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Dr. Casey
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Late with the review, but I've already read the story three or so times (reading's a lot more fun than reviewing ). It's a great sendoff to μ's. ^^

- Santa being a fan of μ's and having his own personal collection of their music is cute, and it was nice to see Hanayo singled out in the letter. Though her basic role as a character is to blend in and be forgettable, she's always been one of my favorite members of the group.

- The same goes for the AnimeSuki members sending messages to the other performers in μ's, of course. I'm guessing that Kotori would've become Kona's literal waifu in this world if a certain other AS member didn't exist

- It was nice to see that you and Sayaka were so resistant to the idea of μ's disbanding. It sometimes feels more honest for people to fight against separations (whatever form that takes, whether death or a musical group disbanding) rather than going the 'mature' route of accepting it all with more grace than is actually felt... seems that Honoka might have mixed feelings too, judging by the way she kept on deflecting yours and Sayaka's attempts at sincerity. I jumped onto the Love Live train rather late into its lifespan, watching both seasons for the first time the November of last year, so though I'm saddened by the news my feelings aren't nearly as strong as those who've been around since the first season, or those who started paying attention during the group's very beginnings the summer of 2010; by the time I first became a Love Live fan, there was less than half a year until things started transitioning over to Sunshine. If Sunshine lasts as long as the original series did, though, and Aquors goes the way of μ's around 2020 or 2021, I won't be spared next time.

- There's good ol' Haak as always, refusing to ever get sucked into any heartwarming or sentimental mood Someone needs to bring that guy to funerals.

A wonderful tribute to μ's that I'm sure the actresses for all nine girls would be happy to read; the whole exchange between you and Honoka will always be a very memorable one. Though it's sad that μ's is leaving, I'm also kind of looking forward to March 31st/April 1st in the sense that the outpouring of support and love for μ's will be greater on those two days than any other, and I'll enjoy being a part of that.

And with that said, I should watch the Love Live movie soon and get around to the second reading of my favorite Christmas classic.
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Spoiler for Chapter 10 review & such:
Spoiler for Overall thoughts/review:
Spoiler for The Melancholy of Tuxedo R:
I'm guessing that Kotori would've become Kona's literal waifu in this world if a certain other AS member didn't exist
I refuse to either confirm or deny that claim.
Kotori Minami - Love Live! School Idol Project
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It is a world where wondrous metahumans can be found, but where superheroes have yet to arise in significant numbers. It is an Earth where dauntlessly determined diplomatic outreach by Themyscira led to its Queen Hippolyta becoming the first United Nations Secretary General of amazonian origin. It is an Earth where a brilliant but bereaved billionaire gave up patrolling the streets of his city in order to become the 44th United States President. And it is an Earth where a young adult Clark Kent of Smallville disappeared in order for Kal-el to live a abundant life of fun frolicking freedom as he went on many adventures with his two closest friends.

Unfortunately, it is also an Earth now in the grip of Apokolips...

“What's that?” asked Kal as he turned about during a three-way game of volleyball played over the Atlantic Ocean.

Kal had just bounced the tough titanium volleyball back over to Arthur Curry positioned many miles away. But now Kal's attention would be focused on the sudden rising of massive flames a couple miles behind, alongside strange dark pillars rooted on New York's Long Island. This was a playful and free-spirited Kal, but an admirably altruistic heart still beat within him. So at the sight of New York City being engulfed in reddish flames and a seeming cloud of human-sized locusts, Kal instinctively took action.

With astounding speed, Kal flew towards New York City. Kal was wearing simple shades, red shorts reaching down to his knees, and a loud yellowish-orange Hawaiian shirt. His mind seemed overwhelmed by the horrific cries of many people, so he tried to focus on just one voice, for now. It was a voice that reminded him of his earthly mother, and so it was to her that he rushed. In mid-flight, he gathered her up into his arms, in order to save her from a descending parademon!

He then rushed her away from danger, behind a building far from the city's central area.

“W-who are you?!” asked the woman with shocked eyes staring up into Kal's, and trembling motions in her arms, as Kal carefully placed her back down on her feet.

“What's going on?” she asked in quick follow-up, her eyes watering from emotional distress.

“I... I don't know.” answered Kal honestly, “But please head somewhere safe, while I head back into the heart of the city. I want to help out as much as I can.”

“Thank you” the woman said after a brief tense pause.

The woman then ran off as Kal had requested, while he flew back into the heart of New York City. Kal was not accustomed to combat, and so he focused more on rescuing the endangered than on fighting Apokolips' parademons. That would prove costly...

“...Gaaahh!” cried Kal as a parademon managed to pounce on him from above, stomping down on the small of Kal's back.

Kal then crash-landed into the pavement below, sending a couple cars spiraling violently into the sides of buildings. Several other parademons would then join the one that had attacked Kal, as they attempted to dog-pile him. Kal felt slight pain from their blows, and he felt a sickeningly suffocating sensation. But all this did was anger him, and make him more resolute, as he exploded upwards sending all of the parademons careening backwards!

Kal began breathing heavily, gritting his teeth, hair disheveled, and eyes glowing red behind shattered shades. Kal was about to unleash a potentially devastating heat vision attack! But unfortunately for him, he would be stopped by a swift parademon wielding a kryptonite spear.

“Aaggggghhh...!!!” cried Kal, as this parademon pierced him through one side, thankfully avoiding a vital area.

“Kal!” cried Diana, having at last caught up to him, and taking hold of his slowly falling form.

At the same time, Arthur Curry arrived to deliver a fierce blow to the parademon holding the kryptonite spear, knocking the parademon well aside.

Diana had on a sleek solid red leotard, covered by a blue and thick pleated skirt. Arthur had on an orange hoody over a white shirt, and dark green jeans. After knocking aside the Kal-piercing parademon, Arthur helped Diana gently lower the bleeding Kal to the ground.

Kal appeared to be fading in and out of consciousness, and his vision was going very blurry.

“Kal, are you Ok, buddy?!” asked Arthur

“Kal, say something!” shouted Diana.

The last thing Kal saw before falling unconscious was the Statue of Liberty in flames.

“The shining Statue of Liberty...” he said, as he fell unconscious.

And so begins...

Liberty League
Super Hero Project

Kal quickly awoke to a warmly glowing sunrise, and a bright blue beautiful sky. A white blanket had been placed over him, and he quickly pushed it aside as he sat up with a jolt. He quickly checked his side, where he had been pierced, and was amazed to feel smooth skin.

“A dream?!” he asked himself, shocked at the thought, given how real it had seemed.

Still, he briefly and happily took hold of that thought, smiling and sighing in deep relief. So with a smile on his face, Kal stood up, glad to find himself upon a beach in Themyscira. With an added skip in his step, Kal started jogging joyously alongside the ocean. He would soon be greeted by Princess Diana of Themyscira and Prince Arthur of Atlantis, as they slowly flew towards him.

“Diana, Arthur, good morning!” Kal shouted out to them with a big boyish smile.

Diana and Arthur glanced at each other inquisitively, both surprised by Kal's happiness, given recent events.

“Kal... are you Ok?” Diana asked nervously.

“Of course I am, it's a beautiful morning!” he replied joyously, with hands arched at his hips, as he gazed off at the endless horizon, “It's a bright new day for loads more fun! What world-spanning adventures should we have today, I wonder?”

“Have you lost your mind?” Arthur asked Kal.

“I'm glad that you're feeling better, but I don't think today's the best day for just frolicking about” Diana stated somberly towards Kal.

“Hhhmmm? Why's that?” Kal asked in reply.

Diana then clicked a tiny button on her sleek high-tech wrist-bracelet, causing a medium-sized holographic TV screen to pop up. Diana then held her wrist near Kal's face so he could watch the news announcement.

“Yesterday afternoon, eight cities fell in short order to powerful alien forces.” stated news reporter Snapper Carr in a starkly serious voice, “London, Paris, Beijing, Tokyo, Gotham, Metropolis, Washington DC, and New York City were all decimated and conquered in a few terrible hours. The President is believed to have retreated to Camp David, but the Pentagon is keeping tight-lipped on the matter. However, the United Nations Secretary-General has already made a stunning announcement, revealing who the leader of these alien invaders are, and also plans to surrender to him.”

“Sur-surrender!” Kal exclaimed in horrified shock, while a deeply downcast Diana gazed downwards.

“You were there, Kal, you saw what happened.” Arthur said to him, “You were pierced with a spear! Diana and I had to rush you to safety here on this beach, where amazonian doctors treated your wounds. You slept for hours while the world fell.”

“But we can't surrender!” Kal shouted at Arthur, “We can't! Just who are these invaders anyway?”

“Darkseid and his forces...” answered Diana in a low tone of voice.

“Darkseid?” asked Kal.

“He's an extremely powerful being with multitudes of mighty flying warriors under his command.” Diana replied, “He is the ruler of a world named Apokolips, and for whatever reason, he wishes to conquer Earth.”

“Yesterday was his show of force.” Arthur added, “And he showed that Earth has no chance against him. Eight cities fell in a few hours, Kal. And even you couldn't halt it for more than a minute.”

“So mother negotiated with Darkseid.” Diana stated, “In the hopes of sparing as many lives as possible, mother talked the nations of the Earth into agreeing to surrender to Darkseid.”

“No...” Kal said, his eyes lighting up in horror, “This can't be!”

“What's going to happen to the world?” as he motioned about wildly, “Ma and pa. Kara and I. What are we going to do? I wasn't born on this Earth, but it's now my home!”

“I know you love this world a lot, but try not to be so depressed” said Diana.

“He's probably just worried about where he's going to be sleeping from now on” stated Arthur, in a slightly sarcastic gruff tone, trying to break the tension.

“Well yeah!” answered Kal, “You two have nothing to worry about. Atlantis and Themyscira will likely remain free, that's probably part of the deal Hippolyta made with this Darkseid.”

“Thankfully it is” Diana replied with an oddly sad smile.

“So you're both fine, but where am I going to live? I can't just let ma and pa fall under some brutal dictator! Where can we just pack up and move all of a sudden?!” asked Kal, motioning wildly.

“Calm down, already!” Arthur shouted at Kal, while Arthur placed his hands on Kal's shoulders, “Hippolyta did great negotiating work. Earth will have a full year of time and freedom before the transition to Darkseid's rule takes place.”

“What, a full year?” asked Kal, feeling some nice relief come over him at hearing this.

A few minutes later, Kal sat between Arthur and Diana, all under the cooling shade of a large tree on the edge of a beach. Kal, now wearing a new pair of shades, snarfed down on a BBQ hot-dog cooked up by his own heat vision.

“It's a relief that your mom is such a good diplomat, Diana.” stated Kal, “And man, these hot dogs are the best!”

“Can even your Kryptonian metabolism handle all that eating?” asked Arthur playfully, with a raised eyebrow, “You have to look good for the ladies you know!”

“I'm glad you're relieved, Kal.” said Diana, “But a year isn't that much time. The freedoms millions of people on Earth now enjoy, will be lost to future generations.”

“Even I must feel sorry for the surface-dwellers.” said Arthur, “Those living today know freedom, but those born tomorrow will not.”

“That's true” Kal said, in a sad tone of voice.

But then, much to everyone's surprise, two very well-dressed men suddenly walked up to where Kal, Diana, and Arthur were sitting.

“Excuse me” came the stern but smooth voice of a famous leader, “Do you have a moment?”

Kal, Diana, and Arthur all rapidly rose to a standing position at this surprising appearance.

“Who's he?” Kal asked Arthur, turning his head towards him.

“Man, Kal, do you follow the news at all?” asked Arthur in turn, “That's the US President!”

“Diana Prince” stated President Bruce Wayne calmly, addressing her.

“Yes?” a slightly startled Diana asked.

“You're the daughter of the UN Secretary-General, correct?” Bruce asked.

“I am” confirmed Diana.

“Has she told you anything about her quick surrender to Darkseid? Anything about any concessions she managed to gain from him, aside from what's already public knowledge?” Bruce asked, with raised eyebrows.

“Nothing that will affect your country, sir” replied Diana.

“Special provisions for Themyscira and Atlantis, I take it?” asked Bruce with a look of slight disgust.

“Yes, and that's all I know” answered Diana.

“I see.” replied Bruce, “Thank you.”

“See ya” said Vice President Dick Grayson, as both he and Bruce began walking away, towards a suspicious bat-shaped jet on the middle of the beach.

“Wait” spoke up Kal, causing Bruce and Dick to briefly stop.

“Is America really going to go along with this?” Kal asked the US President.

“It's none of your concern” Bruce replied with stern narrowed eyes.

And with that, Bruce and Dick continued on their way to the special Presidential two-seater jet.

Feeling disappointed by the President's answer, and feeling a growing unease over current events, Kal turned to his friends Diana and Arthur with pleas of help.

“Why don't... why don't we gather up the forces of Atlantis and Themyscira and try to liberate one of the fallen cities?” Kal proposed to them.

“Do you really think that would be appropriate?” asked Arthur in a skeptical tone, “Given what Hippolyta has already done?”

“They'll listen to you.” stated Kal, “You're both royalty!”

“Maybe so, but that's not the point, Kal.” replied Diana, “While Themyscira now enjoys better relations with man's world, some of my amazonian sisters still take a dim view to outsiders. They will object to fighting for the sake of man's world, especially given what mother has already done.”

“And the way her people feel about 'man's world' reflects how my people feel about the surface-dwellers.” added Arthur, “I hate to admit it, but Darkseid made a shrewd concession here. Atlantis and Themyscira would have fought for their own freedom, but for those who live on the continents? No.”

“I see...” said a dejected Kal, looking downwards, “That's a shame. I love this world.”

“So do Diana and I, but there's just some things that can't be helped” stated Arthur.

Diana forced a friendly smile, and placed one hand on Kal's shoulder, to try to comfort him.

“You should go see your family, Kal” said Diana warmly, “You should be with them during these difficult times. Remind them that their son Clark Kent is still there for them.”

And so Kal flew off towards a certain farm in Kansas.

After arriving there, he was warmly greeted by his mom at the front door. The two shared a quick hug, before Kal headed towards his upstairs bedroom. When he opened the door to his bedroom, he was surprised to see a certain someone lying on the floor inside, flipping through a brochure.

“Welcome back, Kal” stated his blonde younger cousin, wearing red shorts and a white tank-top.

“Kara?” replied Kal in surprise, “What are you doing here?”

“Now is that any way to greet your cousin?” Kara asked, as she lifted up her upper-body slightly and turned it to face Kal, “I'm here because I was worried about you. You did get pierced with a kryptonite spear after all!”

“Diana told you about that?” Kal asked.

“Yeah, she did.” Kara answered, “So it's a relief to know that you're Ok. Grab a bite to eat. Your mom left a plate of food on your bed for you.”

Kal picked up the plate of food, and sighed slightly at what it was.

“Fried eggs, bacon, and toast, huh?” he said.

“You live on a farm, what do you expect?” Kara asked, “Besides, your mom's a great cook.”

“Yeah, yeah.” replied Kal, as he slouched down into a soft leathery navy chair in his room, and quickly snarfed down the food his mom had left for him.

Just as he finished eating, Kal took special notice of the brochure laying next to Kara.

“Kara, what is in that brochure?” asked Kal.

“It's really good news, Kal” answered Kara with a smile, as she stood up while picking up the brochure.

“It's going to be a big help to you, your parents, and me!” exclaimed Kara excitedly, “Just read up on it yourself.”

Kal flipped through the brochure, amazed at what he was reading and seeing.

“A brand new and completely uninhabited city?” asked Kal, “Located on a large island?”

“Yeah, and it's offering sanctuary, strictly to super-powered humans and our families.” replied Kara.

“What about everybody else?” asked Kal.

“It's just one new city Kal, it can't house the whole world!” exclaimed Kara in answer.

“But... but that's not right.” replied Kal, “We can't just abandon the rest of Earth like that!”

Kara sighed deeply at Kal's protestations here.

“Kal, they almost killed you!” exclaimed Kara as tear droplets rushed to her eyes, “And they could easily kill me to. As powerful as we are, they have kryptonite! We can't stop Darkseid and his forces.”

“How will we know that if we don't even try?!” asked Kal in frustrated reply.

“Well, are Diana and Arthur willing to use their powers to help save Earth?” asked Kara, after a brief sigh.

“I...I don't know” Kal answered honestly.

“See? It's hopeless, Kal.” replied Kara, “I wish it wasn't this way, but it just is. At least we'll have somewhere to go, to keep our family and ourselves free and safe. Just take a look at the special video presentation that I setup in the barn. It's really cool, Kal, and it came along with that brochure.”

“I'll do it in a bit.” stated Kal, after a tense pause, and with a dismissive wave, “I'm going to get a shower first.”

Kal then walked down-stairs. After doing so, he caught his mom flipping through an old photo album of some sort.

“Ma?” Kal asked his mom.

But she seemed very lost in thought, unable to hear his words. Kal then walked around the room a little before speaking up again.

“Mom!” shouted Kal.

“Wh-What is it?” asked Martha Kent, turning towards her son.

“Is it Ok if I jump in the shower?” Kal asked.

“Sure. Go ahead.” Martha replied with a smile, before closing the photo album.

Martha Kent then stood up, and walked outside. Kal couldn't help but to be drawn to the photo album that his mother had been looking at.

Kal then sat down, and started flipping through the photo album. Inside were pictures of his grandfather – Johnathan Kent's father – receiving medals for his military service overseas. A young smiling Jonathan Kent stood proudly next to his father, in full military uniform, against the backdrop of an American flag. In the album were other family photos, including one of Kal and Jonathan smiling widely together, from when Kal took Jonathan up to the very top of Mount Everest, helping Jonathan achieve a whimsical dream. There were also family photos of Kal, as a young kid, celebrating the 4th of July and Thanksgiving with his family. Flags and parades and smiles and ice-cream and cotton candy and cooked turkey, they all abounded.

Kal's heart sank, and his lips curled to betray deep depressing disgust.

He then took a quick refreshing shower, and changed into a plaid red shirt, blue jeans, and red socks. He slipped on a yellow-striped pair of white sneakers, and walked out to the barn. In spite of his disagreements with Kara, he wanted to see just what this new city had to offer.

In the barn, Kal found a small solid metal package, teared open in half, and made from very dense space age materials. It was clearly designed so only someone of kryptonian might could open it. Kal correctly guessed that this was where the brochure and promotional projection came from. Kal then noticed where Kara had setup the projection, and after taking a seat on the hood of a tractor, Kal turned on the projection.

Highly dramatic and inspirational music began playing, as the projection took up an entire wall in this barn. Kal saw a stunning sunrise shimmering, before slipping behind towering skyscrapers and assorted buildings of alluring curves and decidedly futuristic designs. As the music grew louder, the words “ULTIMATE TOWER LEXOPOLIS” appeared in big bold 3D font. All the words were in metallic color, except three that were in scarlet red recolor.

Then the words faded out, as three very unusual people faded in. Standing in the middle was a bald man in green-and-purple power armor, smiling slightly. On either side of him was an amazingly eye-catching woman; eye-catching not merely because of her loveliness but also due to how clearly metahuman she was in appearance.

“Welcome to UTX!” these three people said in crisply cheerful confident unison.

“I doubt you're doing well today.” said the man in the middle, as the two women walked away, “But after you watch this presentation, I am confident that this will change.”

“UTX – short for Ultimate Tower Lexopolis – is truly the ultimate city of the future.” continued the bald man, “It is designed to be a sanctuary for all the super-powered beings of this world, and their families. So will you leave where you are now, and come join this city? I hope you will, but I will not chase after you.”

“Some of you may think it wrong for me to not invite more people into this city.” continued the bald man, walking sideways and making a playful smile, “But I have to be honest, I hate crowds. Still, you and I know how painful it is to be alone. You may exchange words with normal people, but how often do you feel connected to them? Is it even possible for you and them to have a true exchanging of views? But there's an easy answer to all of this. It's as easy as I say. Come to UTX!”

After this loud invitation is made, the projection zooms around this UTX, showing off its breathtaking architecture, its picturesque central park, its two tallest towering buildings, both in a “L” formation. Hot-dog stands operated by machines are seen. Little children playing with balloons and happily skipping through the street are seen. It is a remarkable city, albeit an almost entirely empty one.

“My name is Lex Luthor.” said the bald man, fading into focus, looking straight ahead with piercing eyes, “I will not fight any wars for the cowardly United Nations, or the incompetent Wayne Administration. But if Darkseid's forces ever attack my city? Then I will lead private wars against this alien menace, and I promise you, we will win those wars. Though the whole world may fall, UTX will remain, humanity's last stand! Look at my city, which will be our city, and behold its strength and sense of justice. So what are you to do? Look, it takes some courage and dedication to lead a good life. So have the courage and dedication to join me in UTX. Two have already boldly accepted that challenge.”

The two women from earlier than walked back on-screen, flanking Luthor with his arms outstretched wide. Both women displayed pleasant and slightly seductive smiles.

“On my right is the awesomely accomplished archaeologist Dr. Barbara Ann Minerva, better known to the world's poachers as Cheetah.” stated Luthor, as he gestured towards the very cheetah-like woman with bright orange skin and black spots, her playing with her hair with her claws.

“And on my left is the brilliant botanist Dr. Pamela Lilian Isley, better known to ecological despoilers as Poison Ivy.” added Luthor, as he gestured towards the lusciously leafy Lilian, standing tall and proud.

“My two allies and I are very powerful.” stated Lex Luthor, “And with your help, we have what it takes to keep UTX proud and free from the tyranny of Darkseid. If you come to UTX, you will be more than just a hero, you will be a super hero.

Super hero...” Kal repeated to himself, his eyes sparkling at the thought.

Stupendously stirring sounds then accentuated scenes of Lex Luthor and his two allies proving their great capabilities in combat, against powerful Lexcorp robots. Cal looked away from the remaining scenes of the presentation, as his emotions began to reach a fever pitch. And as a light bulb as bright as the sun went off in his head...

“This is it!” Kal exclaimed to himself, as he pumped one fist, “I found it!

To Be Continued...


Yes, it's a brand new fanfic! I think most readers will be able to figure out the core idea behind this fanfic. But if you can't, and you want to know, just send me a VM, and I'll tell you what the fanfic is about.

As usual, blue clickable words link to youtube vids that I think have good music for the lines/paragraphs following the blue clickable words.

Any and all reviews would be deeply appreciated!
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So is this pure DC fanfic or are we in it to? Probably the former right? I don't think this DC universe could take the logical paradox of the existence of the Silver Segway - a creation of blasphemous Marvel roots... XP

“Calm down, already!” Arthur shouted at Kal, while Arthur placed his hands on Kal's shoulders, “Hippolyta did great negotiating work. Earth will have a full year of time and freedom before the transition to Darkseid's rule takes place.”
How very merciful.
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So a Love Live inspired superhero fan fic? Does this have anything to do with that discussion on moe drama you started in the subforum?

I do have to admit I'm not that familiar with some of the characters in this one. Is the villain here an official character or a fanfic one?
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It is a magically mesmerizing melancholic hill, full of flowers. It is an hill of great meaning for Akemi Homura. For it is here that precious Madoka hugged her, comforted her, and tied her hair into braids. That was a very long time ago. What is happening on this hill now is a simple card game, between Homura and her friend of five years, Umi Sonoda. This had become a common Saturday morning activity for the two friends.

“Even I must admire your persistence at this card game, Umi” said Homura with a playful grin, as she glanced from her hand over to Umi's face.

“I will win at this game someday. I will, I promise you!” Umi exploded in reply.

Homura and Umi were playing the game Old Maid, based on players competing for matching pairs of cards until one is left holding a Joker. At this point, one would expect Umi to be more traumatized by the sight of a Joker card than even a certain caped crusader would be.

Homura was wearing her enchanting yet foreboding 'Akuma Homura' attire. Umi wore a sleeveless dark blue dress over a comfy white turtleneck sweater. Umi also had on a simple golden necklace ending in a bright pendant. The two friends sat across from each other, at a small elegant circular glass table, with cups of tea and some baked delights on the side, next to where cards were being exchanged. Standing nearby, overlooking this peaceful yet intense card game, was Homura's herald of many years...

“So you now go by Akuma Kousaka, is that correct?” Umi asked him with a knowing grin, “Is that change in family name due to a recent marriage, or is it out of tribute to someone I know well?”

“It's actually out of respect for an intensely infamous imouto...” said Homura teasingly.

“H-Hey!” protested Akuma Kousaka, “That girl may be hot, but I'd never change my name for her. I changed my named because I discovered a distant relation to Umi's old friend.”

“Oh?” asked Umi, “It might be interesting to learn more about that later!”

“At least my herald has not changed his attire any, other than wearing an orange μ's shirt” stated Homura.

“One thing that will change today is my struggles with this card game!” exclaimed Umi.

“We will see.” replied Homura with a mischievous grin.

Homura and Umi then continued their game, as pairs of cards were steadily made, leading into a climatic decision that was all too familiar for Umi.

Homura was holding one card, and Umi was holding two. It was Homura's turn to pick. This next decision would determine who wins the game! Homura slowly reached out to pick one of Umi's cards. Homura then noticed a huge wide open smile, of pure joy, radiate from Umi's face. Homura sighed.

Homura briefly considered doing something very much against her nature; intentionally losing. Homura really did want Umi to feel liberated from this game that had vexed her so. But at the same time, Homura wanted Umi to earn such an achievement, not be granted it by simply mercy.

“Umi...” began Homura softly, “What did I tell you about poker faces?”

“I-I am using a poker face right now!” Umi protested.

“Oh?” Homura asked, raising an eyebrow, “So you don't want me to pick the card my hand is nearest to right now?”

Umi decided it would be best to not answer that question. Homura then gestured her hand towards the other card in Umi's hand, and Homura was startled by how that movement made Umi's eyes perk up even more! Even as Umi tried to force a frown, leaving her face looking like a twitchy mess.

“Oh, you really were putting on a fake face before!” exclaimed Homura in surprise.

“Gah! Just pick a card already!” shouted an agitated Umi.

“...Sorry” said Homura, as she was about to pick the card she was almost certain would mean Umi's defeat.

But before Homura could pick that card...

“Get down!” shouted Akuma Kousaka, as his enhanced hearing picked up on sudden and rapid wind movements, caused by highly advanced magic-infused ballistics.

Homura's glass table exploded into several shimmering shards, and smoked billowed up out of a large hazy flame now situated where the table used to be. Thankfully, Akuma Kousaka had managed to push both Homura and Umi out of harm's way.

“W-what is going on?!” protested Umi, as Akuma Kousaka helped her back up to her feet, “Isn't this area effectively shielded by your powers, Homura?”

“Yes, it is.” Homura confirmed, as she slowly rose back up, “So that greatly narrows who our attacker could be! I can think of only one person capable of this who would want to attack us...”

“That's right, demon.” came the voice of an old enemy, his silhouette just barely visible through the smoke, “It's me, the peerless perfect pinnacle of Gary Stu-dom...”

Tatsuya!” roared Akuma Kousaka, as he leaped into action to defend Homura and Umi.

Akuma pushed the smoke out of his way to engage Tatsuya in personal combat! In a fantastically frenzied flash, the two entered into a decidedly dynamic dance of martial arts mastery. Jab was met by block, block by pulled punch, pulled punch by parry, parry by kick, as shades of shade-wearing agents and trench-coated heroes could be easily seen.

But such similarity would end as Tatsuya Dark rolled under a desperate swinging kick, while pulling out his unusual energy gun. He pointed that gun at Akuma Kousaka, and sent the herald hurling backwards with a disorienting discharge from it! Kousaka grunted in pain, as he flew dozens of meters backwards, over the hill's slope.

“Umi, get behind me!” stated Homura, as she threw one arm in front of her friend, and glared angrily at Tatsuya Dark.

“Are you sure it's safe if you fight him directly?” asked Umi.

“It appears I have little...”

Mad Enhancement!” exclaimed Akuma Kousaka, interrupting his master.

With that, Kousaka's body was madly enhanced! He flung himself back at Tatsuya, flying violently through the air. Akuma Kousaka and Tatsuya Dark danced once more, but this time with Akuma's new speed and strength advantage proving decidedly difficult even for the stuiest Gary Stu! And so Akuma managed to get through a backhand slap to the side of Tatsuya's head, causing a grunt of pain.

Tatsuya Dark was wearing a white trench coat with green highlights, identical to the student uniform wore by the man he was cloned from. Akuma Kousaka angrily lifted Tatsuya up by the lapels, causing the distance between their faces to narrow.

“You have harmed Homura for the last time!” Kousaka shouted at him, “Hope that my master orders me to hand your ass back to TSAB, because otherwise...”

“I don't think your master will be in a position to order much of anything soon...” interrupted Tatsuya coldly.

Akuma Kousaka then heard a blood-curdling cry from Umi. This prompted Kousaka to turn his head to see a truly horrifying sight!

Akuma Homura's eyes were closed, her head hanging unconscious, her body held aloft in the air, with a hand wrapped about her neck. It is the hand of an awesome android, holding Homura by the neck, with an outstretched arm. He is an android whose design is both humanoid and insectoid. A pale white humanoid face and body, covered in green and black insectoid shelling, including black wings.

“Say hello to my new ally.” stated Tatsuya sternly, “Say hello to Perfect Cell.

Sigh...” released Perfect Cell as he looked at Homura's face in disgust, “Truly a disappointment. This supposed universal Empress is nothing of the kind!”

“She's the ultimate glass cannon, just as I told you, Cell.” stated Tatsuya, “For all her power, she is easy to render unconscious.”

Akuma Kousaka then turned his attentions to Perfect Cell, while pushing Tatsuya back down to the ground.

“Let Homura go!” Kousaka shouted, as he began to fly at Cell.

“I think not” replied Cell with a villainous grin, holding an open palm towards Kousaka.

Out of that palm came forth a bright yellowish burst of massive energy, halting Akuma Kousaka in mid-flight. Kousaka then came crashing down, his coat singed by the blast.

“Akuma Kousaka, fly away!” exclaimed Umi, “You can't beat both of these, these monsters!”

“I am the very opposite of a monster” said Tatsuya, as he stood up and brushed himself off, “But the rest is correct. You have no chance against Perfect Cell and I, Homura herald.”

“We'll see about that!” shouted Akuma Kousaka, slowly rising back to his feet.

“No, please, get help.” a decidedly distraught Umi said to Kousaka, “Find Tuxedo R, and... Jinnai Katsuhiko... they can help us!”

“Nothing can help Homura now.” stated Tatsuya, “But I have no need of you, Sonoda.”

Perfect Cell then proceeded to knock out Umi with a backhand slap.

“Umi!” shouted Akuma Kousaka.

“Let's go, Cell!” shouted Tatsuya.

“Of course” replied Cell.

The two allies then each pressed a button near their waist, causing both men, and Homura as well, to teleport away.

“No...” cried Akuma Kousaka, realizing that Homura had been abducted, leaving behind him and an unconscious Umi.

Akuma Kousaka had a special psychic and telepathic connection to his master. But right now, the connection had been severed. With Homura's whereabouts now a complete mystery to Akuma Kousaka, he decided that his best course of action would be to follow Umi's advice. So after gathering Umi herself up into his arms, Akuma Kousaka flew off. Off to a recently constructed base of operations. On a river in Newfoundland.
And so begins...



Inside The Dam of Solitude, one hour later...

“That fuckwad Tatsuya Dark kidnapped fuckin' Akuma Homura!” exclaimed Haak, “Holy fuck! What the fuck are we going to fuckin' do?!”

“Wow, looks like this even has Haak frazzled!” stated Dr. Casey, in front of a huge computer screen and its large elaborate control panel.

Oui, mon ami.” replied Kogetsu Shirogane, “That's a wee too many f-bombs even for him!”

“Well, what do you fuckin' expect?!” exclaimed Haak, arms outstretched, “If Tatsuya manages to tap into Homura's powers...”

“We'll be in very deep shit, yes...” interjected Tuxedo R.

“Now when he gets vulgar at all, that's deeply concerning.” joked Dr. Casey.

“Enough levity, more brevity.” said Akuma Kousaka, “What's the plan?”

“Well, we're unfortunately having no luck getting through to TSAB.” said Dr. Casey.

“Didn't they give you a special secure channel you could contact them through, after the Gilgamesh affair?” asked Akuma Kousaka.

“Yes, but that channel is being jammed somehow...” said a decidedly dejected Dr. Casey.

Moi has a très bien idea!” stated Kogetsu Shirogane proudly, while waving one finger.

“This should prove interesting.” said Tuxedo R with a playful smile, “What's your idea?”

“Jamming signals themselves have to originate from somewhere, oui?” answered Kogetsu with a question, “So if we can find out where the jamming signal is coming from...”

“Of course!” exclaimed Dr. Casey, “Great idea, Kogetsu. I'll get right on it.”

Dr. Casey quickly went to work trying to locate the source of the jamming signal. Meanwhile, a restless Akuma Kousaka paced back and forth the hard concrete flooring of the control center of the Dam of Solitude. Thankfully, the halls and walls of this dam were adorned with many roses, so it didn't feel overly cold and colorless. But such aesthetics would soon be the farthest thing from Akuma Kousaka's mind.

“...What's happening?” he asked himself, as he felt a sudden and odd weightlessness to his body.

He then looked at one of his hands, due to it suddenly appearing translucent, like the hand of a ghost!

“What the hell?!” exclaimed Haak, as he also looked like he was disappearing into thin air.

“Kogetsu, this isn't some prank you're pulling, is it?” asked Tuxedo R.

“Non non, mon ami!” answered Kogetsu Shirogane, “This isn't like my magic mirror at all!”

But sure enough, in mere moments, Haak and Akuma Kousaka had both disappeared into thin air! Dr. Casey couldn't help but to be distracted by it.

“Where did they go?” he asked in a tone of slight panic.

Neither Kogetsu or Tuxedo R could answer, as both feared the worst. But the answer was much wilder than many could suspect. Haak and Akuma Kousaka had been whisked away into a dream world, a dream world initially of Akuma Homura's design.

Haak and Akuma Kousaka now found themselves standing on top of Mitakihara Middle School's roof. And joining them there were dozens, if not hundreds, of other people! It left this strikingly gothic roof feeling more like like a cramped sports stadium. Lots of murmurs of shock, and loud rustling noises, could be heard upon this packed roof, as totally stunned people stood on the razor's edge of panic. But a desired answer was soon given to them, by two friends of Akuma's that had also been whisked into this mysterious yet familiar locale.

“That symbol!” shouted out Hooves, pointing at a flashy and very detailed star-like symbol in the sky, “That's from one of my favorite games!”

“Yes!” confirmed Kotohono with a shout, “That's the morning star symbol from the Shadowverse game.”

And then that symbol gave way to something very predictable to Shadowverse players, yet still truly impressive and magnificent. The symbol gave way to a great void, appearing to melt like molten lava at its edges, and out of that lava emerged an exquisitely epic figure. She wore a beautiful and intricately designed white dress, similar to a wedding dress. Her skin was pale white without blemish, her eyes a piercing green, her hair silver, her ears the ears of an elf. What looked like a fiery butterfly adorned her hair, and her left arm appeared to be ablaze. Great fiery symbols, shaped almost like the Sword of Damocles, stood in clockwork formation behind her. All on the roof entered into stunned awe of her. Which was good, for she was about to share invaluable information!

“I am Nexus.” she stated with a thunderous yet enchanting voice, “I am a fail-safe program, created by the Time-Space Administration Bureau, similar to the Book of Darkness' defense program. I was secretly implanted into the deepest depths of Akuma Homura's psyche, as a guard against her powers ever being stolen by another. And today I was activated, as her powers were on the verge of complete capture.”

“So this is happening because of Tatsuya...” stated Akuma Kousaka to himself.

“To avoid Homura's powers being captured by another being, I forced the bulk of that power to flow outwards. To forge a great game with risks and rewards similar to the Puella Magi system. It is a game that combines the cards and rules of Shadowverse with the Selectors and LRIGs of WIXOSS. Selectors take the place of default leaders, and LRIGs offer great abilities and wonders as they take up one of five spots on your board. This is also a game that gives each Selector one coin, and a goal of five. For each win, you gain a coin. For each loss, you lose a coin. Collect five coins, and you may wish for your heart's desire. Have no coins at all, and you will disappear from this hollow game realm, and return to your native world.”

“Hollow game realm...” mused Hooves to herself, “So this isn't the real Mitikihara Town.”

“It's probably like the fake one Homura created.” stated Kotohono, “But maybe with even more differences than that one!”

Do not be afraid.” continued Nexus, “This is a mere replica of Mitikihara Town, one completely empty other than the Selectors and LRIGs who will play this game. And conventional combat is made impossible here. Only the game and its results may reign! So go forth and find your LRIGs, Selectors. Go forth and find your Selectors, LRIGs. Each Selector has been gifted a special cell-phone that should aid in this search. So now, Selector Infected Shadowverse begins.

With that, Nexus disappeared in a thunderous flash of lightning. But in her wake, all knew what had to be done. Akuma Kousaka, Haak, Hooves, and Kotohono all quickly went about finding their respective LRIGs, as did the dozens of others gathered on Mitikihara Middle School's roof. One such person was decidedly happier than the rest, and needed no cell-phone to know where to go. This was the Selector Bandit Keith, and with a big grin, he headed straight to the replica home of Team America's current leader.

While those in the “hollow game realm” knew what to do, those remaining in the real physical world felt much less certain.

“So Akuma Kousaka and Haak just disappeared... into thin air?” asked a stunned 0utf0xZero over a video-chat in Tuxedo R's Dam of Solitude, “That's incredible.”

“Yes, and we sadly have no idea what caused it, or where they went.” stated Tuxedo R.

“And Haak's Silver Segway went with him, is that correct?” asked 0utf0xZer0.

“Right.” confirmed Tuxedo R, “Which is a big part of the reason why we're contacting you.”

“I've managed to locate the source of the jamming signal.” interjected Dr. Casey, “But it's all the way over in Japan. Without Haak's Silver Segway...”

“No problem.” stated 0utf0xZer0 with a reassuring smile, “This sounds like a job for Onii-chan!”

“Agreed.” said Tuxedo R with a grin, “Besides, if this Perfect Cell is as nasty as Akuma Kousaka told me he is...”

“Right, we'll need all the firepower we can get...” interjected Dr. Casey in an ominous tone.

“Especially since très belle Umi has also disappeared.” said Kogetsu Shirogane, after returning from his check-up on her.

Umi had been resting on a couch, still unconscious from Cell's attack. Apparently she also had been wished away to the hollow game realm. But Umi was far from the only school idol to end up in that hollow game realm...

Two hours later...

“This has to be some horrible bad dream...” said a slightly scared Chika Takami to herself, as she wandered aimlessly on the empty streets of a replica Mitikihara Town.

The last thing Chika remembered, before being whisked away, was joking around with her friend You and playing with her pet dog Shiitake. Chika and You were both in their student uniforms when suddenly Chika started disappearing into thin air.

“Yeah, this must be some bad dream brought on by Yoshiko's extreme cooking.” continued Chika, trying to calm her nerves, “Speaking of Yoshiko, it's too bad she couldn't be here instead of me. Yoshiko would probably find this all way cool! This is all her style, especially that Nexus being. I wonder if I'm dreaming this since... huh? Who's there?!”

Chika thought she heard a couple voices mumbling nearby, in the shadows. She thought she heard the word “idol” be voiced.

“I-I like all my fans, but don't be a creeper!” Chika exclaimed to nobody in particular, while she gingerly backed away with her hands in a defensive posture.

“Don't worry, Chika, I'm not a creeper!” came the loud proud voice of Windy, “And I am a big fan of yours. My name is Windy.”

Chika then turned around to face this mysterious fan Windy. Windy's eyes were as blue as the midday sky matched by low-hanging braid tails that fell below her shoulders, decorated with a cross on each tip. A coordinating waist-cloth wrapped around a white, sleeveless China kimono with thigh-long cuts, dark accents on the collar down through the torso. Underneath the kimono was a black chiffon miniskirt with dark duo ribbons flowing behind her. The white guards on the shins and forearms layered themselves like scaled mail.

As fancy as this attire was, it didn't prevent Chika from noticing what Windy was holding in one hand.

“Judging by that lightly beeping cell-phone... are you a Selector?” asked Chika.

“Yes.” confirmed Windy with a smile, “And judging by the readings this cell-phone is giving me, I'm your Selector. I'm relieved to finally find you! And it's a wonderful surprise that you're my LRIG!”

Chika blushed lightly over the compliments, but was more focused on the bigger picture of this meeting.

“Maybe this isn't a dream...” Chika said in a low but tense tone of voice.

“You're right, Takami Chika” came yet another voice, “Though a replica world, what results from it will be very real.”

Chika and Windy then turned about to face a shaded stern-looking man walking down an alleyway. He wore a white trench-coat with green highlights. And his facial appearance was decidedly fierce.

“Who are you?” asked Chika tensely, with a sense of foreboding.

“I am Tatsuya Dark.” he answered proudly, “And now that you have met your Selector, you will be my final prey.

Chika shook slightly, as she backed away slowly.

“You seem kinda nasty...” Chika said.

“What?” asked Tatsuya coyly with a very fake boyish grin, “I just want to play a card game with you.”

“Maybe I don't want to play a card game.” replied Chika sternly.

“We don't have to if you don't want to, Chika.” stated Windy in her defense.

Tatsuya released a slight sigh.

“I guess this was to be expected.” he said with a narrow teasing grin, “I've intentionally sought out weak opponents for quick and easy prey. But perhaps you're so weak that you're too cowardly to face me at all. I guess what they say about you is true. You really are... a zero.

Chika lowered her head, gritted her teeth, and formed a shaking fist over these words. There was something she never, ever wanted to face again.

“Ok, buddy, if you want a game that badly, then I'll give you one!” she shouted at Tatsuya.

“Ah... are you sure...” interjected Windy, but to no avail.

“Windy... let's do this.” stated Chika sternly, with narrowed eyes glaring at Tatsuya.

“Excellent.” replied Tatsuya, “Open!

“Open!” shouted Chika.

And so Chika Takami and Windy prepared to face Tatsuya...

To Be Continued


Yes, it is the beginning of a new AS Special! My plan is for it to be the final part of a three-part trilogy.

Blue links are to YouTube vids/songs that I think go well with the paragraphs that come after the links. I tend to use this a lot for added effect.

I eagerly look forward to comments from Santa Magica and Fate/Halloween Knight readers, as well as any new readers this fanfic sequel might attract.

Anime shows featured in this chapter:
Love Live! School Idol Project (Umi Sonoda)
Puella Magi Madoka Magica (Akuma Homura and overall setting)
Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei (Tatsuya Dark, OC villainous clone of male lead)
DBZ (Perfect Cell)
Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged (Bandit Keith)
Love Live! Sunshine!! (Chika Takami)
The are numerous other anime involved in references. I will explain them if requested. The character Nexus is basically from the Shadowverse game on Steam.

Spoiler for Windy!:

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Wait, a card game? What white rabbit contractors signed me up for this? I just mastered using that new power up too. But then the scrubs decide to gank me instead of 1v1 I mean seriously...

But anyway, I vaguely remember Santa Magica bringing some LRIGs to life without this Nexus being activated. I can't believe it took three tries to get close to the danger zone on Homura's powers though. But then I remembered she's deistic and this time they had five years to get it right

I like the music choices, especially the ones used for Chika in Mitakihara and...the Dam of Solitude (you wouldn't happen to have a Red Sun chamber in there, would you?). The former track is the perfect lead up to a creeper who targets adolescent girls
“I guess this was to be expected.” he said with a narrow teasing grin, “I've intentionally sought out weak opponents for quick and easy prey. But perhaps you're so weak that you're too cowardly to face me at all. I guess what they say about you is true. You really are... a zero.”
That the posterboy against Chika's pride


But anyway, here we are. With an Unexpected Gameplay Change™ too. Just keep this away from people of immeasurable wealth or the standards are viable to be unfastened from the object to ground foundation basis
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This is a pleasant surprise. I'll have to see how much I can follow since I'm not familiar with either Wixoss or Shadowverse, but it's fun to see the gang back together.

I love your use of Tatsuya as an antagonist, probably because I dislike him and the series he's from. (Which is interesting because there are a lot of series where I kind of like the antagonists as characters even though I may not agree with their aims. That's definitely not the case here. I'm looking forward to him getting pwned at some point. )
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Originally Posted by Triple_R View Post
“Say hello to my new ally.” stated Tatsuya sternly, “Say hello to Perfect Cell.
Well shit...

“That fuckwad Tatsuya Dark kidnapped fuckin' Akuma Homura!” exclaimed Haak, “Holy fuck! What the fuck are we going to fuckin' do?!”
Hey, that's not fair...

...I have more variation than that!

Originally Posted by Triple_R View Post
“And Haak's Silver Segway went with him, is that correct?” asked 0utf0xZer0.

“Right.” confirmed Tuxedo R,


That was a great introductory chapter to this new sequel btw.

I find it interesting that I'm trapped in a game made of two universes; one from a show I dropped halfway through and the other I don't know at all. Should be fun. XP

(I've got some ideas for jokes if you need any)

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Seem to be off to a good start so far, hoping I'm not missing too much due to unfamiliarity with game mechanics and such.

Originally Posted by Triple_R View Post
It is a magically mesmerizing melancholic hill, full of flowers. It is an hill of great meaning for Akemi Homura. For it is here that precious Madoka hugged her, comforted her, and tied her hair into braids. That was a very long time ago. What is happening on this hill now is a simple card game, between Homura and her friend of five years, Umi Sonoda. This had become a common Saturday morning activity for the two friends.
I want to know if this ever involved punishment games.

Originally Posted by Triple_R View Post
“No problem.” stated 0utf0xZer0 with a reassuring smile, “This sounds like a job for Onii-chan!”

“Agreed.” said Tuxedo R with a grin, “Besides, if this Perfect Cell is as nasty as Akuma Kousaka told me he is...”
I love how nobody even bats an eye at 0utf0x calling Darthtabby "onii-chan" now.

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Windy now found herself instantly integrated into a fantastically foreboding field of battle. Windy stood on top of a large solid reddish square, with slight chips and faded grayish splotches on it. This square was about 10 feet by 10 feet in size. And within a 30 feet radius of where Windy stood was about fifteen other such blocks, identical except of varying sizes. Situated immediately in front of Windy was her game board, including five slots, four of which was free, and the fifth taken up by a miniaturized Chika, who's height had been reduced about 90 percent in order to serve her LRIG function. Chika was now dressed in her orange, yellow, and white Daisuki Dattara Daijoubu costume.

Directly across from Windy, about 100 feet away, was her opponent Tatsuya Dark. He also stood on top of a large solid square, of features identical to Windy's, except his was white where hers was red. Directly in front of Tatsuya was his own game board, and upon it stood his LRIG, his sister Miyuki Dark! She was dressed in a white and green outfit that was essentially the feminine version of Tatsuya's own attire.

“I'm Miyuki Dark. Thank you for accepting dear Onii-Sama's challenge.” Miyuki said to Chika and Windy, “We'll aim to be as graceful as possible in our victory over you.”

“Those two are certainly quite confident in themselves...” Windy said to herself, as a nervous bead of sweat appeared on the side of her head.

The overall setting for this game was a decidedly demolished dystopia. All around the two competitors was what looked like a thoroughly demolished cityscape. Yet there was a mysteriously mindful majesty to it, as it looked like an Escher drawing applied to once glorious architecture. Almost all of it was in varying shades of gray, and so gray had never looked so breathtaking. Still, the match itself held the fiery focus of Chika Takami.

On the ground, between the two competing sides, lay what looked like a gigantic shattered watch, its internal clockwork spilling all over the terrain. But on the edge of the circular casing was a two-color pattern, indicating who would go first. Judging by the second hand of the clock, white would go first, so Tatsuya would go first.

Phasing in out of nowhere, above the heads of each competing side, were five coins or coin slots. This indicated how many coins each side currently had. Windy had but one. As for Tatsuya...

“You already have four coins?” Windy asked him, somewhat stunned.

“Like I said before to Takami, she will be my final prey.” replied Tatsuya, “I defeated two other Selectors before facing you. This coming victory will give me five coins, so it will give me any wish. I will wish to take full control of all of Akuma Homura's power. Then I will take this terribly rotting world, ruled by the false song of equality, and forge it into the elitist exclusive paradise that it should be!”

“A paradise governed by a restored and glorious Japan.” added in Miyuki dreamily, “The Japan of Tojo, but with modern luxuries and magics and technologies. Not the Japan of weak-willed wimps overly concerned with the words of gaijins.

“Very eloquently put, dear Miyuki.” Tatsuya said to her with the slightest of smiles.

“Oh, Onii-Sama, your compliments make my heart flutter so wildly...” Miyuki replied, as her eyes looked dreamily weak and a bright red blush formed across her face.

“What will flutter most of all is my soaring into heavenly heights.” Tatsuya stated, “With this game, I will create the greatest world imaginable.

Chapter 2
Loveless Magnificent World

Tatsuya Dark held 3 cards in his hand. He then made his opening move.

“Bloodfed Flowerbed.” he said, summoning a countdown amulet.

This card had a countdown of 4, meaning 4 turns before the amulet is destroyed. Its effect is to deal 1 damage to both Selectors at the end of the player's turn.

“So you like S and M, Onii-sama?” asked Miyuki playfully, “You should have told me!”

“So Tatsuya is playing Bloodcraft...” Windy said to herself, “And Bloodcraft is white here? That's weird.”

“Maybe it's because of white blood cells?” suggested Chika.

“Yeah, that could be it.” replied Windy, “Besides, red is taken thanks to us Dragons!”

Bloodfed Flowerbed did its 1 damage to both Selectors, leaving both at 19 health. Tatsuya's turn then ended, as Windy's first turn began.

“Oh neat!” Windy exclaimed, upon noticing something important.

“What is it?” asked Chika.

“I start with 2 pp points, thanks to your passive LRIG effect!” exclaimed Windy, “That's great for Dragon!”

“PP points?” asked Chika.

“They're kinda like mana in Magic the Gathering.” explained Windy, “How many pp points you have determines what cards you can play. PP steadily grows throughout the game, but certain spells and effects can increase it. And so can you, Chika! It's pretty funny how you take pp points from Zero to One! And now I'm going to increase those pp points even more by playing Dragon Oracle!”

Dragon Oracle brought Windy up another PP point, meaning she ended Turn 1 already holding 3 pp points. Windy then ended her turn.

“Bellringer Angel” stated Tatsuya, putting the cute golden bell-holding follower into play.

Bellringer Angel made a chiming sound, and was now situated right next to Miyuki. Bellringer Angel was a lovely little loli, with long-flowing blue hair and blue eyes. Her power is 0, her toughness is 2, and she is a ward follower.

“Bellringer Angel in a Blood deck, that's interesting...” mused Windy to herself.

“Now, Miyuki, attack the enemy Selector directly” commanded Tatsuya.

With a bright smile, the 1/1 Miyuki did so, causing 1 damage to Windy. Tatsuya's second turn would end with him at 18 health, and Windy at 17 health, due to Miyuki's first attack, and the ongoing effects of Bloodfed Flowerbed. Now began Windy's second turn.

“Hey.” Chika said to Windy, in a mildly annoyed tone of voice, “Why didn't you have me attack during your turn, like Miyuki just did?”

“LRIGs can't attack on a Selector's first turn.” Windy answered, “Also, Selectors have to be very careful when commanding LRIGs. A LRIG can grow four times, adding +1/+1 each time, but she starts as just 1/1. And if a LRIG's health goes down to 0, that LRIG's Selector loses the game! Thankfully, LRIGs are immune to mass effect cards, and LRIGs also can't be the target of any cards' spells or abilities. Also, a LRIG can only be the target of an attack if she's the only person on her side of the board that has ward.”

“This game sounds pretty complicated...” said Chika with a look of concern.

“Which is one of many reasons why I will win this game.” interjected Tatsuya.

“We'll see about that!” shouted Chika, growing annoyed with Tatsuya's arrogance.

“Dragon Warrior” said Windy, using her now 4 pp points to summon a gnarly looking dragon with 3 power and 4 toughness.

“Woah.” said Chika, at the sight of the heavily scaled dark orange dragon, standing upright like a human, with a long narrow horn on his nose.

“If you think he's cool, wait until you see what else I'll be playing!” exclaimed Windy.

“Sure!” shouted Chika with a smile, “But now it's time for me to have an impact. I'm going to attack!”

“Wait, he has a ward follower out there, and...”

“Yeah, but that ward follower can't hurt me, since she has no power” interjected Chika, “And since it is a ward follower, we have to blow her away in order to get at Tatsuya!”

“O-Ok, go ahead.” replied Windy, giving in to Chika's desire to attack.

Chika then attacked, landing 1 damage on Bellringer Angel! Chika then looked up into Tatsuya's face to see... a smug smile.

“You probably should have considered Miyuki's passive LRIG effect before making that attack.” said Tatsuya.

Freeze.” stated Miyuki with a stern look on her face.

“Any enemy LRIG or follower blocked by a ward LRIG or follower is prevented from attacking during the opposing Selector's next turn.” stated Tatsuya, explaining Freeze, “Enjoy being completely useless during your next turn, Takami Chika. Not that such a status is new to you, of course...”

Tatsuya's deck and gameplay philosophy was slowly becoming apparent to Windy. And it made Windy realize that she was up against a truly terrifying opponent. At the same time, Tuxedo R was trying to determine what he was up against. In that endeavor, he had the help of Darthtabby, who was currently wearing an appropriate full-body bluish mecha piloting suit, including a sleek matching helmet.

“Yo, Rose Lord, I'm looking forward to taking in your famous tropical island.” said Darthtabby over video-chat, making a very ironic comment on Tuxedo R's home of Newfoundland.

“Too bad it's not under better circumstances, Darth.” replied Tuxedo R with a slight grin.

“Would it really matter, mon ami?” Kogetsu asked with a teasing grin, “I know you're a fan of the bleu, blanc et rouge of les Canadiens, but all I see here in Newfoundland is blanc. Blanc everywhere!”

“You're supposed to gesture like an awestruck astronaut when you say a line like that, you know.” replied Tuxedo R with a half-open grin.

“Speaking of astronauts, it sounds like a lot of people lately are traveling to parts unknown.” stated Darthtabby.

“Isn't that where The Undertaker is from?” asked Kogetsu, “I hope to visit someday!”

“Well, about that...” continued Darthtabby, “Akuma Kousaka and Haak aren't the only ones that have disappeared.”

“Oh?” asked Dr. Casey, “Who else has reportedly disappeared?”

“Well, according to the news I'm listening to during this flight to Newfoundland, it's none other than the infamous Biba Las Vegas!” exclaimed Darth in answer.

“The casino tycoon who's rumored to be running his own private paramilitary organization, planning a coup to lead Nevada into an independent nation?” asked Tuxedo R.

“Yes.” confirmed Darthtabby, “A pretty fantastic story about him was recently released by CNN. Apparently, a local news reporter overheard a loud commotion coming from Biba's compound. The reporter courageously decided to sneak into the compound, and recorded an amazing sight on cellphone camera. Biba and his top assistant Mumei were seen fighting against Dan Eagleman and Bandit Keith on a rooftop. Biba and Mumei were winning the fight for awhile, seriously putting the boots to the two musclemen, until Kaname Madoka made a dramatic entrance thanks to Mari Ohara's helicopter!”

“Idol by day, Team America travel agent by night!” exclaimed Dr. Casey playfully.

“Madoka was standing on a rope ladder hanging over the side of Mari's helicopter” continued Darthtabby, “And she was about to let an arrow fly at Biba when her and Biba and Mumei and Bandit Keith started looking like translucent ghosts. Then, just as Madoka's red white and blue arrow was let loose, all four of them disappeared into thin air! It left a disturbed and shocked Dan Eagleman behind.”

“He should be disturbed and shocked.” chimed in Kogetsu Shirogane, “The one that makes Team America disappear is usually moi."

Dr. Casey and Tuxedo R briefly chuckled at that, before thinking more deeply on Darthtabby's information.

“So it's not just Akuma Kousaka and Haak then...” Tuxedo R mused to himself.

“I could understand Tatsuya targeting Team America, but why this Biba?” asked Dr. Casey.

“Good point.” replied Tuxedo R, “So the good news here is that maybe these disappearances aren't due to Tatsuya gaining Homura's powers!”

“But it still leaves a perplexing mystery.” stated Dr. Casey.

“Hopefully my brother and I can help you all figure that out.” replied Darthtabby, “I think you'll also like this new mecha I'm flying your way right now! We hope to arrive in Newfoundland sometime after midnight. It'll probably be good if we then get some rest before what promises to be a big day tomorrow.”

“Agreed.” responded Tuxedo R, “We're looking forward to seeing you Darth!”

At the moment, Chika Takami was tired of seeing Tatsuya's steely self-assured face.

On Tatsuya's third turn, he played Sadistic Night in order to destroy Dragon Warrior before Windy could use its evolve ability. However, this cost Tatsuya an additional 2 life points. Tatsuya then had Miyuki attack Windy directly for 1 damage. On Windy's third turn, she played Dragon Counsel, enabling her to discard a relatively weak follower in return for drawing three new cards. Windy used the remaining pp point to grow Chika to 2/2, changing Chika's attire to her Yume de Yozora o Terashitai costume, a simple elegant reddish costume complimented with big red bows. On Tatsuya's fourth turn, he played Veight, Vampire Noble, a 3/2 ward follower with a very fabulous youthful look. He then grew Miyuki to a 2/2, and had her attack Windy directly. Tatsuya was now at 14 health, while Windy was at 12 health.

It was now Windy's fourth turn, and with Chika back to being unfrozen, Chika was eager to launch another attack!

“You know he has a ward follower out that that can bring your health down to zero, right?” Windy asked Chika, “That's even if I grow you to a 3/3!”

“Then find some way to take out his ward follower!” exclaimed Chika, “I'm eager to prove myself to this jerk.”

Windy sighed slightly, as what she was about to do was somewhat costly. Nonetheless she knew Veight had to be dealt with. So Windy played one of her favorite followers, the devastating Dark Dragoon Forte!

“Wow, she's stunning!” exclaimed Chika at the sight of her.

The long dark-haired red-eyed heavily armored dragoon was as stunning in her beauty as she was in her 5 attack! Alas, she also had but 1 toughness. Windy had Forte destroy Veight, but in the process Forte herself was destroyed. Still, this cleared the field for Chika to attack Tatsuya directly! And Chika did so with a great shout, bringing Tatsuya's life points down to 12.

“After all of that we're tied in health, and I now have an extra follower in play thanks to the bat Veight summons for every clash he endures.” Tatsuya, “Given the wards and bats I have yet to throw at you, and given your lack of wards, your defeat is truly certain.”

“Of course.” said Miyuki, “Onii-sama never loses.”

Windy was becoming increasingly worried that Tatsuya and Miyuki were right. Could they be defeated? Was victory possible at all? Haak was also asking himself that exact question right now.

“So this game has cheap-ass coin bet effects, and two or three follower evolves?” Haak asked Hooves

“Yeah.” answered Hooves, “But it's not that cheap. Each coin bet effect can only be used once per game. And for most followers, an evolve is just a +2/+2 amp up effect. But make sure you carefully read each follower card to know which ones do something different than that or that alone.”

“And you need to be very careful and timely with when you amp up your followers with evolve points.” added in Kotohono, “Don't get greedy with them!”

Haak and Akuma Kousaka had noticed Hooves and Kotohono shortly after Nexus completed her speech. With that, all four temporarily took breaks from searching for their respective LRIGs. Haak had no knowledge of Shadowverse, and not much more of WIXOSS, so Hooves and Kotohono decided to help him out some by trying to explain the game to him. Akuma Kousaka quickly picked up on what Hooves and Kotohono were saying, so Akuma Kousaka decided to quickly get back to searching out his LRIG, as well as look for something less conspicuous to wear. What Haak was looking for now was hope.

“This game sounds like it's going to be more work than the fuckin' AS Choice Awards.” said Haak after listening carefully to Hooves and Kotohono.

“Come on, Haak, you're a bright guy.” said Hooves, “I'm sure you can figure it all out.”

“Yeah, you're literally bright, with that head of yours!” joked Kotohono over his glowy star-shaped head.

“Honestly, learning about this card game takes me back to the past.” replied Haak, “It reminds me of playing shitty games that suck ass!”

“Would you rather have a buffalo take a diarrhea dump in your ear?” asked Hooves, “Would you rather eat the rotten asshole of a road killed skunk and drown it with beer?”

“Ha ha!” laughed Kotohono, “Hooves always comes through with jokes like that.”

But for Haak, this fancy fusion card game didn't seem like any laughing matter. Windy and Chika Takami were also not finding it very amusing at all.

Windy had just endured a few turns of numerous follower summons and evolves and follower trade-offs, as Windy tried hard to get through Tatsuya's seemingly impenetrable fortress of freezing walls. Tatsuya had slowly whittled down Windy's health, while Tatsuya's own had remained at 12. Windy's health, in this late game turn, now stood at a mere 5. The fully grown Miyuki alone could now finish her off, and Windy had no ward that could stop her. Windy desperately looked through the cards in her hand in the hopes of finding some combination that could finish Tatsuya off right here and now. Windy could conceive of one possible combination of card plays that might just do this, but it would require a coin bet.

Yes, the coins of Selector Infected Shadowverse could be bet with, activating a very special ability in the process.

“Don't worry, Chika, we haven't lost yet!” exclaimed Windy with fiercely focused face, and an arm stretched up high holding a coin, “Coin bet! Binding cha...”

Coin bet.” interrupted Tatsuya, “Complete Negation.

And with that, Windy's coin bet was canceled out before it could even activate.

“You have a truly special coin bet.” a stunned Windy said to Tatsuya.

“Yes.” confirmed Tatsuya, “My coin bet effect is triggered to activate whenever the opponent uses his or her own coin bet. And now that your final trump card has been negated, Windy, you might as well concede defeat.”

“No!” shouted Chika.

“I am genuinely disappointed in you, Takami.” stated Tatsuya coldly, “I met the people who inspired you to become a school idol. And you're certainly a far cry from the girl I once tried to assassinate.”

Chika started to shake over Tatsuya's insult, as a feeling of total frustration and self-loathing began to wash over her. But then...

“Don't listen to him, Takami-san!” came a voice that Chika had listened to many times, “You remind me a lot of my younger self.”

“T-that voice...” Chika said in awestruck wonder.

shields, disengage!” came a second unexpected voice, meaning that Tatsuya had now heard the two very last voices he wanted to hear.

Windy, Tatsuya, Chika, and Miyuki then all looked over to the side, noticing that an entire area for match observers had been cloaked! An area of solid gray cubes, like their own red and white ones. And on one large gray cube stood two very important people.

Honoka Kousaka...” Chika said in breathless awe, looking over at the truly famous school idol, wearing her bright red Sunny Day Song outfit.

Katsuhiko Jinnai.” Tatsuya uttered at the sight of his former ally, garbed in purple suit, and glowing green Puer Magi soul tie.

“Don't worry, Takami” Honoka said cheerfully towards Chika, “We're here to help you!”

“Is that so, Jinnai?” Tatsuya asked him while raising an eyebrow.

“You didn't expect me to just stand idly by while you take Homura's powers as your own, did you?” asked Jinnai with a teasing grin and dramatic gesturing of his hands, “I wouldn't be much of a TSAB Admiral if I did that!”

Tatsuya strongly suspected how dire the situation had just become for him. So he quickly made a desperate play!

“It's not too late, Jinnai. Even now.” Tatsuya said to him, “We could still work together in forging the perfect world, a world beyond the imaginations of the crude bureaucrats you now answer to. I can even make room for all of μ's if it's that important to you!”

“Umi would never agree to what you're trying to do!” Honoka shouted at Tatsuya.

“Even if I was willing to be a villain again, I wouldn't team up with you Tatsuya.” began Jinnai in half-joking reply, and big playful grin, “After all, this match gave you great opportunity after great opportunity for glorious maniacal laughter! I refuse to team up with a villain who doesn't even have a good laugh. If anything, you tempt me to be a villain again just so I can make villainy great again!”

“Fufufu!” chuckled Honoka, while placing an open palm over her mouth, and starring mockingly at Tatsuya.

“Joke all you want.” Tatsuya stated at Jinnai, “But it does not change how my eventual victory is assured. Here's an idea you should understand well – Get on the winning side while you can, Jinnai!”

“I am the winning side!” exclaimed Honoka with a heroic look, “My friends and I stopped your harmful plans before, and Mr. J and I will stop you now.”

“You heard my miracle-working LRIG.” said Jinnai with a smug smile and showcasing arm gestures.

“Now hear me!” Jinnai continued in shout, while holding one arm up high, “Coin bet!”

Sunny Day Song!” exclaimed Honoka joyously, as Chika found herself surrounded in white blinding light, transforming her attire into that of the Sunny Day Song.

“All idol-type LRIGs get +9/+9 until end of opponent's turn!” stated Jinnai, with hands arched at his waist, and his chest puffing out boldly.

“My wards can hand...”

...And the ability to ignore ward!” finished Jinnai with an evil grin.

“You could call this the perfect strategic offense, huh Mr. J?” asked Honoka knowingly with one raised eyebrow and a playful smile.

“Of course!” Jinnai replied loudly, “And the ability to ignore ward makes perfect sense as an idol's pure feelings for her fans can not be blocked by anything, right Honoka?”

Jinnai asked that question with decidedly exaggerated feminine gestures.

“Ha ha, right!” Honoka replied.

“9 plus 2 plus grow Chika for one more...” Windy said to herself, “It's enough! We're going to win!

“Yes!” exclaimed Jinnai, before pointing towards Chika, “So you over there... Chico I think it was?”

“It's Chika.” protested Chika with a pouty look.

“Whatever.” replied Jinnai with a dismissive wave of one hand, “Chika, I order you to attack Tatsuya's life points directly. I order you to crush him! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!”

“Hey, I'm not your LRIG!” Chika replied.

“Chika, they just helped us out a lot.” Windy said, “We should be grateful.”

“I know...” said Chika, having intensely mixed feelings right now.

Chika then looked up at the pleasantly smiling Honoka, and managed a weak but sincere “thank you”, but Chika also had misty eyes.

“She's crying?” Honoka asked, concerned by Chika's appearance.

“Well, what do you expect?” asked Jinnai, “She's some brand new school idol, right? So she's to you what some strong kid bugrom would be to me! You're a goddess to these people. Might as well accept it!”

“I...I guess.” replied Honoka, only partially convinced, “Yeah, hopefully that's all it is.”

“Sure it is!” exclaimed Jinnai, while a 12/12 Chika launched her finishing attack.

“Besides, focus on what's most important here.” Jinnai continued while making theatrical hand motions, “And what's most important is that between your courageous charisma, and my pure evil genius...”

Evil genius?” asked Honoka with a raised eyebrow and a teasing smile.

“Did I say evil?” asked Jinnai rhetorically, “I meant good genius. Great good genius, as pure as the driven Snow Halation!”

Pure as the driven Snow Halation.” Honoka repeated to herself, “Ha ha, I like that! That's clever. I also know what you were about to say, and you're right. We're going to be Number 1!

The match world than began to dramatically crumble away due to Chika's victory. That victory, and Honoka's words, resulted in an uproariously laughing Jinnai!

“Bwa-ha-ha-hahaHAHA...” laughed Jinnai, before Honoka joined him in laughter!



How can Honoka appear like her 16/17 year old self when she's in her early 20s, you might be asking? Well, maybe it's (Jinnai's) magic, maybe it's Maybelline! But seriously, don't worry about any plot issues like this one, I intend to get to it in future chapters.

Blue links are to YouTube vids/songs that I think go well with the paragraphs that come after the links. I tend to use this a lot for added effect. And with this chapter, click on "To Be Continued" to watch a fitting vid to go with this chapter's ending.

Big thanks to Akuma Kousaka, Darthtabby, Haak, and 0utf0xZer0 for their very nice and helpful Chapter 1 replies. Thanks to Kogetsu Shirogane, Kotohono, and Akuma again, for their behind-the-scenes help in all the added bells and whistles of this fanfic.

Honoka/Chika fanart is very fitting for this ending, and is something that I came across a long time ago, and I forget the source. If anybody knows where it's from, please tell me, and I will link to the source artist to give that individual proper credit.

Jinnai/Honoka image is a photoshop of my own creation, with some recoloring help from Kogetsu.

Anime shows featured in this chapter:
Love Live! Sunshine!! (Chika Takami, Mari Ohara)
Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei (Tatsuya and Miyuki Dark, OC villainous clones)
Koutetsujou no Kabaneri
(fanfic versions of Biba Amatori and Mumei)
Guilty Crown (Dan Eagleman)
Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged (Bandit Keith)
Puella Magi Madoka Magica (fanfic version of Kaname Madoka; Magical Girl USA!)
Love Live! School Idol Project (Honoka Kousaka)
El Hazard: The Magnificent World (fanfic version of Katsuhiko Jinnai)
The are other anime involved in references. I will explain them if requested.

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Originally Posted by Triple_R View Post
“Honestly, learning about this card game takes me back to the past.” replied Haak, “It reminds me of playing shitty games that suck ass!”
That's actually not far off: I used to be a total Yu-Gi-Oh geek.

Thanks for giving me a crutch btw. Hopefully I won't be totally inept.
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Originally Posted by Triple_R View Post
“Speaking of astronauts, it sounds like a lot of people lately are traveling to parts unknown.” stated Darthtabby.

“Isn't that where The Undertaker is from?” asked Kogetsu, “I hope to visit someday!”
He's from Death Valley. I heard the weather's nice this time of year
Originally Posted by Triple_R View Post
“Oh?” asked Dr. Casey, “Who else has reportedly disappeared?”

“Well, according to the news I'm listening to during this flight to Newfoundland, it's none other than the infamous Biba Las Vegas!” exclaimed Darth in answer
I remember Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress. It's a good time, no alcohol required...on a rainy day. I also remember Mumei considers Biba her brother. So what, we've got three automobiles in this story? Because there's a lot of Niisans
Originally Posted by Triple_R View Post
“I could understand Tatsuya targeting Team America, but why this Biba?” asked Dr. Casey.

“Good point.” replied Tuxedo R, “So the good news here is that maybe these disappearances aren't due to Tatsuya gaining Homura's powers!”
This is half right, so would we call this Irony 1/2?
Originally Posted by Triple_R View Post
“Honestly, learning about this card game takes me back to the past.” replied Haak, “It reminds me of playing shitty games that suck ass!”

“Would you rather have a buffalo take a diarrhea dump in your ear?” asked Hooves, “Would you rather eat the rotten asshole of a road killed skunk and drown it with beer?”
I'm not sure who'd win the profanity-off between Haak and AVGN. But of course my money is on the surprise entrant Nostalgia Critic
Originally Posted by Triple_R View Post
“Yes.” confirmed Tatsuya, “My coin bet effect is triggered to activate whenever the opponent uses his or her own coin bet
This is quite appropriate for someone who's disabled a deity. Thrice
Originally Posted by Triple_R View Post
Honoka Kousaka...” Chika said in breathless awe, looking over at the truly famous school idol, wearing her bright red Sunny Day Song outfit.

Katsuhiko Jinnai.” Tatsuya uttered at the sight of his former ally, garbed in purple suit, and glowing green Puer Magi soul tie
I can think of a few reasons for Honoka being Jinnai's LRIG, and they all involve Golden Boy slamming their souls together once upon a time
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So as to probably clear a little confusion over who the heck I actually am... XD

Hi! Most of you probably don't know me, which is understandable. I'm a lurker, and lurking 99% of the time is what I do. because I'm not exactly fond of getting into arguments over anime/manga that I enjoy!

I am in fact an avid Shadowverse player! ...Though I am pretty terrible at actually playing the game, I do possess a very large amount of knowledge over game mechanics. I suppose I just get easily flustered and make mistakes. So I suppose it would make sense for me to make the opener, as terrible as I am even I win against people better than me :x.

That said, I was surprised when Triple asked me to be in this fanfiction. I'm just pleased I was allowed to have Chika (my favorite character of pretty much all time) as my LRIG and so far I've greatly enjoyed reading this. As far as thoughts well...I tend to keep those private . But I hope most of the rest of you are enjoying reading this as well.

And by that, I mean I've said what I've wanted to say about the story, just not here. :x.
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- Reading this for a second time, it's interesting how much the song influences my reading of that first paragraph. The first time through I read chapter one on my phone and didn't open the Youtube link (since on the phone the song would disappear anyway once I tabbed back to the story), and the opening paragraph felt a lot more solemn and melancholy. This time around, reading on my laptop, the story feels pretty jubilant and lighthearted from the start thanks to the choice of song.

- The opening scene really makes me wish I could play card games with Umi.

- A really good and easy-to-visualize fight between Akuma and Tatsuya. Very nice opening scene overall for the story. ^^

- That's a damn good remix of the Tuxedo Mask theme. The first seven or eight seconds before the main song kicks in are basically like something straight from Wild Arms.

- ... actually, scratch that second point. My new wish is to see Haak and Umi play a game of Old Maid together.

- 'Zero' serving as a trigger word for Chika is a great idea. Tatsuya's skilled at hitting below the belt.

- Cute character design for Windy. I especially like that light blue hair of hers.


- "We'll aim to be as graceful as possible in our victory over you" That's a good line. Tatsuya and Miyuki have a lot of good dialogue; them being so oblivious to the fact that their noble plans are actually pretty awful makes for some great dark comedy.

- Windy only has one coin and Tatsuya has four? Oh shit. Tatsuya, you better not make the cutest girl this side of Moefox disappear!

- The tutorial featured in this chapter is much appreciated, as maybe the only member of the RRRound Table besides Nork who doesn't know anything about Shadowverse. I still used Google a lot for this chapter to see what certain cards and characters look like. The Bellringer Angel is indeed a cute little loli.

- Very good first Wixoss/Shadowverse battle here. Card games can be difficult to write since battle of wits are hard for me to create (I watched a few episodes of the Yu-Gi-Oh dub here and there during the early 2000s, and the clever writing employed during the battles managed to shine through even despite the dub's 4Kidsness), though at least Shadowverse has a lot of carefully defined rules to work with. Wixoss could be either very hard or very easy to work with because of its complete lack of defintion, with even those who've watched all three seasons not having much of a clue as to what the game's about.

- The Clannad song fits nicely for the intermission scene, though it's hard to explain why since it's such a quirky little song. I always enjoy scenes that feature us just hanging out and having some nice banter.

- "You're literally bright, with that head of yours!" Kona is so mean.

- That's an awesome song used for the final scene of the chapter, and enhanced the closing moments of chapter two very nicely. Jinnai credited Honoka for her charisma, but that's a strong point for himself as well; the two definitely make a very fun and colorful pair. Lot of good dialogue here (Chico ).
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-Writing to describe the setting has been really good so far and usage of Nexus as a last line of defense was quite clever. Which I really liking and excited for since I am highest ranked shadowverse player on AS, well besides Klashikari anyways in the fanfic, though I am on my path to masters since I am nearly AA3 . Plus I like the idea of teaming up with a character we like for this and I am fan of the Wixoss series as well.

-First match between Windy & Tatsuya was quite well written with good song choices, and tension in it I felt, and good twist for the end of it. Though I felt a little bad Windy being given such a challenging opponent right off the bat reminds of Windy's poor luck of pulling high tier players in early rounds of tournaments.

-On Tatsuya, his humor was amusing in the match, and I was quite surprised by who his new ally is, I didn't expect Cell to show up. I should have expected his negation ability by now.

-Poor Akito first gets teased about his name shift and then getting cheated out of his 1 vs 1 duel though, maybe he'll be able to get revenge on him in Shadowverse/Wixoss.

-I wonder how many times Umi had lost to Homura before the start of the fanfic given how annoyed Homura seemed at times .

-Understanding Kogetsu still proves to be a challenge .

-I am still curious and confused why Team America and this Biba person have been involved with it .

“This game sounds like it's going to be more work than the fuckin' AS Choice Awards.” said Haak after listening carefully to Hooves and Kotohono.
I feel like this line amused me far more than it should have .
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-I discovered Shadowverse from watching random videos about it. When I read it was gonna be available to English finally I hopped in. After hyping it to Kotohono for a long time, it's been a blast. I've since taken a break from it after reaching AA0 as fast as possible. I'm somewhat keeping myself up to date with it but not so much. I'm liking the combination of Wixoss and Shadowverse here. Giving a nice twist

-Windy's first match was nicely done. After playing a few practice matches and talking to them afterwards. I think it's spot on how I see them playing.

-Tatsuya having the negation ability wasn't too much a surprise. Must be nice not having to deal with potentially crazy abilities.

-Haak's lines are as colorful as multiple rainbows.

-The description of the various cards was well done. Very friendly to people who haven't played the game and can search the names if they want to look themselves. The brief tutorial was nice, it Re-explained the game to me clearly enough.

-I find it ironic that Chika's trigger word is her ability name.

-With Jinnai's coin ability being so ridiculous for idols. Instead of Shadowverse, we should call it Starlight Shadowverse Festival
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It was a wondrously wistful water fountain, surrounded by gently glowing tall yellow lampposts. The water fountain was also adjacent to a circular and wide staircase of slight steps. It was next to this water fountain that Kotori Minami and Umi Sonoda were having a private conversation. Kotori was wearing a a thin gray dress jacket over a full-length light pink patterned dress. She also wore a pink womanly hair scrunchie, and a thin gold bracelet. Umi was still wearing a sleeveless dark blue dress over a comfy white turtleneck sweater. If you were to witness this all from a short distance away, you would be struck by how exquisitely elegant and relaxing it all appeared. But that would be ironic given the urgency of the situation.

“So you said that Jinnai Katsuhiko showed up at your home?” Umi asked Kotori.

“Yes, which by itself isn't particularly notable.” answered Kotori, “Katsuhiko likes to pay Honoka and I a visit about once every month or two. He says it helps him stay grounded, and is a good reminder to him of his Japanese heritage.”

“Honoka helping someone stay grounded...” said Umi with doubting eyebrows and a teasing smile, “That's a funny thought.”

“Well, this is Katsuhiko we're talking about.” replied Kotori, returning Umi's teasing smile with one of her own, “But like I said, Katsuhiko wasn't making a simple cordial visit. He made it very clear he badly needed Honoka's help for an important TSAB mission.”

“I wonder if TSAB is aware of what's happened to Homura...” Umi mused to herself.

“Almost certainly.” replied Kotori, “Katsuhiko's words were harried, but I did catch the name 'Nexus'. If I remember correctly, he said that Nexus was some sort of program designed by him and Hayate Yagami. So it seems that TSAB is on the case.”

“That's very reassuring, at least in most ways.” Umi stated, “Now I just hope we'll meet TSAB soon.”

“And end up with good Selectors.” added Kotori, “Since neither of us have special cell-phones on us, I guess that we're LRIGs.”

“Good point.” replied Umi, smiling at her friend Kotori but also breathing uneasily.

“At least we can wait for them here, in a replica Mitakihara Town.” said Kotori, “The architecture here is lovely. It is both elegant and mysterious.”

“Some mysteries can prove dangerous...” Umi said ominously, partly to herself.

Only a few blocks away from Kotori and Umi, were Jinnai and Honoka walking the streets of Mitakihara Town, making small-talk.

“So for Christmas last year, you gave Nanoha a copy of SNL's The Best of Saturday TV Funhouse?” Honoka asked Jinnai.

“Mainly because of what's on the cover.” Jinnai replied with a teasing smile.

“Oh, I get it...” Honoka said, “The Ambiguously Gay Duo, right? Did they get the joke?”

“They thought it was a joke at the expense of Subaru and Teana.” answered Jinnai, making bemused gestures with his arms, “To which I said 'There's nothing ambiguous about Nakajima!'”

“Ha ha, very true!” chuckled Honoka in reply.

“Speaking of unambiguous relationships...” added in Jinnai, noticing a certain someone now within eyesight.

“Yeah, I see her too!” Honoka exclaimed excitingly.

A short moment later, Kotori looked over to see Honoka loudly shout out Kotori's name and run towards her.

“Isn't that the Sunny Day Song costume?!” asked Umi, taken aback by Honoka's attire.

“Yes...” answered a blissful Kotori, “Seeing Honoka like that... very nostalgic.”

A big brightly smiling Honoka raced up to Kotori, placed two open palms on Kotori's shoulders, and quickly kissed Kotori on the cheek.

“I take it things went well?” Kotori asked while smiling playfully at Honoka.

“I'd greet you like this anyway, Kotori!” Honoka exclaimed, “But yeah, things are going great so far. It's great to see you as well, Umi! It's been way too long!”

Honoka then reached one arm over to Umi, and squeezed both Kotori and Umi in close to her. Honoka and Kotori became misty-eyed at this reunion of the three dear friends, while Umi couldn't help but serenely smile.

“I hate to interject on such a touching reunion...” said a casually walking Jinnai, finally catching up to Honoka.

“No, feel free to interject.” said Umi in stark somber seriousness, and with Honoka ending the embrace “I am very relieved you're here, Katsuhiko. Homura needs your help!”

Jinnai briefly appeared uneasy over Umi's words, shifting his eyes back and forth.

“I intend to help everyone I can, Miss Sonoda” said Jinnai after a pregnant pause.

Sensing that his words were not as convincing as desired, Jinnai turned up the charisma.

“In any event, you should all relax.” continued Jinnai with smooth confident smile and even smoother and more confident arm gestures, “The genius man with the genius plan is here! Honoka and I have already stopped Tatsuya for tonight, and everything is proceeding exactly as I planned it. Nexus activated perfectly, alerted me exactly as programmed. Soon, very soon, all three of you will bear witness to and take part in TSAB's ultimate victory! A lasting solution to multiple major problems will soon be achieved.”

“You really mean it, don't you?” a questioning Kotori interjected.

“I may have been a trickster when I was a villain, but I am pure sincerity now, Miss Minami!” replied Jinnai, “So yes, you can have complete confidence in everything I just said. My greatest plan nears fruition. And I think you all will like the name of this plan, and the name for its application. I give you...”

Chapter 3
Operation: Permanent Halation

Very shortly after Tatsuya and Windy's match ended, the three pairs left in three different directions. In the case of Jinnai and Tatsuya, this was all part of their respective plans, contingency plans in Tatsuya's case. As for Windy and Chika? They just wanted to get to know each other better, while also taking in more of this replica Mitakihara Town.

“This Mitakihara Town is amazing.” Windy said to herself, “Such nice sloping hills and river embankments. So close to all of this are towering factories, yet they seem relatively clean.”

“The real Mitakihara Town is Japan's newest city.” replied Chika, “I remember reading about that in school. So I guess it uses the newest and cleanest of technologies.”

“Maybe you and Aqours should perform here someday!” stated Windy enthusiastically.

“Yeah... yeah, I like that.” replied Chika, “I bet Mari would really like performing here!”

“By the way...” continued Windy, after a slight pause, “I'm a little surprised you didn't talk to Honoka at all after meeting her in person. Aren't you a big fan of μ's?”

“Well, she seemed kind of busy talking to that green-haired guy...” replied Chika, “So I didn't want to feel like I was bothering her, you know? I was also thinking that maybe you and I should try to find another opponent soon. You supported me in that last match, so I thought I should try to support you in achieving your wish.”

“I appreciate the thought.” stated Windy, “But we're in curfew period now.”

“Curfew period?” asked a confused Chika.

“Yeah.” answered Windy, “But I guess LRIGs might not know that. Selectors, like me, get all kinds of additional important information on our special game cell-phones. Some of this is more intricate rules and regulations that Nexus never went into personally, and I've been reading up on it. One important rule is that there's a 12 hour evening/night-time period where matches are not allowed.”

“So we'll have to wait until tomorrow for our next match” said Chika after a brief pause.

There was then a longer pause when Chika and Windy became slightly lost in thought, taking in the unfamiliar surroundings. That pause continued until...

“I just thought of something important!” Chika exclaimed, startling Windy some.

“What's that?” asked Windy.

“Where am I going to sleep tonight?!” cried a teary-eyed Freyja Wion, making big gori gori googly eyes as she took hold of Hooves' shoulders.

Freyja was wearing red sport shorts and a white tank top with blue trim over a sleeveless dusty blue undershirt. In the middle of the white tank top was a decent-sized red heart inside of a much larger one. As for Hooves, she was wearing a black and white striped shirt with slight frills at the bottom, blue jean shorts, and black thigh-high tights.

“Also...” continued a seemingly panic-stricken Freyja, “What is this place? Where is this place? I don't recognize it at all!”

“Calm down. It's going to be Ok.” replied Hooves, “This is a replica of Mitakihara Town.”

“Mitakihara Town?” asked Freyja, confused by the name, “I don't remember Kaname telling me about a place like that. So I doubt it's on Ragna. Is it on Al Shahal? O-or maybe Voldor?!”

“Holy shit...” breathlessly stated an awestruck Haak, sitting nearby, as his star-shaped head became even brighter at a certain realization, “You're listing off fuckin' planets there, aren't you? Does that mean you're an alien?!”

“The tiny throbbing heart-shaped thing coming out of her head didn't give it away, Haak?” Hooves asked him, while raising an eyebrow.

Haak then gave it a closer look, suddenly realizing that it wasn't a mere hair ornament.

“He-Hey!” shouted Freyja, as she quickly motioned to put two hands over her rune, “Don't stare at it like that! Perv!

“So it's that kind of body part...” said Haak, his eyes widening in mild amazement, as he took another gulp from his drink in a large can.

Anyway...” continued Hooves after a brief pause, “Mitakihara Town is in the nation of Japan on Earth.

“Hayate's home world!” exclaimed Freyja excitedly.

“Yeah.” replied Hooves with a smile.

“That's so exciting!” Freyja stated while she suddenly started twirling and skipping about in sheer exuberance.

“Those mood swings are fuckin' freaky!” exclaimed Haak to Freyja, “Weren't you worried about where we'll sleep tonight?”

“R-Right, I totally forgot!” Freyja said, as horror once more gripped her hair-heart.

“Stop teasing her, Haak.” said Hooves, “Besides, we both know your LRIG is out finding a good place for us all to crash tonight.”

Ruiko Saten...” stated Haak with very manly appreciation of his LRIG, “Fuck yeah! I know we can count on her.”

Right now, Tuxedo R was hoping he could count on his friends in what would likely be a very difficult rescue mission. So Tuxedo R and Kogetsu Shirogane now stood on the top of the Dam of Solitude, warmly greeting the BC bros after Darthtabby's successful landing of his life-sized replica VF-31 Siegfried.

“Orange tiger stripes on the hull, merveilleux.” stated Kogetsu in admiration of Darthtabby's ride.

“Thanks!” exclaimed Darthtabby, exiting the cockpit of his landed jet/mecha hybrid.

“It does look pretty cool.” stated Foxy, as him and Darthtabby landed next to Tuxedo R.

“Great to see you again, Foxy!” stated Tuxedo R enthusiastically, as he reached out his hand to shake 0utf0xZer0's hand.

“Would you greet Foxy with a hug instead if he was in moe form?” asked Darthtabby teasingly.

“It might be better to ask Dr. Casey that.” replied Tuxedo R with a grin, “Let's go meet him inside.”

Tuxedo R, Kogetsu, Darthtabby, and 0utf0xZero then all walked through the top entrance to the Dam of Solitude, and slowly made their way to its main operational room. But just as they were entering that room, and about to greet a smiling Dr. Casey, the main large computer screen suddenly became filled up with static.

“I know your internet connection speed isn't that great here.” said 0utf0xZer0, “But you have poor satellite reception as well?”

“No, it's not that.” stated Dr. Casey, with nervous beads of sweat on the side of his head, “We're being hacked!”

“Hacked? Mon Dieu!” exclaimed Kogetsu in shock, as Dr. Casey desperately tried to fix the problem.

“Nice work, Dr. Casey.” stated Darthtabby, “It looks like the static is already clearing up!”

“It's not me.” replied Dr. Casey, “It's whoever...”

“Hi Tuxedo R!” came a cheerful voice, waving at him through the video-screen, wearing a scouter device of some sort over one eye.

Honoka!” exclaimed Tuxedo R in utter disbelief.

“What an unusually très jolie hacker!” shouted Kogetsu Shirogane, “Certainly not the 400 pound type that a certain le Président likes to speculate on.”

“Honoka can hack now?” asked 0utf0xZer0 in stunned disbelief.

“It's not me, sillies!” exclaimed Honoka, “It's Mr. J!”

Tuxedo R then heard a very familiar laugh coming from just off-screen.

“Jinnai.” stated Tuxedo R.

“Of course!” he shouted, as he stepped into focus, right next to Honoka, “Who else but I could actually get around Dr. Casey's firewalls?”

“Impressive, I must admit.” stated Dr. Casey.

“What is this about, Jinnai?” asked Tuxedo R, “Does TSAB know what's going on with Homura?”

“Yes, of course.” answered Jinnai, also wearing a scouter-like device, “And there's much the two of us need to talk about. It's probably best if you all take up a seat for a long recap.”

Jinnai and Honoka then began bringing Tuxedo R and friends up to speed on many recent happenings, including where many people had disappeared to. Jinnai and Honoka did this while standing on a thin metallic hovering platform, situated about four feet up in the air, lightly surrounded by a few thin and long pieces of circular silvery machinery shaped like oriental-style dragons. This entire setup had essentially been conjured out of thin air by Jinnai's magic, based on his knowledge of the highly advanced technology available to the upper echelons of TSAB. It was this advanced technology that Jinnai utilized in order to hack into the Dam of Solitude's computers.

It had only taken Jinnai a few minutes to use his massive magical might for this purpose, during which Honoka asked Kotori about something very important. Honoka now had a 3 year old green eyed daughter named Kasumi, conceived due to a generous sperm donor offer from Tsubasa Kira and her old brother Kazuki. Kotori assured Honoka that Kasumi had been safely placed under the trusted care of a close neighbor named Aiko Koizumi. Aiko frequently looked after Kasumi during busier times for Honoka and Kotori, and right now was certainly proving to be one such time.

Kotori and Umi looked on from about twenty feet back, standing on ground level, while Jinnai and Honoka continued to speak with Tuxedo R.

“It seems like everything is now well in hand.” said Umi, after breathing a sigh of relief.

“Yes.” replied Kotori, “Except what I mentioned before. I hope we end up with good Selec...”

“Yes, this is ~excellent~” came a very vaguely familiar voice to Kotori, about 10 feet behind her.

“Kotori and Umi as our LRIGs...” added another voice, less familiar to Kotori, also about 10 feet behind her, “That seems too perfect to be true. But it makes so much sense!”

Kotori and Umi then turned about to address these newcomers.

One was Kotohono, known to her friends as 'Kona', due to her previous name. Kona was currently wearing a pretty pink plaid strapless dress, along with matching pink and white striped thigh-high tights. Kotori and Umi had met Kona a few times over the years, but knew her best from her heroics during the Gilgamesh affair.

The other newcomer was a newcomer in every sense. That newcomer is Flavory Fantasy, the newest Symphogear. FlavoryFantasy preferred to stay in Symphogear form as often as possible, so she was currently in a high-tech shiny battle-suit, made up of various mechanical bits on the arms and legs and sides, surrounding a simple one-piece black leotard made out of smooth strong synthetics. FlavoryFantasy's predominant color was purple, as that was the color of her long twin-tails hair and the majority of her battle-suit. FlavoryFantasy stood short with flat chest, but stood strong with burning hopes and dreams. Fitting as she could compete with m0ef0xZer0 herself when it comes to capturing the hearts of lolicons.

“You're... Kona, correct?” Kotori asked her, “Are you my Selector?”

“Yes.” answered Kotohono, “And you're in good hands with me! I'm a pretty good Shadowverse player.”

“That's so understated it would make my chest look big!” exclaimed Flavory in reply.

“So then you must be my Selector” Umi said to Flavory.

“Yeah!” Flavory answered, “And that's great since I'm a big fan of yours. It also kinda fits given I'm not very good at card games.”

Flavory sheepishly rubbed her head while saying that, as Umi's head throbbed slightly in an annoyed look.

“What's that supposed to mean?” asked Umi, leaving Kotori chuckling.

“Don't worry.” interjected Kotohono, “Flavory's just joking around.”

“I do that almost as much as Tuxedo R does” stated Flavory with big smile.

“Speaking of Tuxedo R, is that who Jinnai and Honoka are talking to right now?” asked Kotohono.

“Yes.” answered Kotori, “Katsuhiko's magically-made machinery is somehow able to reach out through this hollow game realm back into the real world, linking up with Tuxedo R's computers. If there's a message you'd like to send him or one of his friends, you probably should rush in and ask to do that now!”

Kotohono was strongly considering doing just that, but Jinnai's conversation with Tuxedo R would clue up before she had a chance to.

“So you're sending Nanoha and Fate my way to help us?” Tuxedo R asked Jinnai, to confirm what Jinnai had just told him.

“Yes.” replied Jinnai, “Like I said, you're going to need all the firepower you can get against that demonically monstrous Perfect Cell!”

“And nobody provides firepower quite like Nanoha can!” exclaimed Honoka joyously, pumping one fist.

“Absolutely” confirmed Jinnai in pride over his most trusted subordinate.

“That's for sure.” added in Tuxedo R, “Ok, then. I'll wait until Nanoha and Fate arrive bright and early tomorrow morning. We'll then head off to rescue Homura from Perfect Cell! That being said, Jinnai, you'd make my life a lot easier if you and Honoka can manage to beat this card game and make a wish to save Homura.”

“I have the perfect wish in mind.” Jinnai replied proudly, with neatly folded arms, “So hopefully it'll all work out as we both want it to. But in case it doesn't, I want to know I can count on you and your friends to take care of things in the real world.”

“You can.” Tuxedo R said firmly, “Good luck to you and Honoka!”

Ganbatte!” exclaimed Honoka in reply.

“Godspeed.” added in Jinnai.

And with that, this meeting of the minds temporarily ended, as Jinnai ceased hacking into the Dam of Solitude's computers. Jinnai and Honoka then turned about to see a scene of gathering commotion as Kotori and Umi had just met their Selectors! Jinnai and Honoka eagerly joined in on that conversation, as spirits continued to rise high over how smoothly Operation: Permanent Halation was progressing so far.

But one man witnessing this from the shadows was less enthused. He had carefully spied out Jinnai's recent discussions with Honoka, Kotori, and Umi. That man had a concerned and skeptical look on his face, as he spied out these recent discussions. And so that man, now in brand new threads, carefully began making his own plans. And that man is Akuma Kousaka. Akuma Kousaka was ironically not the only person to spy on the reconnaissance expert Katsuhiko Jinnai...

“You have a report for me, Dr. Gero?” asked Tatsuya Dark, communicating over the boundaries of different realities, much like Tuxedo R and Jinnai had just done.

“Yes.” replied the gruff gray-haired great scientist and inventor, “My old rival Dr. Casey and I have a long history of spying on each other, and this tendency has just yielded important information.”

“What is this information?” asked Tatsuya Dark.

Dr. Gero stood proud and firm in his standard attire, including his tall Red Ribbon army hat. He was currently flanked by the much taller Perfect Cell. Gero and Cell stood on a balcony over a large rocky chasm in the middle of Gero's secret laboratory, hid in remote mountainous regions of Japan. Hovering overhead was a large video screen which now displayed Tatsuya Dark's face.

“Tuxedo R's main base of operations was just hacked into by your old ally but current enemy Katsuhiko Jinnai.” began Gero in explanation to Tatsuya, “This hacking was entirely beneficial, designed for our enemies to share invaluable information with each other and determine their next moves.”

“So what did they determine?” asked Tatsuya.

“The end of my boredom, at last.” interjected Perfect Cell with a grin.

“Going by what Cell said, I take it Tuxedo R is planning a Homura rescue mission?” asked Tatsuya.

“Yes.” confirmed Dr. Gero.

“That much was fairly predictable anyway.” replied Tatsuya, “Did Jinnai mention what specific wish he plans to make?”

“He was tight-lipped about that.” answered Dr. Gero.

Tatsuya sighed. He had hoped that Jinnai's megalomania would trump Jinnai's prudence. That hope was now dashed.

“That damn miracle-working μ's leader really has changed him.” stated an atypically agitated Tatsuya.

“They stopped you from gaining 5 coins and a wish, correct?” asked Dr. Gero.

“For now.” answered Tatsuya, “I will change that tomorrow.”

“And tomorrow, Tatsuya, I will thoroughly destroy Tuxedo R and all his allies.” interjected Cell, “For all their variety of meager powers, they are a motley crew, barely worthy of facing my perfection.”

“You could say, Cell, that they will meet a perfect demise.” sneered Tatsuya with a grin.

“With that demise, I will triumph over my rival Dr. Casey once and for all.” added Dr. Gero.

To Be Continued


And here's FlavoryFantasy!:

Spoiler for All the Flavory you'll ever need!:

Blue links are to YouTube vids/songs that I think go well with the paragraphs that come after the links. I tend to use this a lot for added effect.

For those wanting more action, don't worry, this is kinda a transition chapter. Certain referenced characters in this are of my own creation, and do not necessarily exist in the actual Love Live! universe (for one example).

Big thanks to Haak, Akuma Kousaka, Windy, Dr. Casey, Kotohono, and Hooves for their very enthusiastic and clever and warm and keenly observant Chapter 2 replies. It's nice to have new AS member characters like Windy, and now FlavoryFantasy, taking part in this fanfic. Thanks to Kogetsu Shirogane, Darthtabby, Kotohono, and Akuma for their behind-the-scenes help in all the added bells and whistles of this fanfic.

Anime shows featured in this chapter:
Puella Magi Madoka Magica (Mitakihara Town, references to Homura)
Love Live! School Idol Project (Kotori Minami, Umi Sonoda, Honoka Kousaka)
El Hazard: The Magnificent World (fanfic version of Katsuhiko Jinnai)
Love Live! Sunshine!! (Chika Takami)
Macross Δ (Freyja Wion, references to Kaname and Hayate)
Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei (Tatsuya Dark, OC villainous clone)
DBZ (Dr. Gero, Perfect Cell)
FlavoryFantasy's design is based on lead character of Ore, Twintail ni Narimasu. There are other anime involved in references. I will explain them if requested.

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Originally Posted by Triple_R View Post
“Stop teasing her, Haak.” said Hooves, “Besides, we both know your LRIG is out finding a good place for us all to crash tonight.”

Ruiko Saten...” stated Haak with very manly appreciation of his LRIG, “Fuck yeah! I know we can count on her.”
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My gosh, what's going on? Nobody told Nico the party was starting again! Wait, this isn't a party; it's a fiasco! Homura-san's been devil-napped again and now Honoka-chan's in the middle of all this along with Kotori-chan and Umi-chan. I know Konak--I mean, Kotohono, Hooves, and Jinnai were a biiig help when Mr Golden Make-up caused that headache last time, so Nico thinks they're in good hands! Actually, they need -good- hands for this don't they? Umi-chan, should I find to Nozomi-chan to help with your cards?

Huh? What the fuck do you mean it's the wrong car--

Uh, I mean...darn! Wrong type of cards!

Whoa! Is that the Chika I've heard zero about? I'm kidding, I'm kidding! Chika-san, Nico maybe doesn't have to tell you that you've been dragged into something -big-. I'm sure your friends in Aqours are waiting for you, so don't keep them waiting long and make sure Windy doesn't try anything funny! What does Nico mean by funny? Weeell, I mean dressing up like Yoshiko and acting like a...daemon master? Is that it? (that rice lover does not do a better me than -me- I swear...)

Nico's been wondering now who's a Haak tal--I mean hack talent around here. Iiis it Casey and Gero? Where does Jinnai fall on this? I want to Nico Nico knoow~ Can I also ask what's going on at the end there too? If they need all that firepower--bang, boom!--against that meeeaaannn Perfect Cell...what's Jinnai doing in Mitakikik--Mitakhahah...M-Madoka-san's hometown! What's he doing there?

P.S.: Congratulations on the kid, Hon--wait, what? Eh? EEEEEEEEEHHHHHH?! YOU HAD A KID?!

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