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Originally Posted by Brother Coa View Post
Anyone knows, now that show is over, where will I able to buy BD's with Japanese voice and English subtitle once they come out?

I live in southeastern-Europe btw.
I checked on, and the season 1 disks don't appear to have English subs. Some shows are starting to offer English subs on the Japanese disks. UBW comes to mind. See if you can find another site that sells them, in case the Amazon entry just doesn't show it. If season 1 had them, this last season will. You can also check and see how much Sentai Filmworks' version will cost you, as they are the official US licensor. They tend to have more expensive releases than most US licensors, since their releases are more like the Japanese disks (fewer episodes per package at a higher bitrate, plus extras). (Never mind, that was just their Fate releases.) According to Wikipedia, the show is licensed by MVM in the UK, which might be a better option for you, unless you have an issue with "color" being spelled with an "ou" or "realize" being spelled with an "s".
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Just found out that BNE released Gate: Brave Scramble for the phones in Japan.

There a thread to show it, even briefly. It's current discontinued from what I know.

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