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Old 2012-06-13, 09:20   Link #21
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I have a feeling they will gang up on Kenpachi...otherwise it'll go a bit like

"The hell!? We keep sucking this guy's energy but he doesn't even seem to notice and why hasn't he released his ban--ggyyyyaaaahhhhhhh!"

With Kenpachi thoroughly enjoy himself.
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Old 2012-06-13, 09:25   Link #22
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Originally Posted by Randrak42 View Post
"We have an enemy with an unknown ability that takes away our Bankai. Here's the plan, we'll have four captains (tough...3 out of the 4 are fodder captains) release their bankai at the same time with only their VC as back-up!!! Brilliant plan innit!?"

*Aizen in his cell, hitting his head against a wall*
lol! this chapter was chock full of idiocy. that was possibly the worst plan in anime history...

Byakuya: 'Renji, now use your bankai to get mine back'

Renji: 'good plan taichou!'


Renji: 'Oh wait. they stole mine too now. so let's just let them kill us so we see how they do THAT'

Byakuya: 'Good plan. I'll die first, then you beat him and bring me back to life.'

Renji: 'OK... wait a minute... what if I die too?'

Byakuya: 'Thats the plan'
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Old 2012-06-13, 09:48   Link #23
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hahahaha....................Oh god! Bleach has turned into such a laughing stock. Honestly I read the new chapters for the lulz
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Old 2012-06-13, 10:07   Link #24
Kyero Fox
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Originally Posted by Eragon View Post
'Cause Ichigo is the Alpha and Omega of Bleach - nothing works against him

This whole bankai stealing thing is just too much of a hax - no wait. The real hax will be how the Shinigami get their Bankai's back

And I knew the rest of the captains who released Bankai were idiots but Byakuya too!!

Kenpachi come quickly and kill them please - all of them including the idiots who released bankai.

And yeah Aizen must really be going nuts in his cell berating himself how the fuck did he lose to this losers.
He wooped them, ichigo ALONE beat aizen.

Anyways i wonna see yachiru fight the girl.
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Old 2012-06-13, 10:18   Link #25
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I am glad they finally decided to kill off people the last few chapters to make it more intense. Hopefully, more good guys will die.
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Old 2012-06-13, 10:48   Link #26
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I never expected Byakuya to just rashly use his bankai to an enemy that can do something to it that they don't know about. Komamura, Hitsugaya and Soi Fon are understandable, they don't think.... they just attack
I though Byakuya was the type to analyze the situation first before coming up with a plan.
but instead, they constructed a plan without even knowing fully about the enemy's abilities.

why is Kubo making them so retarded?

oh well, this is the perfect enemies for Kenpachi since he doesn't even have a shikai. Once he shows up, Let the slaughter begin

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Old 2012-06-13, 11:32   Link #27
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I guess this fight will depend on Shinji, Kansai and Rose since they don't need bankai to be effective with their mask. I won't exactly call Byakuya stupid as they know they can't win without their bankai. Againist enemy like these, fight without bankai is equal to suicide.
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Old 2012-06-13, 11:33   Link #28
reading #hikaributts
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Originally Posted by xellos2099 View Post
I guess this fight will depend on Shinji, Kansai and Rose sicne they don't need bankai to be effective with their mask.
Unfortunately Quincies have weapons that are meant to exterminate hollows, so it's not certain that they will do much better.
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Old 2012-06-13, 12:03   Link #29
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Destroy the badge to get your bankai back.

I figured it out. Make me captain #14.
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Old 2012-06-13, 12:25   Link #30
Bonta Kun
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Ehh so why did they have 4 Captains release their bankai?
If they knew their banaki was at risk of being sealed, releasing it willy nilly was the dumbest idea yet.

"When my bankai (my super strong form) is sealed, we'll then fight with them to see how it was sealed and break it free, sound good?"

"Sounds like a plan!"

".....wait why are you gonna let them seal your bankai?"

"Cause it's part of the plan"

"ooh right...."

Why not test the waters and have someone like Renji get his sealed, to see how things would go, instead of 4 Captains...

Where are you Ken-chan?!
Please get yourself a phone that has GPS, so you can find your way to the battle field and get this over with!
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Old 2012-06-13, 12:43   Link #31
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-Soooooo...basically these Quincy are just the higher version of that one Arrancar that was supposed to seal Ol'man Yamma's Zanpakuto, right? Except they can only really deal with Bankai.

-I don't get it though. Byakuya has always been someone who tries to finish his battles quickly and with using as little energy as possible. If your Shikai worked well enough and you know they can mess around with you Bankai, why not finish them using it? Soi Fon too. She disliked her Bankai because of her pride as an assassin. Why was she so eager to whip it out?

-Actually scratch that, all 4 of them were being stupid. If you know they are waiting for you to release your Bankai and you know they can do something with it (be it seal or as they painfully learned now, steal it) why are you DOING EXACTLY WHAT YOU WERE WARNED AGAINST?
-When all else fails, ram them with a force of an 18-wheeler.
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Old 2012-06-13, 13:35   Link #32
Chiisai Kuma
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Originally Posted by Kyero Fox View Post
Oh great....

Spoiler for actually about the chapter:
I get so freaking upset when that stuff happens with mine. but what mostly gets me is the rough idea i have that i post in journals and stuff, other oc makers go ahead and rip them off only developing them slightly further or changing the appearance slightly for new oc's for them. SO FRUSTRATING! the you have to start from scratch or your accused of ripping off there oc. *fumes silently*

Also why didn't they let just one captain use Bankai, even better idea, just release Renji's Bankai, then analyse how the whole "steal Bankai" trick works, figure out how to stop it while holding them off with there overpowered shikai's/ kido (making Kurotsuchi's character useful) or if you cant cant get get it back, work out a plan from there.

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Old 2012-06-13, 14:37   Link #33
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They still have Zarachi Kenpachi. He is going to take them all down cept for the Quincy boss.

Or maybe they release Aizen and just get it over with.
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Old 2012-06-13, 14:46   Link #34
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I could see Soifon offering up her bankai as a sacrifice for the sake of trying to examine the enemies bankai-counter in action (since her bankai is pretty goddamn awful). In fact, she's the best candidate to offer her bankai to the enemy since she doesn't even like her bankai. But for someone like Byakuya to do the same is pretty silly since his bankai is more useful than Renji's. So unless Byakuya knows something we don't and Renji's picked up a new bag of *useful* tricks with his bankai over the time skip, it really makes no sense for Byakuya to be the sacrifice here. Renji better deliver.
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Old 2012-06-13, 14:56   Link #35
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Well I can think of some logic to the tactic:

1. The invaders arrived at different points. So the Captains had to formulate a plan based on the possibility of multiple fronts, since communication during battle would be limited if not impossible.

2. Ivan never actually said what he was trying to do to Ichigo's bankai and Ichigo never asked, but it looked a lot like Kido. So the logical assumption would be a seal, not a complete removal, since that's how Bleach mechanics work (everything burns out from use or is sealed).

3. So the Captains (wrongly) assumed they could simply Bankai, figure out the seal, break it, and get the Bankai back. This would put them back on equal ground with the invaders who can also Bankai.

4. The Captains who used the Bankai are hardly helpless without it, but someone like Renji can't afford to lose it because that's pretty much his biggest trump card.

Not the smartest tactic, but it does follow some logic. Also, we don't know if the invaders can only seal/steal it when it is first summoned, or if they can take it whenever they want as long as it is summoned.
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Old 2012-06-13, 16:03   Link #36
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Well, I thought it was pretty cool how the captains put their faith in their VCs.
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Old 2012-06-13, 16:10   Link #37
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@ Solace, think there is some room to assume they need it summoned first so they can take it, if simply for the reason it was done like that about 5 times now with no deviation.

The only thing mildly interesting in this chapter is the fact that their seal thingy happens to resemble a substitute shinigami badge - so theoretically we could warm up the Ukitake mastrmind traitor or Ginjou's revenge or Aizen tolling in his dungeon "Fullbrings, Quincy, JUST AS PLANNED, in the chaos I will be released an nobody can stop me" theories...

than again, it probably is merely a red herring, IF at all, might just be a coincidence with the similarity to the badge as Kubo clearly doesn't care what he is doing anymore

I'm lookin forward to Kenpachi wasteing a couple of them though - if we don't get that at the least and he trolls even that I shall opt out briefly before the bitter end of things after all XD
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Old 2012-06-13, 16:25   Link #38
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The bondage Quincy would probably explode trying to take Yama's bankai.
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Old 2012-06-13, 16:33   Link #39
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Sasakibe would be rolling in his grave if he had a grave to roll in because I specifically recall him saying that the Quincies can USE bankai. Is putting two and two together so difficult if any captain (well Yamamoto I guess as he was there at Sasakibe's demise) actually cared to listen. Combined with all other failings in logic this is like a slap in the face to Sasakibe's timely warning.
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Old 2012-06-13, 16:54   Link #40
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^don't blame the captains for what they are written to do
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