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Dr. Casey
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- "It's disgusting how much she's corrupted him." Yeah, that puts me in the mood to go back and read Santa Magica once this is over, to see the old Jinnai again (and his old relationship with Tatsuya). Definitely a lot of good character development over the course of the three stories.

- Clever use of Honoka's weather control here.

- The brief interlude with Madoka, Bandit Keith, and Pegasus was pretty much just a string of comedy gold. I like how in Bandit Keith's mind, he's always in America no matter what.

- Google'd Elf Child May. That is indeed a cute girl, as is her flavor text/card description.

- "Doctor Casey's response was unprintable" Like I told you on Discord, definitely true to real life. Riding in a car for 30 minutes can give me a horrible headache, never mind something like this.

- Darthtabby is really cool in this scene. If he has zero anxiety about fighting giant mechs, I don't know if he's capable of feeling scared of anything at all (well, except for Moefox onii-chan doing cute things). Haak and Darth could star in a buddy cop story that would be the most manly thing ever written in the history of fiction.

- Very fun and exciting scene overall with a fun contrast between Darth and myself.

- The scene where Chika takes a detour to hug Riko before ending the match is something that could be really elegant and beautiful in an anime. I was always obviously joking during the Santa Magica and Fate Halloween/Night reviews about there being anime adaptations someday, but hey, considering recent Deep Learning/AI art advances, who knows what we can do in a few years. (I'm personally expecting some kind of fanime boom around the 2023~2027 range where homebrew anime starts becoming a more common thing and leads to new seasons for otherwise dead series... but anyway, back to the review)

- Ooh, Kasumi. It never actually occured to me that she would turn up in the story.

- That was a great scene, Jinnai's rushing into harm's way and his monologue afterwards. Gave me goosebumps, too.

- Wow, I didn't expect Jinnai to quickly wipe out Cell with one swift attack. That was really awesome.

- I don't know anything about Shadowverse, but yeah, Bandit Keith bullshitting and making it so that every single card is America-related is completely hilarious.
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I see you cut the bit at the end where I let my guard down and got caught flat footed by a mech I thought I had destroyed. I actually agree with your decision there -I wrote that part because I was worried the fight would seem too short/easy, but it made the original version of the scene awfully long. I can also appreciate your decision to switch to an instrumental (non vocal) version of the "Dogfight" track.

I thought my roll in the story would be more or less over after that scene, but the addition of another Macross character in a antagonist roll has me wondering if I might be able to contribute a little more. Kind of depends one what your plans are though -from what I gather you have a pretty set idea of what you want to do with the later chapters.

I wasn't initially sure if the Kanna in this fanfic was supposed to be the character from Maid Dragon. I don't think hot or human hating are accurate ways to describe her. She's more like the most adorable thing ever. To the point where it's actually kind of hard for me to take her seriously as an antagonist.
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Me, An Intellectual
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Originally Posted by Triple_R View Post
Very nice, lol! I'm glad that this and Kylon Ren scene both worked well for you, Haak. I have to say, Haak, that I'm relieved you're getting something of value out of this fic, since you haven't played Shadowverse, you only watched a little bit of either WIXOSS anime, and IIRC, you haven't watched either Love Live! or El Hazard.
To be honest, I'm mostly in it for the comedy. There isn't really a whole lot of overalap between watch I've watched and what's in this fanfic so most of it flies over my head. XP

Oh btw, I say "arse" not "ass".
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Spoiler for chapter 7 & 8stuff:

Spoiler for chapter 9 stuff:
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Yuri µ'serator
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Thoughts on ch 9:
-Really tense openner, was interesting to see Apostle switch sides, I wonder who is really is to keep up with so many fighters.
-Pegasus & Keith's exchanges are just comedy gold .
-“Well, you're a traitor to proper vocabulary!” wow, that's probably the best funniest and most harsh retort I've seen Haak get .
-"Kawaiiko-Chan" wow, that's probably the silliest name I've heard for such a powerful mecha in a long time if not ever .
-Great song choice for the mecha action sections ^^.
-Poor flavory getting defeated offscreen D:, I guess it's fitting I get to fight Carol this time around after having avoided her last time.
-The Windy/Chika vs Arima/Riko match was excellently done and well explained, and I liked great synergy between their abilities for Arima/Riko.
-A great lovely bit at the end of the match between Chika & Riko <3 <3.
-Cell is such a monster in this fanfic more than I even remember him being . Great scene for Jinnai risking himself to saving Honoka & Kasumi then, and defeating to Cell, he's come far from who use to be for sure to do something like that really showed how much more humanity he's gained compared to his past self~.
-“Neutrality is for the Swiss!” protested Bandit Keith, “It has no place in America!” This has to be my favorite quote from him yet .
-Kanna seems to be in her attitude prior to meeting Kobayashi here.
-Wow the match here certain went over the top fast with that coin bet .
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Hooboy. I'm hoping that Kasumi doesn't end up too traumatized at the end of this chapter.

Originally Posted by Kotohono View Post
-Kanna seems to be in her attitude prior to meeting Kobayashi here.
Obviously Kasumi needs to befriend her.

Originally Posted by Kotohono View Post
-"Kawaiiko-Chan" wow, that's probably the silliest name I've heard for such a powerful mecha in a long time if not ever .
Clearly it needs pinup art of a moe girl on the side.

Signature courtesy of Ganbaru.
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“Honk-mama... are you Ok?” asked Kasumi, feeling concerned at the sight of her kneeling mom crying over the fallen Katsuhiko Jinnai, “Is Uncle J Ok?”

Honoka then wiped the tears away from her eyes, and did her best to compose herself.

“I'm... I'm fine, Kasumi.” Honoka said with a forced slight smile to Kasumi, “Uncle J had a tough fight against a very bad man. So... he's resting now.”

“He bleed a lot!” shouted Kasumi, amazed at how bloody Jinnai's clothes now were.

“Yes, yes he did.” Honoka replied, becoming a little chocked up, “But it's going to be Ok, Kasumi. It's going to be Ok.”

Honoka, still on both knees, reached out to her daughter, and brought her daughter in close to her with a snug hug. Honoka then petted her daughter's head.

“It really is going to be Ok, Honoka.” came a voice very familiar to Honoka, echoing through an almost empty subway terminal.

“Eli!” Honoka shouted out, as she turned her head sideways to see Eli Ayase walking down a flight of steps towards her.

Eli was wearing a very sleek and professional navy blue outfit, including a jacket and knee-length skirt. Most noticeable was how Eli was holding what looked liked a hand-gun in both hands. Eli stealthily but cautiously raced over to where Jinnai's body now lay. Eli did this while keeping her head on a swivel, on the lookout for any threats. Once Eli determined that the coast was clear, she knelt down on one knee and looked closely at Jinnai's soul gem tie. Eli then breathed a sigh of relief.

“Though faint, there's still some light left in it.” said Eli

“He's going to live, Honoka.” stated Eli as she made a reassuring smile towards Honoka.

“You can tell that just from looking at his tie?” Honoka asked Eli.

“Yes.” confirmed Eli, “There's something I've kept secret from you and many of our old friends, because it's a matter of national security. But given what's happened today, and given Admiral Jinnai's role in it, I think you should now know this, Honoka. I'm now an agent of the Metahuman Affairs branch of Japan's most secret intelligence agency.”

“...Wow.” replied Honoka while blinking a few times in surprise, “Really?”

“Yeah.” replied Eli, “I can tell you later why I decided to become that. But trust me when I tell you that I know a lot about the puella magi. And one thing that I've learned is that a puella magi can recover from anything, as long as she has enough soul gem power to perform such a regeneration. And that also applies to Admiral Jinnai, as he's a puer magi. His soul gem tie has darkened substantially, but there's still a tiny bit of light showing in it, and that light appears stable. Given his limitless power reserves, I am confident that he will be able to heal his body back to full health if given time to do so.”

“That's such a relief, Eli!” exclaimed a widely smiling Honoka, tears rushing out of her eyes as she then happily wrapped her arms around Eli's shoulders.

“Confused...” stated Kasumi Kousaka, “I do not under...underrrstand. But if Honk-mama is happy, I am also happy.”

Kasumi then smiled up at Honoka, causing Honoka to blissfully smile back at Kasumi.

“I'm glad you and your daughter are happy, Honoka...” stated Eli with a shy grin, “But we still need to get you, your daughter, and the Admiral to a secure location.”

“Maybe I can help with that.” came another new voice to this scene.

Honoka and Eli then turned about to face an orange-haired red-eyed girl in her student uniform. A girl that Honoka had briefly met once before. A girl that was now strangely glowing, as was her Selector that was standing next to her. A girl named...

“Takami Chika.” said Honoka, “And... you're glowing!”

“You know this girl, Honoka?” Eli asked her.

“You should try to keep up on current school idol activities more, Eli.” answered Honoka, “This girl is the leader of a new school idol group called Aqours.”

“I'm glad you know about that, Kousaka Honoka.” replied Chika shyly with a slight blush, “And I'm here for a reason relating to Aqours.”

“It's the same reason for why we're both glowing!” added in Windy, “I was prepared to make a wish for Chika herself, as I'm a big fan of Aqours. But Chika wants to make a wish for you, Honoka.”

“A wish for Honoka?” asked Eli, “How? You didn't make a contract with Kyubey, did you?!”

Honoka chuckled nervously over that.

“No.” Windy answered Eli, “We received a wish by winning three games in the Shadowverse hollow game realm. It's a long story, really.”

“Anyway...” interjected Chika, “The reason I became a school idol is because of you, Honoka and also you, Eli. It's because of μ's! So I owe a lot to μ's. Honoka and her green haired friend also helped me out a lot yesterday. I...I want to move forward. With Aqours as its own group charting its own course. But before I can do that, I feel like I have to give back to the people who inspired me, and the person who helped me yesterday.”

“That's very sweet of you, Chika.” stated Honoka with a warm smile, “But you don't have to. You must have your own wishes.”

“Before I was inspired by μ's, I didn't know what I wanted.” replied Chika, “Please, let me do this for you, Honoka!”

“That green-haired guy...” said Windy, looking around Honoka and Chika, “He looks badly injured. With him being Honoka's friend--”

“He'll live.” interjected Eli, “I'm very confident of that. And I think we should all respect Takami's heartfelt wish. But I also think we should keep that wish as an ace in the hole.”

“An ace in the hole?” asked Honoka.

“Don't forget, Honoka, that Tokyo is still in serious danger.” answered Eli, “And a lot of damage has been done to Tokyo over the last hour. I'm not sure what specific wish would best help Tokyo right now, and that's something we might want to think about.”

Eli's concern was warranted, particularly given what was happening elsewhere in Tokyo.

A loudly grunting Kyouko and Mami were both just blasted against the hard concrete wall of a building in Tokyo. Ambulance and police car sirens blared, as panicking people rushed in horror from a green-suited purple-haired man. This green-suited man then proceeded to blast away at a couple cop cars, causing both to flip high into the air.

Ha ha ha ha ha!” laughed Satomi Kou, at the destruction that he was causing.

But one man was determined to not let death be added to that destruction. And that man then caught the two descending cop cars, turned them right side up, and set them both down safely. Satomi Kou was not amused by this rescue, so he sent a powerful magical blast directly at the man who had just rescued the police officers inside their cars.

Aaaarrrghhh!” cried Super R, as he was flung fifty feet back by Satomi's blast.

Satomi then walked menacingly towards Super R, with billowing smoke accentuating a scene of growing destruction.

“I intended to finish off those annoying magical girls that interrupted my fight with Jinnai.” said Satomi, “Then I was going to find Jinnai, and finish him off! But perhaps I will find even greater satisfaction in destroying this planet's leader of heroes.”

And so Satomi would face Super R, in a fight that would determine the fate of Tokyo.

Chapter 10
Kaname Madoka's Independence Day

Satomi's fight against Super R wouldn't be the only one of importance right now, though. There was also Apostle's fight with Tatsuya Dark. The fight between the two combatants had spilled out of Otonokizaka Academy, and had since seen them fighting down streets and unto rooftops of smaller buildings. For the most part, the two combatants were successful in blocking and withstanding each others attacks, but about one out of every ten attacks would see one combatant send the other one reeling, such as the kick that Tatsuya had just managed to deliver directly to Apostle's midsection.

This kick caused Apostle to spiral wildly backwards, causing a group of people to part like torn drapes, hoping to avoid being crashed into. Apostle started to hesitate at the thought of his fight against Tatsuya causing harm to innocent bystanders. And Tatsuya made use of this hesitation in order to deliver a very painful kick to Apostle's shins. The pain was enough to cause Apostle to scream out, as he collapsed to one knee. Tatsuya then jumped unto Apostle's back, essentially wrestling him from behind.

“I don't know who you are.” Tatsuya said to Apostle, while applying a choke-hold to him, “And that bothers me. Let's see who's beneath the mask.”

Apostle used both hands to try to free himself from Tatsuya's hold, but this would prove pointless as Tatsuya shifted his hands to the inner edges of Apostle's helmet. Tatsuya then stood up and lifted Apostle's helmet off, all in one swift smooth surefooted motion.

“Now, turn about and face me.” Tatsuya said to him, “I will know the face of my enemy before I eliminate him.”

“...Very well.” said Apostle, standing up “My disguise has already served its purposes."

Apostle then turned around to face Tatsuya. While Apostle's orange hair was new to Tatsuya, Apostle's face was much more familiar. Tatsuya was stunned by it.

Akuma Kousaka.” replied Tatsuya, “How is that even possible?!”

“The replica Mitakihara Town had a gateway in it.” answered Akuma Kousaka, “A hidden gateway that only Homura or a Homura herald could make use of. And I made use of it in order to stall Homura's rescue while disguised as Apostle.”

“But why?” asked a genuinely perplex Tatsuya, “As you alluded to, you're Homura's herald.”

“Yes.” confirmed Akuma Kousaka, “But more importantly, I'm her friend. As her friend, I wanted to make a wish for her before the replica Mitakihara Town faded away thanks to Homura awakening.”

“You are a weird one.” Tatsuya said to this, “Perhaps I should take you alive.”

Tatsuya and Apostle – or, rather, Akuma Kousaka – then continued their battling. Once more, they began to exchange punches and parries, kicks and blocks, and slashes and dodges. Akuma Kousaka could feel himself tiring from the fight. In comparison, Tatsuya seemed to have limitless stamina, befitting of his Gary Stu nature. In a couple minutes, Tatsuya once more gained the upper-hand on Akuma Kousaka. Once more, Akuma would find himself locked in a choke-hold applied by Tatsuya.

“I'm going to choke you out, Akuma Kousaka.” stated Tatsuya, “Then I will hand you over to Dr. Gero to study. Be thankful that I have found you interesting. Otherwise, I would simply kill you.”

Akuma Kousaka tried to break free from Tatsuya's hold, but to no avail. Akuma could feel himself gradually losing consciousness. He prepared for the worst. But then...

“This looks like a job for Super R!” came the voice of a certain madman, “Alas, you'll have to settle for moi, le Chapelier Fou!”

Then the recuperated Kogetsu Shirogane made a dramatic save of Akuma Kousaka! Kogetsu Shirogane did this by pulling out a giant mallet, and motioning to hit Tatsuya Dark over the head with it again.

“A Gary Stu never falls for the same trick twice!” exclaimed Tatsuya Dark, as he effectively leaped away from Kogetsu's attack.

But in order to do that, he also had to release Akuma Kousaka!

“Can you keep Tatsuya busy while I power myself up?” Akuma asked Kogetsu.

Oui oui!” Kogetsu answered enthusiastically.

Kogetsu then raced at Tatsuya, while Akuma began a certain incantation. At the same time, Bandit Keith hoped that Real American would prove to be an incantation of inevitable victory for him and his Team America friends.

It was currently Bandit Keith's third turn, with Maximillion Pegasus holding a health advantage of 19 to 16 over Keith. Both players had used a coin bet, resulting in Pegaus having an endless army of 4/3 Ultimate Carrots, while Madoka once more became Ultimate Madoka, enabling her to summon Hulk Hogan as though he was a Shadowverse follower. But as Ultimate Madoka, she could no longer attack the enemy leader directly.

“I now end my turn.” said Bandit Keith, having no cards in his hand that were 3pp or less.

“Interesting...” said Maximillion Pegasus, beginning his fourth turn, “I see Hulk Hogan has an ability simply called 'Real American'. I presume this is where his rush capability comes from. Yet you did not attack with him last turn. So let's see what his base stats are. Wait... a mere 2 attack and 2 defense?! All that drama last turn for that, Keith?! He's a glorified Fighter. You sacrificed Madoka's ability to attack all for that? Mwaha-ha ha ha ha ha!”

Fighter is one of the weakest and most basic followers in Shadowverse. He costs 2 pp points to play, and he has 2 attack and 2 defense, that's it. He has short spiky brown hair, a stern look, a sharp sword, basic leather armor, and a blue cape. Hulk Hogan indeed appeared to be simply Fighter with rush, an ability that enables a follower to attack enemy followers the turn the rush follower comes into play. Rush is essentially a weaker version of storm.

“Well...” continued an increasingly confident Maximillian Pegasus, “So much for Team America! So much for Hulk Hogan!”

Pegasus then summoned two more Ultimate Carrots, filling his board with three 4/3 Ultimate Carrots, one Valkyrie's Spear, and of course the LRIG Kanna. Pegasus then had Kanna attack Bandit Keith directly for 2 more damage, taking Keith down to 14 health. Pegasus then had the Ultimate Carrot which was played last turn attack Hulk Hogan.

“A glorified Fighter once more falls to an Ultimate warrior.” joked Pegasus, “Good bye, Hulk Hogan!”

Ultimate Carrot was reduced to 4/1 from his fight with Hulk Hogan, while Hulk Hogan appeared to be destroyed.

“Now it's my fourth turn, Pegasus.” said a smirking Bandit Keith, “And given what Real American can do, it's your last turn in America!”

“Huh?” asked Pegasus.

Real American doesn't just give rush.” replied Bandit Keith, “It gives a Last Words effect that's so powerful it could be its own constitutional amendment. If Hulk Hogan is the target of an enemy follower's attack, and dies because of it, then his last words effect causes him to be resurrected and hulked up. It hulks him up to a 10/10 with storm! He becomes a truly ultimate warrior in America!”

“How... How can this be?!” asked Pegasus in furious frenzied fright.

“A coward is much more exposed to quarrels than a man of spirit.” Madoka said sternly towards Pegasus, quoting Thomas Jefferson.

“That's right, sister!” exclaimed Hulk Hogan, “And Real American does one other thing. Every time I attack the enemy leader directly, I get to do a free Legdrop of Doom on him. This counts as me doing double damage to you, Pegasus!”

“10 doubled is 20...” said Pegasus in abject horror, “I'm going to lose.”

“Attack!” shouted Bandit Keith, commanding Hulk Hogan forward at Pegasus.

And Hulk Hogan would indeed bring it all crashing down on Pegasus, which means that Keith would get to make a wish! But would Hooves and Freyja be successful in preventing Rune-Playing Lord Roid of Windermere from making a wish that could be disastrous for Earth? The handsome Roid was garbed in his usual regal white attire.

“I see we meet again, traitor.” Roid said to Freyja.

“I am not a traitor...” replied Freyja with a pained expression on her face, “I love Windermere just as you do.”

“It's true.” confirmed Hooves, “Freyja never stops talking about how much she loves Windermere apples.”

“If anybody here is a traitor, it is I...” said Roid's LRIG Mikumo Guynemer, “I regret opposing you like this, Freyja.”

“It's not your fault, Mikumo, I know that.” replied Freyja.

“That's pretty obvious given how Roid has Mikumo completely wrapped up in thick rope from neck to toe!” exclaimed Hooves, “Man, Roid, you have some... interesting tastes.”

“My taste is precautionary refinement.” replied Roid, carefully adjusting his glasses, “Wrapped us as she is, the Star Singer must obey my every command. And since I go first, I command her to sing her song of mutual pacification. I make this command with the words Rudanjal Rom Mayan!”

Mikumo then made a wide-eyed open-mouthed expression as though something in her mind shattered. Transparent yet perceptible waves of energy pulsated out from Mikumo's mind, and they struck against Freyja, quickly locking Frejya into a trance-like state.

“What... What are you doing, Roid?!” asked Hooves.

“You are witnessing Mikumo's passive LRIG effect.” casually answered Roid, “It puts both herself and the enemy LRIG into a trans-like state, meaning that neither LRIG can have any impact whatsoever on the game. This simplifies the Shadowverse game in a way that I like.”

“Damn it...” said Hooves in frustration, “That makes my coin effect useless. My coin effect, WALKÜRE WORLD, enables Freyja to give any allied follower +1/+0 until end of turn, for each of my turns.”

“Oh?” said Roid in great pleasure, raising one eyebrow, “It seems that my victory this day is assured. Ah, if only Keith could see me now!”

“I'm not going to lose to you!” Hooves shouted defiantly at Roid, “I still have Crystalia Tia and Elf Girl Liza and so many Roaches that it would even impress former Bugrom Empire Supreme Commander Katsuhiko Jinnai!”

“I see.” replied Roid with a mocking grin, “Let's get this battle started then. I will now make my first card play!”

As Hooves prepared for Roid's opening card play, Kotohono would prepare to face Carol Malus Dark.

“Before we begin...” said Kotohono, “I want to know what your wish is.”

“I doubt that you truly want to know that.” replied Carol Dark with an evil grin, “Keep in mind what motivated the original Carol Malus Dienheim. As her clone, I share her memories and her desires. I will say that my wish won't completely destroy Earth. But my wish will grant me revenge on the humans on Earth.”

“We have to stop her.” Kotori stated firmly to Kotohono.

“Yes we do.” replied Kotohono, “And I also intend to keep my word to Honoka!”

“That will prove much easier said than done.” stated Carol Dark's LRIG, a newly created version of Leiur Darahim, herself similar to a clone.

Leiur wore a gray vest over a puce green opened dress shirt. She also had unusual dark gray dress pants with green trim that cut off just below the crotch, revealing a dark gray metallic thong covered by brownish nylon. This would be Leiur's attire for the entire match, even as she was grown. As for Kotori? She began in her very girly light green Start!Dash outfit. And Kotohono was the player who would begin this game, as she went first.

On her first turn, Kotohono had no cheap 1pp cards to play, so her turn ended quickly. Likewise, Carol has no cheap 1pp cards to play on her first turn, so her first turn also ended quickly.

On her second turn, Kotohono played Fairy Whisperer, a truly elegant fairy in lovely short white robe over a short green dress. Fairy Whisperer is only 1/1, but she gives her leader, in this case Kotohono, two free standard fairies. Kotohono then had Kotori attack Carol directly for 1 damage.

On Carol's second turn, she played Beastcall Aria, an amulet countdown that eventually provides two followers, a strong 4/4 white tiger and a 2/1 storming bird. Carol then had Lieur attack Kotohono directly for 1 damage. Carol would then declare her Coin Bet effect.

Coin Bet.” declared Carol, “Limitless Heal.”

“This coin bet causes Carol to regain 1 health whenever she ends a turn with less than a full 20 health.” said Leiur explaining the effect.

“And so Carol will soon be back up to 20.” said Kotori.

“What's more troubling is how great the synergy is between that Coin Effect and Heal Haven deck types.” stated Kotohono nervously, as Carol made a proud sneering grin.

Carol then ended her second turn.

On her third turn, Kotohono played two standard fairies, and used her remaining PP point to grow Kotori to 2/2. This caused Kotori's attire to change from her green girly Start!Dash outfit into her red and white Bokura no Live Kimi to no Live outfit, an outfit that looks like one for a marching band. Kotohono then had Kotori and Fairy Whisperer attack Carol directly for 3 damage.

“Your Limitless Heal will slow me down some, but not totally, Carol!” exclaimed Kotohono.

Carol merely grinned confidently in reply to that, as Kotohono's third turn would end with Kotohono at 19 health and Carol at 17.

On Carol's third turn, she played the card Kotohono was most worried about. Elana's Prayer, an amulet that gives all allied followers +1/+1 every time their leader's defense is restored. Kotohono's only saving grace here is that Carol did not yet have any allied followers on her side of the board. Carol then had Leiru attack Kotohono directly for 1 damage, bringing Kotohono down to 18 health. What was most amazing of all is what would be revealed when Carol ended her third turn. Carol was not restored just 1 health, as per her Coin Effect, but instead she was restored 3 health to a full 20.

“Huh?” asked Kotori, sweating nervously over this, “Shouldn't Carol now be at 18 health?”

“Now you will learn about Leiur's passive LRIG ability.” said Carol, “That passive LRIG effect is Enhanced Heal. Every time my defense is restored at all, Enhanced Heal will have it restored to a full 20.”

Kotohono's eyes went wide in complete shock and awe. Kotori felt truly horrified.

“You know what this means, don't you, Kotohono?” asked Carol.

“The only way I can defeat you is to deal 20 or more damage to you in one turn...” answered Kotohono, “Otherwise, I'm better off not attacking you at all.”

“But that won't stop healing spells from working with Elana.” replied Carol, “I can use those healing spells on myself even if I'm at a full health! Ha ha ha ha ha~!”

The next four turns, for both players, went by rapidly. The combination of Elana's Prayer with Limitless Heal with Enhanced Heal forced Kotohono to play very defensively. She aimed to keep the board as clear as possible, and she kept healing herself as much as she could. Kotohono would now gamble everything on her favorite play, but she would need to work tirelessly to stay alive until she could make that play!

1 Ancient Elf play, 2 Fairy Beast plays, and 1 Pegasus Elf play, had all proved critically important here. Ancient Elf for defense, Fairy Beast for heal, and Pegasus Elf to eliminate an Elana-grown 6/6 white tiger. This is because Pegasus Elf's special effect was to change an enemy follower's defense to 1 health, and her evolve ability lets her deal 1 sniping damage in order to destroy that weakened follower herself! Pegasus Elf wears radiant white robes and a matching pink flowered headdress. She also wields a very elaborate greatbow.

It was now Kotohono's eighth turn. All the evolve points had been used up for both players. On Kotohono's side of the field only Fairy Beast now remained. On Carol's side of the field, there were two Radiance Angels, one grown to 3/5 and the other to 5/7 due to Elana's Prayer and their own healing abilities. Radiance Angel is a lightly armored white angel with short silvery hair, holding a silver staff with a large, glowing, diamond-shaped merigold gemstone at the top of the staff. Radiance Angel's base stats are 2/4, and he restores 3 defense to his leader when he comes into play, while also providing a free card draw.

Kotohono then breathed a deep sigh, as she prepared to launch her desperation play.

Coin bet. stated Kotohono, “Unity!”

“With Unity, Kotohono randomly summons a follower from her deck with casting cost greater than the total casting cost of all allied followers in play.” explained Kotori.

“And only one of my followers has a greater casting cost than Fairy Best.” stated Kotohono, “It's the wondrous White Wolf of Eldwood!”

Then the marvelously majestic mighty defender of the forest appeared, an enormous lightly armored Wolf. It's presence caused a revitalizing wind to blow, causing plants to grow all around the noble beast. White Wolf is a legendary 4/4 follower with rush. And his Last Words effect is as follows – Randomly put one of the highest-cost Forestcraft cards from your deck into your hand at the start of your next turn, and change that card's cost to 0.

“And now I will play a second White Wolf, which I just drew!” exclaimed Kotohono.

Kotohono then had both of her White Wolves charge into Carol's stronger 5/7 Radiance Angel. This resulted in both White Wolves' going out in a blaze of glory, taking the Radiance Angel with them.

“Now I end my turn.” said Kotohono.

“You're clearly up to something.” said Carol, with a raised eyebrow, as she began her eighth turn, “So it's time for me to make the ultimate play. Enstatued Seraph!”

Enstatued Seraph is an amulet countdown. Once it finishes counting down, it ends the game. Its user automatically wins.

“And now I end my turn.” said Carol, looking like the cat that just ate the Kotori.

Kotohono blinked in slight surprise over Carol not attacking at all.

“She must be able to speed up Seraph's countdown.” said Kotori knowingly, “It looks like your ninth turn will determine everything, Kotohono...”

“Yes it will.” confirmed Kotohono in reply, “Because this is the turn where we win, Kotori!”

“What?!” exclaimed Carol in sneering scrunched-face shock.

“My two White Wolves just gave me two Silver Bolts, and those bolts put my total cards in hand to nine, so my bolts will hit with max damage.” replied Kotohono, “And you have no ward followers that can block my Fairy Beast. Even without Kotori attacking you directly, you're finished, Carol!”

“Double your Silver Bolts, double your fun!” exclaimed a brightly smiling Kotori, “The first bolt will be for Katsuhiko! And the second bolt, the one that wins me the game, will be for Honoka.”

Kotohono and Kotori had done it! They were going to win.

Kotohono and Kotori had emerged victorious over Carol, but would Super R similarly be able to defeat Satomi?


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With a smug surefooted smile, Satomi stretched out his right arm, and opened up his palm, releasing a powerful greenish blast of energy directly at Super R's head. Thankfully, Super R recuperated just quickly enough to take full advantage of his super-speed capabilities, hence dodging Satomi's blast as he literally flashed five feet across the empty road. Satomi then proceeded to continue blasting away at the barely perceptible flashes of the incredibly fast Super R. Super R dodged blast after blast, as Satomi began to angrily grit his teeth in frustration.

“Enough of this pointless cat and mouse game.” Satomi sternly stated, “You've modeled yourself after a superman, so the least you can do is fight me like a man!”

Super R then flew directly at Satomi, intending to render Satomi unconscious with a neck-pinch. But Satomi was prepared for this type of direct physical assault, as he used his soul gem power to create a powerfully pulsating passive shield of magical electricity all around the circumference of his body. Once Super R's right hand made contact with that shield, it caused Super R to scream in pain from the terrible electrical shock. Super R then recoiled backwards from the pain, gritting his teeth, falling to one knee, with his back and cape now facing towards a smiling Satomi.

“My enemies are so easy to bait.” sneered Satomi, “And that is why you will all prove so easy to kill!”

Satomi then prepared to unleash a particularly powerful blast of energy at the currently stunned Super R! Thankfully for Super R, he had a fine feminine fox-eared friend to help him out.

“It has to stop!” cried m0ef0xZer0, as she caused yellow magical ribbons to wrap around Satomi's outstretched arm, shifting it upwards, causing Satomi's blast to miss Super R, and instead strike the side of an empty building!

M0ef0xZer0 then went all out to defend Tokyo, and help Super R. With the cutest grunt you could ever hear, m0ef0xZer0 conjured forth a truly great length of magical ribbons. She then wrapped them tightly all around Satomi from neck to toe, making him appear like a mummy, just with the head showing. Satomi quickly went about magically enhancing his physical strength, attempting to break free from the strands. M0ef0xZer0 began sweating profusely, as she summoned up all the magical energy she could to reinforce her magical strands as much as possible. Still...

“This won't hold me for long!” Satomi shouted.

“It'll hold you long enough, you maniac.” Super R said to him, as Super R's eyes began to glow very noticeably with a piercing blue color.

“Is this where you use heat vision on me?” Satomi asked sarcastically, with a raised eyebrow, “Go ahead. Burn these binds off of me!”

“Heat vision would hardly be appropriate for a Canadian superhero.” said Super R with a playful grin, “So I'm going to do the very opposite of burning you. Prepare for my Great White North vision!”

With his eyes, Super R then unleashed a bluish-white freezing blast on Satomi. Satomi would then be encased in a solid thick block of ice from neck to toe!

“You can relax now, Foxy.” Super R said with a confident smile, while neatly folding his arms, “And thanks a lot for your help.”

Foxy did indeed breath a deep sigh of relief. But Satomi's words would soon prove concerning again.

“Given my limitless power stores, I will break out of this block of ice soon.” Satomi said to Super R, “Of course, with your might, you could just kill me before I break free, couldn't you? But I have my suspicions that you're not willing to do that, are you?”

“I won't lie...” replied Super R, with a bead of nervous sweat on his brow, “I'd rather you surrender, and be captured alive. If you surrender, I will assure you humane imprisonment, as you pay your debt to society.”

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!” Satomi laughed in joyous contempt towards Super R, “Debt to society. What a joke! And I'm going to make a joke out of you after I break free.”

'Tuxedo R.' Sayaka said to him telepathically, from within the Super R fusion, 'I understand and respect why you don't want to kill anybody. But there's no other choice! Please, for the sake of Tokyo, kill this monster now!'

'No lad, don't do that!' Santa Claus said to Tuxedo R telepathically, 'Don't let him turn you into a killer. I know you can find a better way.'

'Is there a better way?' asked Nanoha Takamachi telepathically, 'I don't know. If there is, you must think of it fast, Tuxedo R! Otherwise...'

But this internal argument deep within the shared psyche of Super R would soon be interrupted by...

“Enough of this bullshit!” exclaimed the star-headed star of the moment, “Silver Segway Seppuku!!!”

And that was it! A shimmering streaking silver segway struck directly through the frozen block of Satomi, shattering that block, and killing a screaming Satomi in the process!

Much to Super R and m0ef0xZer0's surprise, Haak would then fly down upon a different Silver Segway, with a cheering and fist-pumping Ruiko Saten standing behind him.

“Haak, how are you back?” asked m0ef0xZer0.

“I kicked the ass of two emo pretty boys.” answered Haak, “And since I used a coin bet for both victories, I was given a wish. I wished for the greatest thing I could imagine. I wished for a second Silver Segway, but one that would be indestructible. And it's that Silver Segway that I just used to take out that ridiculous fucker!”

“Wow.” stated a very happy and surprised Super R, “What great timing, Haak!”

“If you think that timing is good, you should have seen his unbelievably awesome comeback against Kylo Ren!” exclaimed Saten.

“It truly is a victory story too great to tell.” added in Haak.

“So with this villain taken care of, we can now go look for Cell, and--”

“Cell's already been defeated by Mr. J!” proudly exclaimed Honoka Kousaka, as she suddenly appeared walking towards Super R, with a badge-displaying Eli Ayase by her side.

“How is Mr. J?” Super R asked.

“It's a long story.” stated Eli, “So I'd recommend that m0ef0xZer0 keep up those magical strands she's using to cordon off this section of the city. Excellent quick thinking there, Foxy!”

“No problem.” replied Foxy with blushing chirpy cheer.

Super R would soon learn the current whereabouts of Katsuhiko Jinnai. He would also be greeted by Windy and Chika Takami, following behind Eli and Honoka. Cell and Satomi had now been killed and defeated. Would Tatsuya join them in their fates? Akuma Kousaka's incantation did not bode well for Tatsuya.

“~With violet
wish, and wish from idol
I'll forge ahead for countless miles.
Let every sinner face their final
Noble Phantasm, Future Style~!

This incantation caused chilling changes to Akuma Kousaka's eyes. They were now entirely lavender with a samsara pattern within them. In layman's terms, circles within circles within circles. It was very hypnotic.

By the time Akuma had finished saying his incantation, Tatsuya had managed to knock a grunting Kogetsu Shirogane to the ground. Tatsuya then pointed a gun at Kogetsu's head, at point blank range. Akuma literally foresaw that Tatsuya was going to pull back on the trigger, and shoot Kogetsu through the head! But before Tatsuya could do that, his gun would be knocked out of his hand by one of the tiny streaking comets of Apostle!

Apostle, truly Akuma Kousaka, then launched into action against Tatsuya. The two returned to their truly tense fight, that looked like a dangerous and perfectly matched dance. But this time, something was different. This time, it didn't take long for Akuma Kousaka to gain a decided upper-hand. After a few quick exchanges of punches and parries, kicks and dodges, Tatsuya would shockingly find himself playing catch-up. It was as though Akuma Kousaka could see every move Tatsuya would make, just a few seconds before Tatsuya actually made it! That's because Future Style provides this precise foreseeing ability to Akuma Kousaka. Akuma really was seeing into the future.

And with that foresight, even the Gary Stu Tatsuya Dark was outmatched. What began as a very evenly matched fight would soon turn decidedly one-sided. Tatsuya absorbed kick after kick, punch to the gut knocking the wind out of him, punch to the eye leaving him with a black eye, and at last a sweeping leg motion causing him to collapse to the ground. Amazingly, Tatsuya was wheezing, and in considerable pain and disorientation, his face bloodied by blows and tiny comet cuts.

“H-How...” Tatsuya managed weakly, “H-How could I... lose like this?”

Akuma Kousaka then pulled out his bayonet rifle, and pointed it downwards, directly at Tatsuya Dark's head.

“Maybe it's because I fight for people that I care about, while you seem to only care about some extreme abstract ideals.” Akuma Kousaka said to Tatsuya, “You seem to put those ideals before everyone. You don't seem to care if millions, or even billions, of people get hurt by them. Enough, number-cruncher. People matter! And that's why I can't allow you to threaten people ever again...”

“G-Go ahead...” replied Tatsuya, “Something must have corrupted me... I have lost so much lately... I have become a shame. Put me out of my misery...”

Akuma Kousaka was stunned by Tatsuya's words, and so Akuma began to shake slightly in hesitation.

“Wait, mon ami.” said Kogetsu, placing one hand on Akuma's shoulder, “Maybe he should be given une autre chance.”

“He has been given multiple chances already!” exclaimed Akuma Kousaka angrily, “And I wonder if he cares about anyone but himself.”

Akuma Kousaka's words reminded Tatsuya of someone.

“M-Miyuki...” Tatsuya said, “Do you know... where she is now? Is she... Ok?”

“Yes.” stated Fate Testarossa, flying down from the skies above, “Alice Margatroid and I just teamed up to defeat her. We captured her alive.”

“So she has failed as well...” a deeply dejected Tatsuya said to himself, “...Well, at least she lives.”

Akuma Kousaka then fired off his bayonet rifle, stunning everyone. But what might be most stunning is how he intentionally missed Tatsuya's head, blowing a small hole into the ground just inches from Tatsuya's head.

“I've decided that you and your sister deserve one last chance, Tatsuya...” said Akuma Kousaka, “But with all due respect to Fate and her allies, TSAB has repeatedly failed to rehabilitated the two of you. So...”

“Let moi bring them into Wonderland!” stated Kogetsu Shirogane with proudly protruding chin, and one finger pointing towards his face, “Perhaps living in fun serene Wonderland will give Tatsuya and Miyuki a new bail sur la vie.”

“I'm somewhat skeptical of that.” stated Fate, “But I'm willing to give it a try, as long as TSAB gets to put tracking devices on Tatsuya and Miyuki.”

“What an ignoble fate...” said Tatsuya, “But maybe it's what's best for Miyuki. So be it...”

Tatsuya's voice then trailed off, as he fell into unconsciousness.

“Ignoble fate, huh?” Askuma Kousaka said to himself, “Maybe it's time I changed my own fate some. I've enjoyed serving Homura, but maybe it's time to journey this world more, and experience it more for myself.”

Akuma Kousaka had emerged victorious over Tatsuya Dark. Would Dr. Casey defeat Dr. Gero?

Dr. Casey stealthily broke into the abandoned building where he expected to find Akuma Homura. He did this using the same method he had used back at Dr. Gero's primary base of operations. While this was similar to what happened before, Dr. Casey hoped that almost everything else would be different this time. He particularly hoped that Apostle would not show up again. Nonetheless, Dr. Casey had prepared a couple high-tech traps if such an encounter happened.

What Dr. Casey faced inside of his enemy's backup base actually exceeded his hopes. Carefully holding a high-tech gun in both hands, Dr. Casey raced down dusty dimly lit corridor after dusty dimly lit corridor while completely unobstructed. Not only was Apostle nowhere to be seen, but there also appeared to be absolutely nothing blocking Dr. Casey's path. Had Dr. Gero's resources finally run out, thanks in large part to Darthtabby's masterful mecha maneuvers? The answer to that question would come in the form of Dr. Gero himself, startling Dr. Casey by nonchalantly walking out of the shadows.

“I am a proud man, but not foolishly arrogant.” said Dr. Gero, “So I admit defeat when it is clearly staring me in the face. You've won this day, my old rival.”

“You... don't intend to put up a fight?” asked Dr. Casey, in surprise.

“Even if we were to fight mano a mano, with me emerging victorious, it would not matter in any practical sense.” began Dr. Gero in answer, “I've carefully monitored my allies, and they have been roundly routed by your allies. Jinnai lies unconscious and near the edge of death's door, but Cell is completely destroyed beyond any chance of regeneration. Satomi is dead. Tatsuya is captured. Super R and his friends stand triumphant. My larger mecha warriors have been destroyed by your Darthtabby. My plans have been dashed this day. But my day will still come, old rival. Goodbye.”

“Wait, let's tal--” began Dr. Casey in reply, but cutoff by the sound of Dr. Gero pressing a button on his belt, and teleporting away.

Dr. Casey was slightly disappointed by Dr. Gero teleporting away like this, but Dr. Casey maintained focus on what was most important right now. Retrieving Homura! To that end, he opened the door that Dr. Gero had stood in front of, only a minute ago. And behind that door, he would breath a deep sight of relief, at the sight of Akuma Homura, unconscious and strapped down upon a rectangular table. Dr. Casey then attended to these straps, aiming to free Homura at last. After the last strap was unbound, Dr. Casey took note of how entirely motionless Homura was.

“Dr. Gero must have put a powerful anesthetic into her.” said Dr. Casey, “Or used a contraption with much the same effect. So how should I safely wake--”

“I'll take care of that.” came a truly soothing and elegant voice, accompanied by a bright warm pinkish-white glow, right behind Dr. Casey.

Dr. Casey then turned around, in complete amazement, to see...

“Madoka...” he said in breathless awe, at Madokami's luminous glory, “And you're back to how you once were. Except your wings are now red and blue.”

“The doors of wisdom are never shut.” replied Madoka, quoting Benjamin Franklin, “And now I hope to bring wisdom and comfort to my dear friend, Homura.”

Madoka then gently placed one hand upon Homura's head, causing her to wake up. Tiny tear droplets streamed forth from the corners of Homura's eyes, as she experienced this magically miraculous Madoka-sent awakening. Homura then looked up into the softly smiling face of Madokami. Homura looked up first with great awe and love, but then in true tingling terror, as guilt grabbed at Homura's heart.

“Am I dead?” Homura asked Madoka, “Are you here... to punish me?”

“No, and no.” answered Madoka, gently but firmly, as she softly stroked Homura's hair, “I know that you meant well, even if your actions were wrong. I know that your actions came from a place of sincere overflowing love, and great emotional need.”

“Yes, that's true.” replied Homura, becoming increasingly choked up and tearful.

“True friendship is a plant of slow growth, and must undergo and withstand the shocks of adversity, before it is entitled to the appellation.” said a misty-eyed Madoka, quoting George Washington.

“I love you.” Homura said, tears now fully streaming from her eyes.

“And I love you, Homura.” replied Madoka, also now crying, as she leaned down to warmly embrace Akuma Homura.

Dr. Casey couldn't help but to start crying as well at the beautiful scene unfolding before him. He then heard Bandit Keith, Dan Eagleman, Kay, and Mari Ohara all crying behind him. Hulk Hogan tried hard not to cry, but a single tear streamed forth from one eye.

“Come on, brothers, we have to be strong for Madoka.” said Hulk Hogan.

“The way I feel now, it's no joke!” exclaimed Mari, in her student uniform.

“Yeah, I'm so happy for Madoka.” added Kay, in her usual leisure attire.

Even Akuma Homura couldn't help but to be amused and touched at the sight of Madoka's Team America friends becoming overcome with emotion. So both Homura and Madoka looked over at Team America and Dr. Casey, smiling softly at them. But as overcome with emotion as Homura is, she still noticed something.

“My powers...” she said to nobody in particular, “They're almost completely removed!”

“Four friends worked together to achieve a special wish.” Madoka said to Homura, “Four friends named Kotohono, Kotori Minami, Honoka Kousaka, and Katsuhiko Jinnai. Together, they wished for 99 percent of your power to be transferred to me.”

“And I wished for Madoka to be risen back up to what she was before!” added Bandit Keith proudly, “But don't worry, Madoka will never be forgotten... in America.”

“Ok everybody, now's the time!” shouted Dan Eagleman, “It is now time for us to all stand in a line, and salute Lady Liberty, as American awesomeness ascends high through her ascension.”

Thankfully, there was just enough room for this. Dan Eagleman, Bandit Keith, Kay, Mari Ohara, and Hulk Hogan all stood tall and shoulder-to-shoulder, as they all saluted Magical God USA Kaname Madoka, their Lady Liberty.

Madoka became even more emotional at this, as her eyes became increasingly watery. With a slightly scrunched up face, but a smiling one, Madoka made a salute of her own.

“I bet Watanabe You would love this scene.” Dr. Casey joked to himself.

While Homura admired Team America's group salute to Madoka, there would still come a sudden sense of panic in Homura's heart.

“Wait, does this mean you're leaving all of us again, forever?” Homura asked Madoka.

“Even now, I must pay a price.” began Madoka in answer, “I will now once more be forgotten in the memories of almost all who knew me before I made a wish to save puella magi. But I will remain in the memories of those who know me best as Magical Girl USA. And thanks to me gaining almost all of your power, Homura, I will now be able to interact normally and regularly with those who are currently puella magi, in the physical world.”

“Yes... yes!” cried out Homura, overjoyed at this.

“I intend to visit you regularly, Homura.” said Madoka, as she warmly embraced Homura once more, “But now I must leave for a time, to fix what has been broken. And I must say a final goodbye to my dear Team America.”

Madoka then faced Team America directly, and bid them adieu with one more quote.

“The Constitution is the guide that I never will abandon.” said Madoka, quoting George Washington.

That quote elicited great cries of joy from Bandit Keith and Dan Eagleman. Hulk Hogan literally applauded it. Kay and Mari Ohara felt deeply reassured by it, as Madoka then disappeared in a warm and soft heavenly light.

“Wow...” said Dr. Casey, feeling very joyous to have witnessed this amazing event.

“Thank you for your help, Dr. Casey.” Homura said to him warmly, “Now, I'd like it if you could help me get back to my other friends. I want to see Umi again.”

“Sure.” replied Dr. Casey, “Darth and I will fly you home, while I talk to Super R.”

A couple minutes later, in the middle of a cordoned off section of Tokyo, blessed relief would finally be felt by Super R and his friends.

With Homura awakening, the hollow game realm had simply faded away. The remaining competitors were all sent back to the real world from which they came, with the specific destination being wherever they most wanted to be currently in that world. This prematurely ended Hooves match with Roid, thankfully freeing Freyja from her trance-like state. Hooves and Freyja shared a tearful goodbye to each other, with Hooves wishing Freyja the best. So Hooves, FlavoryFantasy, Umi Sonoda, Kotohono, and Kotori Minami would all appear in five flashes of white light, standing next to each other. They appeared near to where Super R was currently talking with Honoka Kousaka.

“Kotori! Umi!” exclaimed Honoka, in great relief at the sight of them, as she raced over to tightly hug them around the shoulders.

“I'm glad to see you're all Ok, Hooves and Flavory and Kona.” said stoic Super R, with rounded fists arched at his hips.

“We did it, Honoka.” Kotori said proudly to her wife.

Eli Ayase then returned from explaining the situation to the gathered police officers and soldiers. She returned to tell Chika Takami and Windy that it was now time for them to make their wish.

“Now with all the villains taken care of, I will make a wish for you, Honoka.” Chika said warmly towards her, as Honoka turned to face her, “And it's a wish for all of μ's, as it's a wish to help your city. I wish to undo all of the damage that has been done to Tokyo over the previous 48 hours!”

“Make it so!” exclaimed Windy, as a great wave of sparkling transparent orange-hued energy came flowing forth out of her and Chika.

This wondrous wave washed over all of Tokyo, slowly and magically undoing all the damage done to Tokyo due to the actions of Tatsuya Dark and his allies.

“What a relief...” said Super R, as he watched Chika's wish begin to unfold, “Given what Dr. Casey just told me over my earpiece, everything has been taken care of.”

“It has.” confirmed Fate Testarossa, flying down to greet Super R, “Akuma Kousaka and Kogetsu Shirogane have Tatsuya Dark under wraps. All that's left now is for your fusion to soon end. I'm eager to see Nanoha again.”

“And I'm sure Sayaka is eager to see Madokami again.” replied Super R with a grin, “But there's two things I must do first. The first is address all my friends here!”

Super R then looked about to see so many gathered friends and allies. Honoka, Kotori, Umi, Eli, Chika, Windy, Haak, Saten, Kotohono, Hooves, FlavoryFantasy, Kyouko, Mami, Fate, and m0ef0xZer0.

“I want to thank all of you for your help in overcoming Tatsuya and his mad plans.” stated Super R, “All of you, and our friends that are elsewhere, were critical in successfully defending Tokyo today, and defending the world as a whole from Tatsuya. Now Honoka, I intend to prepare a special thanks for Jinnai given the sacrifice he made in order to defeat Cell once and for all. Please make sure he receives that thanks, and make sure he's properly hospitalized until he's fully recovered.”

“I will.” replied Honoka firmly.

“I'm going to miss Freyja, but it's great to hear that everything has worked out well.” stated Hooves.

“What's the second thing you have to do?” m0ef0xZer0 asked Super R.

“I still have a hour or two left until the Super R fusion ends, and Tuxedo R returns.” said Super R with a cheeky smile, “Thanks to Chika's wish fixing up Tokyo, I intend to spend that hour enjoying these superpowers the way they were meant to be enjoyed!”

“I'll race you to the moon!” shouted Haak standing proudly upon the Silver Segway.

“I'll take you up on that offer, Haak!” exclaimed Super R in playful reply, “But first, I'm going to take a flight around the world. I'll see you all later, everyone!”

And with that, Super R dramatically took off, just like a certain famous flying fictional superhero would. A brightly smiling Honoka and Eli waved at him from below. Super R would soon reach the edge of the upper atmosphere, and while smiling widely, he would fly against the backdrop of the shining setting sun.

One Week Later...

A cab pulls up next to the Homura. The passenger is wearing a purple suit and purple fedora. The passenger quickly drops some change into the cab driver's hand, and opens up the backdoor to exit the car. As he exits the car, he continues talking into his cell-phone.

“Yes, I'm feeling Okay now.” he says over the phone, “I'll be heading back to Midchilda in about four hours. First, I want to grab a bite to eat at the Homura, and hopefully find out were Honoka is, so I can properly thank her for her help with this mission.”

“Hhhmmm?” Jinnai asked, after listening to Nanoha's brief reply, “Yes, I'll say hello to Honoka for you. Talk to you later.”

Jinnai then reached for the door leading into the Homura, and pulled it back, surprised to see it pitch black inside.

“Huh? Why is this place so dark at 5 in the--”

Before Jinnai could finish his sentence, all the lights were instantly flicked on, while streamers were shot off and confetti starting raining from the ceiling. Several loud claps and cheers were then heard.

Welcome back, Mr. J!” exclaimed a brightly-smiling closed-eyes Honoka, standing directly in front of Mr. J, three feet away from him.

Jinnai blinked three times in complete amazement, as he looked about to see all nine members of μ's, Yukiho Kousaka, Arisa Ayase, Sayaka Miki, and Kyouko Sakura smiling towards him. Honoka and Kotori looked at each other, and made humming chuckles over how totally startled Jinnai was.

“...All of you are here?” asked Jinnai, as he carefully took notice of how all of μ's were present.

“Even I couldn't live with myself if I wasn't here for this.” stated Maki Nishikino with a tsundere grin.

“And even you're here, Miki?!” asked Jinnai, still amazed, as he then focused on Sayaka's presence.

“Kyouko and I like eating here sometimes.” said Sayaka with a friendly smile.

“Plus, Tuxedo R wanted us to pass on some gifts to ya!” Kyouko shouted towards Jinnai.

“I...I see.” replied Jinnai uneasily, “Well, thanks for that. Now please excuse me, as I go place my order.”

Jinnai then walked towards the front counter, which was currently staffed by Honoka's dad, in his cooking outfit.

“Strange to see the cook himself in the cashier's spot!” exclaimed an amused Jinnai.

“Well this is a special occasion.” replied Honoka's dad, his arms folded neatly.

Jinnai then reached into his pocket to retrieve his wallet.

“What do you think you're doing?” Honoka's dad firmly asked Jinnai.

“Hhhmmm?” asked a confused Jinnai in turn, “I'm just getting some money to--”

“Put that away. Right now.” replied Honoka's dad, as though deeply offended.

“Hey, I'm not a freeloader.” replied Jinnai, while Honoka and Kotori made big bright knowing smiles to each other, “I'm not poor! I don't need charity. I--”

“I don't care if you're the richest man on Earth.” replied Honoka's dad, “I refuse to take money from the man who saved the lives of my daughter and grand-daughter. From now on, you eat here for free.”

“I...thank you, sir.” stated Jinnai, finally realizing what was going on here.

Kasumi Kousaka then rushed joyously at Jinnai, and tightly hugged his leg after reaching him.

“Uncle J is hero. Best hero! Heroes eat free!” Kasumi shouted at him.

For Jinnai, that was it. That was the moment he really felt it. He started shaking slightly, and tears rushed to his eyes. Jinnai hurriedly moved his fingers to his eyes.

“Something wrong, Katsuhiko?” asked Maki in friendly tease, “Get dust in your eyes?”

“You'd think a limitless power gem could handle that!” exclaimed Nico playfully.

“Maybe some things are more important than power alone...” stated Nozomi wistfully.

Jinnai then turned his face towards Honoka.

“How do you all do it?” he asked her, amazed at the smooth warmth being shown him.

“We can do anything we want if we put our minds to it.” answered Honoka.

“...A dream I'll always believe.” stated Jinnai, “Thank you. Thank you, my dear friend.”

“That's what I should be saying to you.” replied Honoka with a bright warm smile, while placing a hand softly on Jinnai's shoulder, “Now, let's have Dinner!”

Jinnai, with glistening eyes, nodded to that. Jinnai, Honoka, and everybody else in attendance then walked in to enjoy one of the sweetest Dinners ever.

The End

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Chapter 10 thoughts:
-Ooo I didn't expect Windy nor Chika to really appear for much of a role in this, Eli is probably right to hold the wish off for now.
-A second Akuma of homura? O.o
-Wow, hulk's lastword effect is strong though really conditional, Pegasus was quite unfortunate to active it in america.
-Roid is still as much of a tool as ever I see.
-Wow Carol's ability is quite absurd and honestly put even Riko & Arima's synergy to shame .
-Too bad for Carol my deck has one of the best burst combo's in all of shadowverse 2nd to only dimensional shift to be able to overcome that synergy . Was good to finally take her down personally after ending up not facing her in the previous round of the story .
-Music in the first half was all pretty fitting, and superman theme theme fit the next section quite well.
-Wow ice vision that was a neat twist on Super R's powers overall Satomi in gaming terms got CC chained/locked & bursted like a newbie by MoeFox, Super R, and Haak .
-ROFL, OF COURSE haak would wish for indestructible 2nd version of it, how perfect .
-Akuma sure beat Tatsuya quite well in the 2nd round was well described combat, and at this point I can't blame him for wanting to just end Tatsuya after all that's he's done.
-WOW... that Madoka & Homura reunion scene was just beautifully done, the dialogue was moving , especially the usage of washington's quote “True friendship is a plant of slow growth, and must undergo and withstand the shocks of adversity, before it is entitled to the appellation.” by Madoka was easily the best usage of one of the quotes the entire fanfic. I am jealous of Dr. Casey getting to see such a scene though, far better than getting to fight Gero .
-Nice enjoyable epilogue bits as well.
-Overall very good & great song pieces used for this long chapter.
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Time for the finale of the AnimeSuki crossover trilogy (I was going to call it the 'holiday trilogy,' but this third part isn't actually holiday-themed). Let's get to it~

- "He bleed a lot!" Yeah, so much for Moefox's hope that Kasumi doesn't end up traumatized. (Cute and realistic three year old dialogue, though.)

- Secret agent Eli, huh? Of all the girls in Muse, she might be the one most fitting for that kind of role.

- Apostle is Akito-kun, huh? Didn't see that one coming. I'm always a fan of battles that involve multiple characters, and where members of the main cast save another member of the team in the nick of time, so I enjoyed Kogetsu arriving to save the day here

- Time for some more Bandit Keith shenanigans, in the beginning of the final series of Shadowverse battles. Very nice job on getting somewhere around a dozen battles worth from a premise that would have had me stumped after the first one or two.

- "... that's so powerful it could be its own constitutional amendment." I don't know if I could spend more than five minutes around Bandit Keith without pissing myself from laughter.

- Nice turnaround there at the end! A solid battle with nice twists and turns.

- Ohh, the 2wei opening. Summer 2014 feels like a pretty long time ago.

- Holy crap. Kona has to deal a full 20 HP in one turn or else Carol will regain all of her health? Even with my very limited knowledge of Shadowverse, that made me sit up and take notice. Awesome premise.

- I didn't watch Aokana, but that's a badass song. 10/10 soundtrack if most of the music is of that caliber.

- A card that automatically wins the game, and Carol can speed up its activation? Jesus. I feel sorry for poor Kona, she got the most brutal Shadowverse opponent in the story by far. (It's a good thing Kona vs. Carol is the final Shadowverse battle, because honestly, it would have been hard to outdo this. Fantastic battle here.)

- The Superman theme goes great with the battle against Satomi.

- Poor Triple. Can't be easy to come to a decision when Sayaka and Santa both have completely opposite views on how to handle Satomi.

- Thankfully, though, someone arrives on the scene who's too manly for things like moral ambiguity. Great final moment for Haak here, capping off the trilogy by killing off a major villain.

- I always enjoy scenes where the heroes come back from behind and dominate. Good finish to the battle between Tatsuya and Akito.

- Dr. Gero escaping reminds me of Dr. Wily making his escape at the end of almost every main series Megaman game. Nice, familiar sense of nostalgia there, as someone who's enjoyed Megaman games since I was five. I also enjoyed his summary of how the villains were swiftly falling one by one. Definitely gives the feeling of things winding down.

- That simple, vulnerable "I love you" from Homura hit hard.

- I'm glad that Madoka and Homura aren't going to be separated. And that Homura-senpai spoke to me.

- Yep, good thing that Hooves vs. Roid reached a premature end. As I said before, there's just no beating Kona vs. Carol.

- Not sure if Haak's challenge of racing Super R to the moon is a joke or not. I know that Superman's able to survive in space without an oxygen helmet.

- "I don't care if you're the richest man on Earth. I refuse to take money from the man who saved the lives of my daughter and grand-daughter." Aww...

- Overall, a very nice scene to wrap up the story and the trilogy as a whole.

A great story from start to end. I'll make sure to read this again during the Fall anime season, since both Wixoss season 4 and Love Live Sunshine season 2 air Fall 2017.
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Serms like my entire purpose was to defeat emo pretty boys with daddy issues.
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Whoaaa, lots of things happened when I was being a Super Idol with Hanayo-chan and Rin-chan huh? Nico doesn't play card games, but even I could see when some of them were overp--ridicul--...crazy strong! Satomi also reeeaaally creeped me out, I feel bad for Honoka-san being near that guy! Speaking of strong, how did Tatsuya Dark lose all of his recorded matches with such a strong Coin thingy? Did Miyuki occupy his ha--

(crap, keep it PG, Nico!)

Some of the moments between Honoka-san and Kotori-san Nico-nii'd my heart, and hey, who's this girl who looks a tiiiny bit like Maki-chan? Riko-san? AND KOUSEI ARIMA?! I wish Maki-chan could've seen all these piano players together! And it looked like Chika stopped copying us; you do you ZERO to ONE-san! Nico-nii will always be a Super Idol for future idols!

Wow, that's a lot of meeeaaan people on the bad guy's side and one not-badguy not-goodguy, uh...wildcard? running around. Nico is also surprised Monster Cell went out like KABOOM!, creepy Satomi was like CRAHSSKFHSDKHDSF!, and Tatsuya Dark was like...wait, nothing happened. He just saw a liiitle bit of the Future~

Nico doesn't know why, but she feels something familiar seeing Jinnai-san change the way he did. Maybe Nico should try getting Maki-chan to change more

...what do you mean I should change? YOU LOUSY--!

[broadcast interrupted]
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I'm sorry it took forever to post but thanks again for letting me know of your newest story. I've finished reading everything earlier I just didn't get to post cause pretty much busy and tired of work for the most part.

Anyway I'm not really familiar with Shadowverse and Wixoss but the card game parts are easy enough to follow. I've always had a good laugh at team America so Bandit Keith getting more airtime is nice. That Bandit Keith vs Zuramaru is my favorite lol. Found it a bit surprising that Cell lost first among the major bad guys. And yes, the HomuMado reunion was really good and heartwarming as is the ending. Really happy for Jinnai for that end.
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Kyubey: Perhaps the same could be said of all religions.
Homura: Your words are as empty as your soul! Lolis ill-needs a savior such as you!
Kyubey: What is a loli? A miserable little pile of moe! But enough talk...have at you!
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Chapter 10

--In case anyone is curious, Apostle's identity was my idea and there were a lot of shenanigans to work out behind the scenes. Getting the eye design for the last scene was the easy part though. Speaking of which, looks like I was right about Kogetsu being the Aquaman of this team, as he seemed much stronger when he fought Cell in water Wonderland. Or maybe TD is stronger than we think. I'm also surprised Future Style turned out more broken than it did

--Kona v Carol is the highlight match back in Mitakihara Replica, and I'm not sure which is scarier: Carol needing to be defeated in one turn, or Kona actually beating her in one turn Seto Kaiba would be proud, though I wonder what he thinks of his signature card actually being a loli. Then again, Blue Eyes White Dragon is a platinum blue-haired woman originally, so maybe this is what Kanna grows into

--I'm always tempted to abbreviate Bandit Keith's name as BK, but then it would sound like I'm talking about Burger King. He probably prefers McDonalds because it enacts imperialism has chains elsewhere around the world and Burger King has the word King in it, which is a yucky British thing. Maybe that fast food rivalry can be one Keith explores one America

--Awww, the Hooves and Freyja duo separated. That one was one of the more fun dynamics here

--Satomi ended up proving himself to be the Black Adam of the villains, in that he can circumvent a lot of "Superman's" raw power because magic. Considering Shazam is a magical boy and Jinnai is a puer magi, I wonder if that change in match-up from what it originally looked like it was going to be was intentional. What are Perfect Cell and TD supposed to be?

--That final scene between Madoka and Homura was sweet. It's also close to a conclusion I want, unlike this certain film

--There it is, Honoka's dad having dialog. But we still don't know what he looks like. Can anyone ever figure it out? The world may never know. Also Kasumi's dialog is adorable

--Yes, Hayden Christiansen has the "look" I want for my character. If only his acting ability could match
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Welp... Once again, I have no excuse for being so late... Sorry?
... I tried to get you motivated sooner...
Don't worry, I'll be handling both of these.

Chapter 9 - The Power of Friendship
Personally I've always been more fond of that other Power, but Friendship is probably more appropriate for this fic.

Gotta say, A-Rise was an unexpected surprise. I wonder just who their connections are, though.
I kinda like how all the talk of rain in the previous chapter finally paid off with Honoka's sudden removal of it creating a last minute power surge for Super R, something that amusingly wouldn't have been possible had she been present sooner. Funny how that works out.
Also, gotta say I loved the dialogue in this first portion. And Jinnai suddenly bursting into laughter over the rain dispersal.

Bandit Keith continues to be awesome, and the arrival of Pegasus was handled well.
Also... um... oh dear... as if I didn't have enough fanbases to worry about already in this, now I've got Maki tending to me?
"You're a real doll" was a fun line... and I love how Maki is still worried about Santa-san's safety.
Even if it was brief, I also rather liked the scene with Kyouko, Mami, and f0x.

As several people have said, the dialogue alone would be more than enough awesome for the Haak/Kylo fight. Still, the match itself is also pretty cool, and that was actually a really good reason for Kylo Ren to be playing Forest... though I'm terrified to think what Clone Wars would do in a Shadow deck.

Had I realized you were open to guest writers, I would have offered to write the battle between myself and Cell. Oh well, it's probably for the best I didn't, considering how long it took me to put out a review post for this (and the following) chapter.
I gotta hand it to Tabby for adding quite the excellent mech battle to this whole thing. It's actually quite incredible how well prepared Gero's defenses were when you consider just how many enemy machines were thrown at the duo. Speaking of which, poor Doc...

The setup for Kotox2 vs Carol and Hooves and Freyja vs Roid was very nicely played, though I kinda feel bad for Umi losing so soon. As a side note, I'm finally getting around to watching GX in part due to Carol's continued appearances in this.

... I really wish I could describe the expression I had on my face when trying to comprehend a pair of pianist prodigies rocking out to Megadeth due to the name of that coin bet.
That being said, that is quite the doozy of a combination of abilities between Kousei and Riko.
All in all, this particular match was quite a blast, and I loved the bit at the end between Chika and Riko.

On one hand, I am really hating Cell for the scene scene that followed and part of me wishes he would've gotten more of a beatdown before being obliterated as a result. On the other... Man, Jinnai deserved to be the one to take down Cell. After the fight with Gilgamesh in the previous story ended ridiculously poorly for him, he needed something like this to make up for it. Thankfully things turned out all right for him in the following chapter, but you honestly had me worried for the guy... Something that's really amazing to say about a character known for being a maniacal overlord type of villain. Great show on your part. (Also I loved Kasumi in this scene. So adorable. Also haha, even Honoka's own daughter calls her "Honk." )

As for the final scene... whew. Where do I start?
I had a chuckle over the Kaiba nod, and an endless army of 4/3 followers that only cost 2 is quite something. Unfortunately for Pegasus, this is Team America's Bandit Keith he was facing. This Keith's extreme patriotism is no joke, it's a source of power. IN AMERICA!
... But in seriousness, that was quite the coin bet. Loved the surprise return of the Hulkster to the story.

Chapter 10 - Kaname Madoka's Independence Day - First Act
Nice to see Eli in action, though her new job was an interesting twist. Wonder if she's one of the people who knew about me. If not, it probably won't be long until I have government types knock-knock-knocking on Wonderland's door.
Chika really came a long way in this fic. At the start of it, she was basically a confused little girl flung into a hopeless situation against a seemingly invincible villain, and now she's the heroes' ace in the hole. Very nicely done.

After Cell's obliteration, I guess Satomi would be the biggest monster heel in this fic. Still, wow. Taking down not only Kyouko and Mami but also Super R with little effort? I'm... honestly kinda glad villain!Jinnai was more on the megalomania side of villainy if he was capable of this.

OOOHH!! So THAT'S where the "Apostle" name came from. Clever.
Anyway, the blow-for-blow style of fight between Tatsuya and Apostle/Akuma was very nice, and the arrival of "a certain madman" was well executed.
... quit bragging, you ultimately lost that fight...
Hey now, I accomplished my goal of wasting his time. Same thing with Cell, might I add. I count both of those as wins.
... you have a promising career in politics with that attitude...

"A glorified Fighter once more falls to an Ultimate warrior" Wow Pegasus, didn't expect that nod from ya. Great pun, by the way.
Still, if Pegasus were a real American(in America), he'd know that the Hulkster doesn't go down that easy. Also haha at the free Legdrop of Doom.

It's quite amazing how simply disabling the LRIGs can completely change the way the battles work. Also ouch over Freyja having to face Mikumo at all. Loved the bit about Hooves having so many Roaches even Jinnai would be impressed, by the way.

While it was pretty obvious Carol's LRIG would be one of the Autoscorers, I gotta give you props for picking the one associated with coins. If I were writing this, I probably would've overlooked that opportunity and just went with Garie for the lulz.
Overall, I gotta say Carol's deck build is probably the most OP thing I've seen out of the Shadowverse portion of this story. Not only is she practically invincible due to a combination of her coin bet and Leiur's passive ability resetting her to 20 at the end of each turn, she's got an amulet powering up any followers she might have in the process. On top of all that, she even has a four-stage amulet that outright wins the game for her when it's been fully smashed? Man... Carol, you're even more hax than Tatsuya.
All that being said... the Koto-squared team did an excellent job of holding her off, and that last turn of theirs was particularly great.
... I'm just glad to see something "Silver" that isn't utterly ridiculous saving the day for a change...
Yeah... About that... You probably aren't going to like the first scene of the second half...

Chapter 10 - Kaname Madoka's Independence Day - Final
As if being freakishly strong wasn't enough for Satomi, he's even gotta play mindgames too? Still, great save from f0x, and I loved the Great White North vision you gave yourself. The inner "monologue" between the various parts of Super R was nicely handled, and served as a nice little reminder of how they all think.

Of course, all of that talk is meaningless when Haak is around with his now two Silver Segways.
... he has... two... there's... there's two of them now...
I warned you...
Even better, the new Segway is indestructible, and thus perfect for Norman Osborning any frozen psychotic monsters.
... there's two of them... and one is indestructible... THAT'S JUST FANTASTIC...
... And I think someone's mind just shattered into as many pieces as Satomi's body... I'm not even sure how that works in this situation...

Akuma vs Tatsuya take-however-many-times-they've-fought was quite the spectacle, and I'm not just saying that due to having a front row seat to it... whether I wanted one or not...
Anyway, with the Dark siblings defeated (go Alice and Fate!) and my Wonderland home to two new residents, I'd say this was a job well done. Also I feel kinda bad for having chuckled at Tatsuya saying "What an ignoble fate" in response to... er... Fate.

Gero getting away in the end is troubling, but I'm willing to ignore his last minute threats in favor of being wowed by the absolutely stupendous scene that followed.
Between the touching moments between Homura and Madoka, the saluting of "Lady Liberty" from Team America, and the overall reveal that everything will be right in the world... Once again, I find myself envious of Casey's position in this story.

The last pre-epilogue scene was really good, though I must admit there's a part of me that's somewhat disappointed Windy didn't exclaim "Make it so, number one!"
Loved seeing Haak challenging Super R to a race to the moon, by the way.

And then we come to the final scene, which was truly the icing on the amazing cake that was this final chapter. Jinnai really earned his happy ending here. Loved his reaction to being told he never has to pay at the Homura again, as well as Kasumi's "Best hero!" declaration

This was very much an overly satisfying conclusion, not only to just SIS in particular, but the trilogy as a whole. It's honestly a bit sad to see things end, but overall I think there is no more satisfying conclusion than what was given.

Hm... Given this is almost certainly the last time I'll post a review for an AS Special, I suppose I should add some "behind the scenes" information for anyone else reading this before I hang up my hat, so to speak.
Spoiler for Behind the Scenes/Cutting Room Floor:
Kyouko Sakura and Madoka Kaname, Puella Magi Madoka Magica
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Thanks to everyone who has reviewed these final chapters! I'm now going to reply to each of you. To save space, I'm putting most replies in spoiler space. One spoiler space per each person replied to. Exceptions for Haak and iSAW since my replies there are short.

Spoiler for MartianMage reply:

Spoiler for Kotohono reply:

Spoiler for Dr. Casey reply:

Originally Posted by Haak View Post
Serms like my entire purpose was to defeat emo pretty boys with daddy issues.
I guess Satomi is a pretty boy with daddy issues. But honestly, Haak, don't undersell yourself here. I can tell you from my chats with other AS member characters, that your character is VERY well-liked. You provide necessary edge to a fanfic absolutely loaded with cute cuddly idols and colorful magical girls.

Originally Posted by iSuckAtWriting View Post

Nico doesn't know why, but she feels something familiar seeing Jinnai-san change the way he did. Maybe Nico should try getting Maki-chan to change more

...what do you mean I should change? YOU LOUSY--!

[broadcast interrupted]
lol! Thanks, iSAW. I'm glad you enjoyed the fanfic.

Spoiler for Akuma Kousaka reply:

Spoiler for Kogetsu Shirogane reply:
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Originally Posted by Triple_R View Post
I might have had to resort to Cell beating up on someone who looks like Yuuki Yuuna's Itsuki, and that's a very disturbing thought.
My sacrifice was not in vain.
Kyouko Sakura and Madoka Kaname, Puella Magi Madoka Magica
WARNING: Kogetsu Shirogane cannot be held accountable for any actions taken by someone else. Potential side effects of communicating with this user include headaches, mild confusion, insanity, delirium, and jumping into fires. Do not expose this user to sunlight or water or feed this user after midnight.
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Kind of late with my reply here -I had a bit of a busy week.

Thank you for not taking Outfox's suggestion to put Moefox pin up art on my character's valkyrie.

Do cards as powerful as some of the ones used in this fic actually exist in Shadowverse? Bandit Keith's "Make America Great Again" is obviously a joke, but what about some of the other cards?

The bit about Roid's... interesting hobbies... was amusing. On the other hand him calling Freyja a traitor seems out of character. A lot of the nasty stuff about Windermere can be linked to Roid, but he wasn't into branding Freyja a traitor. From what I remember he generally either didn't care about the accusations or was actively intervening to protect Freyja. Of course it has been a while since I watched Delta...

Freezing does seem like an appropriate power for a Canadian superhero. (And I say that as someone who live in one of the more temperate parts of the country.)

Overall I think this was a reasonably successful wrap up fanfic. There was a fair bit of extraneous content but that's kind of the nature of the beast with a project like this where you have a lot of alter egos in play (and I am kind of impressed by how you managed all those card battles). Furthermore you proved that you can write with impact for more central scenes.
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Spoiler for Overall thoughts/review:

Originally Posted by Darthtabby View Post
Do cards as powerful as some of the ones used in this fic actually exist in Shadowverse? Bandit Keith's "Make America Great Again" is obviously a joke, but what about some of the other cards?
Most of the coin & L-RIG abilities were created for the fanfic rather being actual cards from the game as those kinda of ideas were more taken from the selector/lostorage animes than the shadowverse games.

However a lot of the powerful cards are real such as Seraph "win the game" card, Lord Atomy, Lucifer, Silver Bolt, White Wolf, Rhino Roach, Forte, Bahamut, and quite a number of others.

Originally Posted by Triple_R View Post
"Love" tends to imply romance, at least outside of family bonds. I do have at least one clear-cut romance in Honoka and Kotori, so if you want romance, there's that! But I feel like anime sometimes shortchanges platonic friendship, and how that itself can be nice and powerful.
You have at least two technically since you included me and hooves .
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