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Old 2018-02-13, 23:42   Link #481
Lukes YGO & WS on YT
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Unfortunately due to a complete misunderstanding my posts in this section got deleted, but that's ok because I can start again.

I come to this Nanoha section often just for the PSP Gears of Destiny so I have motivation.

Very quality gameplay that is, really enjoy watching it.

This time though I will just post in the general discussion instead of bumping up a million posts.

Spoiler for Episode 1:

Spoiler for Episode 2:

Spoiler for Episode 3:

Spoiler for Episode 4:

Spoiler for Episode 5:

Spoiler for Episode 6:

Spoiler for Episode 7:

Spoiler for Episode 8:

Spoiler for Episode 9:

Spoiler for Episode 10:

Spoiler for Episode 11:

Spoiler for Episode 12:

Spoiler for Episode 13 & Series Score:
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Old 2018-02-14, 09:38   Link #482
4th Dimension
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Your posts weren't deleted due to a misunderstanding. They got deleted because instead of posting opinions to start discussion you were spamming old threads with reviews which you outright claimed you don't care about replies to. This is not a site to post reviews to. Try MyAnimeList for that. But if you want to talk about some aspect of the franchise and such, sure, go ahead.

And TBH, these aren't even really reviews considering that majority of them is just summaries of what happens in individual episodes. But I guess that's better than spamming all the threads.

That is quite the amount of number & letters needed to say in order to teleport.
Considering the transfer can take you to a wide array of locations in different dimensions, that address is actually rather short.

Even Lindy is getting involved, she almost looks like a fairy with those wings.
That is quite intentional. She was originally Nanoha's fairy advisor in the fan disc for Triangle Hears that asked the question, What if the youngest Takamachi was a Magical Girl.
In the same Chrono was the antagonist. Hence the SPIKES on his Barrier Jacket.

That is the end of a fantastic anime. 9/10
Well, I wouldn't say fantastic. It definitelly has nice ideas and the second part is pretty great. Problem is first 5-6 episodes is basically standard Magical Girl fare, and as such it has pacing issues with the second part MUCH quicker than the first.
Also they were still getting their feet under them on how the universe works and hence there is all kinds of weirdness, that doesn't fit the setting in retrospect, especially if looked back from A's or StrikerS.

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