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Old 2008-09-18, 23:43   Link #21
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Air TV - Natsukage. It has a certain sort of nostalgic atmospheric feel to it. It gives me goosebumps but relaxes me at the same time. I love it.

Clannad - 渚 (Kanji for Nagisa I believe, the main heroine) Sweet piano theme, tinged with a little bit of bitterness, or maybe doubt, Either way, I think it's beautiful . You hear it in the anime during especially sweet moments between the main characters and also the opening. It's the same theme as Dango Daikazoku, but I think it has a little something that makes it more special .
小さな手のひら (Chiisana te no hira) isn't bad, same theme too but with a more cinematic flavor. (I'll bet we'll be hearing this in After Story).

Kanon - Last Regrets ~ Acoustic Version (Lia's version), (I'm not sure if I got the title right.) The instrumental plays during Shiori's arc. Slow Piano theme, lots of feeling in it .

True Tears - Reflectia, The instrumental isn't bad, but you're missing the melody without the vocals. An awesome opening song for an anime if I ever heard one. Practically sold me the anime with the opening.

Chobits - Ningyo-hime, Sad, depressing theme.

I wonder if BGM or songs that have no vocal counterpart are excluded? I'll give a concise list anyway and just include a favorite or two slow and sweet songs from my favorite OSTs.

Final Fantasy VII - "Aerith's Theme", Orchestral Version, slow but sweet yet sad.

Final Fantasy VII A.C. - "Main Theme", masterpiece! Beautiful but yet it feels as if theres despair or regret in there too.

Final Fantasy VIII - "Fisherman's Horizon", piano arrangement, sweet with a great atmospheric feel to it, it's a real hidden gem. Very relaxing. Check out the orchestral version too.

Final Fantasy VI - "Celes Theme" So sweet and so sad, such a great theme. But the instrumental is made with older "music compression" technology, still it's great.

Xenosaga III - "Hepatica". "Febronia #2". "I love you, Sincerely". All very sweet and a bit sad. From my "personal favorite" game .

Xenogears - "Gathering stars in the night sky".

Chobits - "Yasashisa no Shouzou" aka portrait of tenderness. Another bittersweet song .

Ah! My Goddess the Movie - "Wishing for a Bond", Starts slow ,but then is more upbeat.

Ah My Goddess TV - "Asu Ni Mukatte" Sounds like a sad piano song at first, but gets more upbeat too. "Yasashi Kokoro" Just a very sweet song, gives me goosebumps .

Kanon - "Kigi no koe to hibi no Zawameki", fun and upbeat song.
"Hitamari no Machi", Fun and upbeat song as well. Ayu's Leitmotif.
"Asakage", Slow, sweet homely atmospheric song. Gives me goosebumps.
"Zankou", Slow with lots of feeling, gives me goosebumps too.

Ok, I'll limit myself to that, I covered a bit from my favorites at least .

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Old 2008-09-19, 05:59   Link #22
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Originally Posted by cerrian View Post
The ending song to the final episode of Gunbuster.
For this one speaks the truth.

Gunbuster or its original name, Top wo Nerae! and its sequel Top wo Nerae!2, has the best instrumental scores I've ever heard. They are composed by Tanaka Kohei.

These beautiful pieces of music are the only thing that's better than Kanno Yoko's music.

Of course Uematsu Nobuo of FF fame, has a great list of music as well.
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Old 2008-09-20, 05:09   Link #23
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When you say instrumental, I think of background music rather than songs with people singing... since there's more instrumental background music to theme songs.

Besides FMA as someone has already mentioned, I'd also recommend Eureka Seven and Hikaru no go.
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Old 2008-09-20, 14:04   Link #24
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Not exactly an anime song, but Ever 17's Karma has to be one of my favorite songs.
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