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Old 2015-01-18, 03:31   Link #321
Join Date: Dec 2006
-Animation quality sucks
-Battle scene sucks
-Random music doesn't match
-Red's motive for destroying Earth sucks

W o w
That was bad...

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Old 2015-01-25, 17:37   Link #322
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this was great final episode to hapiness charge precure. the fight was decent and conculation was good. i will give it 7/10
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Old 2015-01-27, 03:56   Link #323
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Ep 49

Oh ho?

So ... so the three generals were respectively - a salaryman who was disappointed in love, a kindegarten teacher and a (mail man? police man?).

And PhanPhan became Cure Honey's fairy sidekick thing. (Although Cure Lovely still has none - interesting.)

Red and Blue are brothers too - no surprise there.

Poor Seiji though ... I hope Megumi gets the point. Argh....

Well, on the whole I did not think it was that bad. A middle of the road work. Pleasant enough while it lasted, but perhaps will watch again some time down the road.

At the end of the ep we had Cure Flora show up - I assume from the upcoming Go! Princess PreCure series?

I agree though - overall I would give the series a 7/10 vote.
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Old 2015-01-27, 06:38   Link #324
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And thus another Cure series ends.
Not bad, but sadly there were others I liked better.

Things I really liked where Koyasu voicing Oresky, Phantom, Red's kung fu posing in the last episode and that actually every villian in the series "survived" (Which is rare, yeah I know, no one really dies in Pretty Cure... everyone just is purified and dissapears or something... well except in HeartCatch, damn it was a surprise when they actually killed someone off).

All in all, I give it a 6/10

Let's see if Go! Princess will do better.
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Old 2015-01-27, 11:43   Link #325
Random Wanderer
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Originally Posted by Flower View Post
Poor Seiji though ... I hope Megumi gets the point. Argh....
Megumi knows how he feels. Her feelings aren't exactly the same, but he is irreplacable to her. But she's not going to simply decide to be with him romantically if she doesn't truly feel that way about him. She's not going to lie about love. It's the essence of who she is.
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Old 2015-01-29, 02:10   Link #326
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All in all, this series felt very safe and formulaic. I hope Go! Princess Precure manages to shake things up a bit. If not, I'll probably end up dropping it.
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Old 2015-01-29, 02:23   Link #327
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I liked the idea of the International Cures and Hime's character was a riot! The focus on romantic relationships was something that wasn't seen in Pretty Cure since the times of... Fresh, maybe?
IMHO the show peaked at the Mirage purification episode, which was great both in terms of action and story. Compared to that, the last arc focusing on Red was a bit lacking. Overall an above average Precure series. Looking forward to GoPri.
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Old 2015-01-31, 18:49   Link #328
Kitsu Breaker
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Seiji plot romantic suck hard since Precure wasn't create to this propose and anoying as hell
Also in Fresh, Love choice Setsuna instead of that boy, she was lealty to the yuri

This two girls have the best sax life
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Old 2015-02-01, 02:55   Link #329
Join Date: Jul 2014
The only thing precure was created for was two girls kicking asses and holding hands doing one magical attack for 50 episodes. Everything else is deviations >_< Yuri is nice tho.

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action, magical girl

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