahashi for your amazing story, as well as Noizi Ito for your cute illustrations of Shana. Gosh, how am I going to live in this world, with no more new episodes of Shana? I guess that there would be 1 more Shana-tan for us to look forward to. And, that is it.

In my opinion, this episode would have been better if they have shown the scene of Shana singing the love song to Yuji. The final scene of Yuji and Shana could have been showing them eventually walking in Xanadu. Given the time constraint and the need to fit everything important in this episode, I can understand that this is their best effort.
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Old 2012-03-23, 13:43   Link #4
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Spoiler for ep 24:

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Old 2012-03-23, 14:16   Link #5
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Originally Posted by alvinkhorfire View Post
Thank you so much, the production committee of Shakugan no SHANA, J.C.Staff in particular, for providing an fitting end to this anime and being faithful to the novels. Thank you to the author, Yashichiro Takahashi for your amazing story, as well as Noizi Ito for your cute illustrations of Shana. Gosh, how am I going to live in this world, with no more new episodes of Shana? I guess that there would be 1 more Shana-tan for us to look forward to. And, that is it.

In my opinion, this episode would have been better if they have shown the scene of Shana singing the love song to Yuji. The final scene of Yuji and Shana could have been showing them eventually walking in Xanadu. Given the time constraint and the need to fit everything important in this episode, I can understand that this is their best effort.
Add an entirely short clip featuring Shana singing to Yuji

But I must say, I absolutely adored this ending. Nothing was tampered with from the novels. unless it was for time restraint problems. It all fit very well!
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Old 2012-03-23, 14:20   Link #6
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I watched it raw, I can't wait to watch it subbed! I kept looking for a raw version all day - yes, on this fateful day SnS ends, I am in bed with a high fever - and when I've found it I found myself struggling to not push the video forward, to see the ending - I didn't though

My favorite parts:

1. Wilhelmina getting so emotional.
2. The Margery/Shana vs Sydonay/Yuji fight. Man that was awesome! Probably the best fighting scene in all SnS! Also, it was very symbolic and thoughtful to hear Hishoku no Sora, it gave a lot of unity to the whole series.
3. Shana getting tsundere again, and her Urusai x 3!
4. Sydonay's encounter with Hecate in the afterlife. Those two were really close to eachother.
5. My most favorite: the long awaited kiss! It was so sweet... although
Spoiler for novel ending:

Despite that, I understand why J. C. Staff didn't put it in the anime: they had so much to animate in the final chapter that if they put it all it would have to be a double episode - I wouldn't mind :3
6. Showing all the characters in the end

Anyway, I would like to say that it is nostalgic to see SnS's end, but at the same time I am happy Thank you Yashichiro Takahashi for this amazing story, which I won't forget, thank you Noizi Ito for the wonderful illustrations and thank you J. C. Staff for keeping faithful to the novels in this last season - any other way would have ruined everything.

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Old 2012-03-23, 15:03   Link #7
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I felt that was a completely unfair battle. Yuji is just a mystes and it seems that Sydonay was planning to die so he can join up with Hecate. I believe that Shana's victory was just to make up for her technically losing to Yuji last episode (So Yuji won the war and Shana won the lover's quarrel). At least Yuji put up a decent struggle.

But who cares since we finally got the kiss after 70+ episodes ! That was a nice conclusion to the series. I'll miss this show.
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Old 2012-03-23, 15:07   Link #8
Sakai Yuji
坂井 悠二
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THIS was the best episode from all seasons, loved the kiss! everything of it! Just wondering where Shana and Yuji went to. lol.
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Old 2012-03-23, 15:58   Link #9
Elf song
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Leanan-sidhe so cute

Love that kiss scene in the air (although I like Toradora's more) and Sydonay finally falls after that big fight with Margerie. So fortunate they didn't destroy the newly repaired Misaki City .
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Old 2012-03-23, 16:15   Link #10
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I think the real closure was last week, but this one was ok

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Old 2012-03-23, 17:21   Link #11
Yusei Fudo
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Shakugan no Shana *salutes* You have been my favorite series of anime since beginning ;3;
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Old 2012-03-23, 17:38   Link #12
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Any picture of Shana kissing Yuji? :O
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Old 2012-03-23, 17:46   Link #13
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Its too painful to watch it when you know its ending!!!

But I still watched!!!!!!!!!!
Im crying even though there's no reason to cry in the anime!!!!!

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Old 2012-03-23, 18:31   Link #14
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Originally Posted by phufool View Post
Any picture of Shana kissing Yuji? :O
Spoiler for Pictures:

Originally Posted by Sakai Yuji View Post
Just wondering where Shana and Yuji went to. lol.
To Xanadu, of course.
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Old 2012-03-23, 18:37   Link #15
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Thumbs up

10/10 for me! it was really really perfect!!

Wow, I really can't believe it's finish...
Shakugan no shana is definitely my favourite anime, particularly because of this wonderful season three. Everything was absolutely perfect: music, openings, endings, the plot, the graphics, the action scenes, everything really! The ending couldn't be better . Thank you very much to everyone who collaborated in the creation of this magnificent anime, particularly, Yashichiro Takahashi, Noizi Ito, JC staff (who did a great job for once...), Takashi Watanabe, Rie Kugimiya and Satashi Hino, yuji the doubler. Thank you. Shakugan no shana marked me deeply, I will remember it forever!

Ah and the kiss was really perfect!

* Goes watch the episode for the fifth time, *sob sob**

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Old 2012-03-23, 20:14   Link #16
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Ah, Yuji managed to cop a feel before leaving earth for Xanadu
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Old 2012-03-23, 20:58   Link #17
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Just asking but, what happened with the tomogaras (and SotF)?
I was fond of them since they enjoyed and suffered their own lives like normal people .
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Old 2012-03-23, 21:08   Link #18
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Originally Posted by Wilfriback View Post
Just asking but, what happened with the tomogaras (and SotF)?
I was fond of them since they enjoyed and suffered their own lives like normal people .
They all went to Xanadu and continue to live with the humans there. Except for Sotf, who went back to sleep.
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Old 2012-03-23, 21:56   Link #19
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The best ending I'd ever saw!!!

The ending was really cool to me because they fought with each other first and then goes to the MOST romantic part ever! Ironic.... but Epic.

and everytime I saw that Kiss man I am crying like a baby here. :T_T

If they inserted the song, Yeah it would be really Great but now it's really ok for me.

The creators, animators etc. J.C. Staff!!!
Mami Kawada-san, Altima & Kotoko-san!!
Yashichiro Takahashi-san


wow J.C. Staff I think this is the first time I am contented with your ending! (because you're always making cliffhangers at the ending) THANK YOU!!
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Old 2012-03-23, 22:15   Link #20
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This was an unforgettable ending to an unforgettable series! The animation throughout the whole episode was wonderful and the action scenes were intense. The voice actors did a great job conveying the emotions of the characters as well. THE Shana song 'Hishoku no Sora' was played during some of the most emotional scenes and the ending song was just great as well. This is the Shakugan no SHANA I love!

One of my friends made me watch the first episode of Shakugan no SHANA back in January 2006. Now, more than 6 years after seeing the first episode, this great series finally comes to an end. I have mixed feelings after watching this final episode though. On the one hand I'm so happy that this show was granted such a great ending, but on the other hand I'm quite emotional because I know that this is really the end. I think I never got so emotional when watching a final episode before. I guess this is the effect Shakugan no SHANA has on me. I'm just speechless (thank god I can write down my feelings, so I don't have to speak.)

While most of the side characters got their time to shine during earlier episodes, this episode was saved for the main characters of the show: Yuji, Shana, Wilhelmina, Margery and Kazumi.

The hightlights of this episode for me were:
- Wilhelmina;
- Yuji's plan
- Hirai Yukari;
- Yuji's and Shana's determination
- Yuji and Shana making up and of course the kiss;
- Epilogue

I liked the scene between Wilhelmina and the others before she left to Xanadu. To think that the once so cold hearted flame haze would be brought to tears by the thought of never seeing Margery and Kazumi again. She really changed because of Yuji, Kazumi, Margery and especially Shana. To think that this is the same Wilhelmina as the one who tried to kill Yuji in order to transport the Reiji Maigo somewhere else, even though she knew that the boy was important to Shana.

The part I liked the most was her sentence to Shana though. She never wanted to call Shana by her name, because she didn't want to admit that the girl wasn't the pure flame haze she raised anymore. She didn't want the name of the "Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter" to be stained, so she tried to be strict with Shana. A true flame haze wasn't supposed to act according her emotions. But after accepting her own feelings, Wilhelmina was finally able to call her by her name, the "Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter" Shana. Wilhelmina was really pretty when she said that as well.

Yuji's plan
The highlight of the final episode was certainly Yuji's plan to restore Misaki City. Guess I was right about that. Yuji's always vowed to protect this city and it's people after all. Misaki City, a Maelstrom of Warfare, had been distorted heavily because of the many battles, so Yuji decided to use the plan of the God of Creation to restore it.

Yuji made a deal with Spiral Organ (who appears to be a cute girl!). In exchange for getting the PoE she needed to restore her precious item, she helped Yuji with the anti-seal. In addition, the assistence Yuji asked for back in episode 16 was a small part of this 'restoration spell'. Yuji used this restoration spell he got from Spiral Organ, who managed to create that spell by using the PoE that the tomogara left behind after leaving for Xanadu, and combined it with the image Kazumi has of Misaki City in order to restore the city to that image. Even people that have been devoured by the tomogara are able to return. I guess this is because they didn't die. They have been changed into PoE, the same PoE that is floating in the air now. So instead of reviving them, it's more like returning them to their former states.

Not even Sydonay knew about this plan of his. Yuji really is a human who uses even gods to reach his goals. In the end he brought the war to his hometown in order to restore it. Brilliant.

Hirai Yukari
The moment Yuji tells them that he plans to restore Hirai Yukari as well was really emotional. Everything started with this girl after all. The torch, who disappeared back in episode 2, lit the determination in Yuji's heart to resist fate. Even if the whole world would forget Hirai, he wouldn't. He would always remember her.

Shana, who was still a pure flame haze back then, couldn't understand this stubborn aspect about Yuji and found it foolish. Why remember her? She was just a torch after all. When Yuji became angry because of this, Shana told him that she's just a flame haze as well. This lead to Yuji giving Shana her name. "You're not just a flame haze, you're Shana. I'm not just a torch either, I'm Sakai Yuji."

Shana then took the last bit of Hirai's existence in order to be able to stay close to Yuji. Yuji wasn't a normal torch after all. He was able to move within a fuzetsu, so he was special. The tomogara she was hunting would come back for him. Using Hirai's existence, she started going to the same school as Yuji and she met Kazumi, Ogata, Ike, Satou and Eita there. This lead to Shana becoming more human. At this school she started to develop feelings of jealousy and eventually love for Yuji as well. That's the reason why she was fighting this battle with her school uniform after all. During the year Shana has been using Hirai's existence, she has changed from the cold flame haze to the person she is now.

So Yuji asking her to return Hirai's existence has a lot of meaning. Without Hirai's existence everyone who is not connected to the flame haze/tomogara would forget about Shana. It would be like she had never existed, just like Yuji has been forgotten. Her memories will be overwritten with the real Hirai's.

Yuji's and Shana's determination and a kiss
Being forgotten would have been okay with Shana, since she was planning to go to Xanadu with Yuji. But in the end Yuji decides that he is going to Xanadu alone, even when there is no Misaki City in Xanadu. He wants to make Xanadu a world where humans and tomogara can coexist. The birth of the heir of the two worlds and the oracle of Shaher are signs that it should be possible after all. In order to make that dream come true he'll go to Xanadu alone.

This takes Shana by surprise. He wants to go to a world that doesn't have Misaki City alone? She won't let him go alone. She'll go with him. But Yuji flat out denies her. For Shana's and everyone's sake he killed many flame haze and humans. He continued on this path knowing that many would die. He thinks that he can't be forgiven for that. He must be punished! So being with Shana is out of the question, since this would make him happy and his punishment would be futile that way.

But in the end even Yuji's determination crumbles before Shana's. Shana doesn't want him to go alone. She attacks him furiously, using her emotions as her power and manages to overpower Yuji. Johan's words and Shana's love for him finally manage to make a dent in that thick wall Yuji created around him. Shana tells Yuji that she'll love him even if he did all those things. She'll stop him if he does anything she doesn't agree with and she'll help him if he needs her, but she won't alow him to leave her. She already knows because of his actions, but she wants to hear Yuji say how he feels about her as well.

Yuji finally understands how serious she is and gives in. If she can really forgive him, then he wants to be with her. He doesn't tell her how much he loves her, but he shows it with his actions. He actually kisses her! The kiss was great! This made me think back to episode 11 of season 1. Chigusa told Shana that a kiss on the lips is an oath. Back in episode 13 of this season Shana conveyed these words to Yuji as well. I guess Yuji decided to use this tactic to promise Shana to be with her from now on. Deeds say more than words after all. Good going, Yuji!

And this kiss was just what was needed to make Spiral Organ's spell on Azure activate. It seems that Yuji's no longer a torch. He truly exists now. In what way though, I don't know. Maybe like a flame haze/tomogara? I guess he doesn't have to worry about burning out anymore. He'll be able to live with Shana forever. What a happy end for the two of them.

It was good seeing all the characters in the end.

I guess Chigusa's and Kantarou's child will be named Yuji as well, since in their mind this is their second child. I'm guessing they'll use the same reasoning when naming him. So in a way, Sakai Yuji will still exist in this world.

I especially liked seeing Hirai Yukari again. Kazumi lost her love interest, Yuji, and her friend/rival, Shana, so it's good that her best friend, Hirai Yukari, is back again. I guess a new love triangle is formed as well. Hirai -> Ike -> Kazumi. It was a nice touch to show us the picture that was taken of Hirai, Ike and Yuji back in the second episode of season 1. To show us that Yuji's existence is really gone from this world, Yuji wasn't on the picture anymore.

I guess that the ending is kind of open ended. Yuji and Shana went to Xanadu together, but their mission to make humans and tomogara coexist has only just started. Who knows how long it will take them to make this dream of Yuji come true. Who knows how humans will react to meeting tomogara. To them, tomogara look like monsters from horror movies and they'll probably fear the creatures in the beginning. I'm guessing that Justus, the heir of the two worlds, will play a large role in the coexistence of humans and tomogara later on.

There's always the chance that some tomogara will creat chaos in Xanadu as well, especially with the abundant PoE. They'll probably be stronger here too. Yuji and Shana might have to fight those tomogara (and maybe humans) at times.

On top of that Yuji's and Shana's friends and Yuji's family don't exist in Xanadu, since Misaki City isn't there, and most of the flame haze probably hate Yuji with a passion since he (indirectly) killed many of them, so their journey won't be easy. But as long as Yuji and Shana have each other, everything will be okay. I'm sure of it! The power of love is stronger than anything after all.
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