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Old 2012-10-17, 05:40   Link #61
Blackbeard D. Kuma
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The new chapter is more informative than anything else, but good nonetheless. Let's get the new thread going, James.
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Old 2012-10-17, 06:44   Link #62
ronin myael
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Originally Posted by Blackbeard D. Kuma View Post
The new chapter is more informative than anything else, but good nonetheless. Let's get the new thread going, James.
i agree! where's the new thread? i don't want to comment on this thread.
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Old 2012-10-17, 07:45   Link #63
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Sorry for the delay. The new thread has been started. Please move all relevant discussions to the new thread.
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Old 2012-10-17, 09:56   Link #64
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I know that we're on the next chapter thread now, but I really wanted to address this shichibukai issue:

Originally Posted by ZGoten View Post
On the other hand, I have the feeling that many people overestimate the power of the seven warlords. While the title of Shichibukai has always had this sense of danger and power attached to it prior to the timeskip, you have to put things into perspective. Shichibukais like Croc were a big danger for the Strawhats when they were new on the Grand Line, but aside from Mihawk and maybe Doflamingo, the warlords haven't really shown any kind of strength that would seriously endanger the Strawhats at this point - not to the extent they did previously, at least. I'm pretty sure both Sanji and Zoro could give any Shichibukai a good fight themselves by now, again, except for the two that are arguably the strongest. This is just natural progression, though. The focus lies on the emperors now, which are the biggest threats among the pirate forces, as well as on the admirals after that, probably. Shichibukai are largely a thing of the past. They were huge in part 1 of the series, but now after the timeskip, the strongest straw hat members are already starting out on a power level equal or similar to the warlords. With all that being said, Law not representing the title of Shichibukai well is sort of the wrong thing to say. Instead, it is to be expected that Shichibukai will have to face serious opponents in the new world. And that's exactly why Law is representing his status rather well in this arc.

ZGoten, while you make many good points here, I still must respectfully disagree with you on this. After all, the shichibukai are considered one of the three pillars of the world's balance for a reason, I think. Just because we saw most of them were active in Paradise doesn't mean they have little to no influence/notoriety in the New World (in fact, Doflamingo already proves that much this very storyline!)

As far as strength goes, we already know at least one of them is (or I suppose was would be a little more accurate in this case) comparable to the emperors in strength - Moria. Now I won't deny that his laziness took a great toll on him, but the guy was still a mighty dangerous foe in his own right: A huge, powerful zombie army, a crew who specialized in trickery and deception (despite Grey's arguments, I still feel that cunning is an extremely important weapon), and an extremely versatile DF power that's just as effective for offense as it is for defense. The guy's definitely not weak. True, he may not have performed so well at Marineford, but at he very least, he still survived it to the end (it wasn't until AFTER the war that Dofla was sent to assassinate him). So see, there's at least ONE example of a (former) warlord who actually has a reputation that carries over to the New World.

And the funny thing is, even though we've been seeing a lot of the warlords in Paradise, notice how most of them were active around areas that are CLOSE to the New World. Jinbei represented mermaid island (which literally lies right between both halves of the GL), Hancock and her crew operates in a small island in the middle of the Calm Belt (which, is not only relatively close to the NW, but is also smack-dab in the center of an ocean that's a SEA KING NEST). Doflamingo was running a slave business over at Sabaody (which was even SUPPORTED by high-ranking government officials), and I don't think I need to remind you which pirate crew Blackbeard used to belong to, do I? I see absolutely no way that the shichibukai are less relevant now than during the series' first half.....
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