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I've never wrote a K-On! fanfic before, even though I've always loved the idea of writing these characters. However, I've always been worried I couldn't capture the incredible chemistry that the K-On girls enjoy. This is especially true if I couldn't come up with a very tight plot premise to keep the narrative and dialogue focused.

Then this image gave me an idea.

I've always loved K-On girls cosplaying as Madoka Magica girls. Yui as Madoka, Ritsu as Sayaka, and of course Mugi as Mami, all struck me as wonderful fits. But this is the first HTT cosplaying as Puella Magi pics I've seen where all five worked beautifully in my view.

And so I've started this story: K-On - The Making of the Madoka Magica Movie.

Here's the summary: Mugi has a wish. She wishes for her four closest friends and her to play the five magical girls of her favorite anime show - Madoka Magica! Due to the wealth and connections of her family, Mugi's wish becomes reality. A new live-action Madoka Magica movie starts filming in Japan, and Mugi and her friends get the five lead roles! Will this bring HTT to magical superstardom?

I hope K-On and Madoka Magica fans enjoy! Feedback is definitely welcome, especially from fellow K-On fans. Through my PPPL fanfic, I'm pretty confident in my ability to write the Madoka girls well (which is going to help in this fanfic too, thankfully). But I haven't tried K-On before, so I'd love to know what my fellow K-On fans think. Any and all feedback and criticism is appreciated.

Just for the benefit of PPPL readers - This doesn't mean I'm abandoning PPPL. But I've completed about half its routes now, so I think it's a decent time for a break. I will get back to it later.
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