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Wow I didn't expect to beat Biba that quickly, though I guess you fast forwarded it through me being on the back foot most of the match. I'm glad my final attack is as "In your face" as I imagined it would be. I imagine that "thrust" motion is incredibly fundamental to my attack. So fundamental that it requires precise technique and months of practice to pull off. XP

Also, thanks to Hooves for inadvertently explaining the Amelia pun to me. I totally didn't realize that "I love Emilia" was an actual meme, and wondered why Triple R made me a fan of some random Shadowverse character.
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This might be a bit long since I am commenting on quite few chapters (3 to 6 I think).

ch 3:
- I really the Reunion between Honoka and Kotori & Umi was well done with good music choice . As well following scene for flavory and me meeting Kotori and Umi.
- Windy & Chika's dynamic continues to be quite enjoyable
- Hooves' reaction to Haak's slipping madness over Saten is quite appropriate .
- Akuma Kousaka's L-RIG has been left as mystery for quite awhile... I wonder who it is... , must be someone with some willpower to keep haak in check.
- I was surprised to be given the good fortune of being chosen to get to battle Tatsuya with all he's done especially toward Honoka & Kotori, I am happy for the chance to try to take him down a level.

ch 4:
-Umi brings up a legit point about match throwing possibility here, though Honoka counters it well.
- I'd pity Umi's lack of sleep had I not envied her for getting to hear those two singing together .
- The provoking comments towards Cell were quite funny though probably just as dangerous to make as they were funny.

ch 5:
- I don't understand how Cell can have such a non-reaction to something as cute as Moefox's transformation, it defies logic.
- Kotori's passive ability in practice seems way more impressive than I thought it would be in theory.
- Wow, such an oversight in programming by Jinnai to allow such an ally into being an L-RIG of a random person .
- Though I agree with Umi what luck indeed to draw all 3 quick bladers to allow for such a cheese tier victory too out cheese the lord of cheese himself in shadowverse .

ch 6:
- Umi still isn't past the throwing the match possibility somewhat understandably though she should know that doing then would still only give Jinnai 4 coins unless flavory started with 2 coins?
- I wonder when we'll get to see Flavory and Umi play vs someone.
- Very clever and interesting addition with Satomi Kou.
- Windy calling forest more like haunted hollows was amusingly accurate line.
- Windy and Hooves match was quite fun dialogue wise and a truly close match ^^.
- Wow's Haak coin bet is pretty absurd, I wonder if Saten has a lackluster passive to make up for that. And of course that meme won't die about Amelia Emilia.
- The twist for Kogetsu's true form caught me quite surprised .
- Hey I'd Napolean maybe , but the others Satomi lists no way.
- The Jinnai vs Satomi match was quite a war of words, I was taken a back a bit by how bold Jinnai's wish was I could understand why Honoka would feel hesitant about such a wish.
- Satomi's Black Hole seems like quite the over the top ability , quite a twist there .
- This chapter especially had some music choices I felt.
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