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Old 2012-06-27, 13:50   Link #141
Akuma Kousaka
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Originally Posted by SilverSyko View Post
Yes yes I know. I'm just not limiting myself to final bosses. Sometimes the most memorable fight to someone in a game isn't always the last one.

And he's not actually that hard to beat if you have enough energy tanks to withstand the swarm of Pirate Beam Troopers accompanying him. It only takes 4 super missiles to take him down on Normal difficulty too.~
I actually never had any problems with him, even on Hard. The Beam Troopers are just a matter of luck and whether or not you were feeling conservative on Beam Combos. And Power Bombs are your friend.

The boss that seems to consistently hand me my ass every time, however, is Meta Ridley. Damn ramming attack. xD
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Old 2012-06-27, 14:47   Link #142
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Spear of Destiny, the Black Knight in the hardest difficult with a pistol... there are 200 enemies guarding it if you stop for a second you die... long battle almost 20 minutes.

Doom, episode 2 Cyber Demon Battle in Ultra Violence... dancing between the missiles and shooting my own, exhilariting.

Wing Commander IV against the AEGIS carrier, crap... took me a while to be able to put the mine inside the ship bay of the carrier... plus full of enemies.

Metal Gear Solid PS1, against Vulcan Raven... :d

Omega Boost, PS1, last boss fast paced combat with metal on the background XD

Zone of the Ender 2nd Runner, last battle Jehuty vs Anubis.

God of War 3, Zeus Side Scroll Battle

Tera, soloing bosses is just outwordly

i cant remember more XD
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Old 2012-07-08, 12:04   Link #143
shinku no kage
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Super Mario World
The final battle with Bowser. I hated how he kept throwing those annoying little mechs that you had to throw back at him. Not to mention there was that huge ball of steel. orz

Earthbound/Mother 2
The battle with Gigyas. Already seen a couple other people mention this battle.
Took me a while to beat him the first time I got to it as I NEVER used Paula's "Pray" command. Sat in front of my TV for so long attempting to keep damaging Gigyas with all the powerful PSIs and spamming Jeff's bottle rockets.

Final Fantasy V
Not exactly the "final" boss fight but all the battles against Gilgamesh.
LOVE the BGM and you just cant hate the guy.

Megaman/Megaman X series
I just hate the final stage, having to fight almost all the previous bosses again and then having to move onto the final boss. It could drive a person mad.

Super Mario 64
Again, Bowser. The first two times are a breeze as you can just lure him to the edge of the stage and smack his face right into the bomb, literally. But the third time where he makes the stage crumbles was a pain...mainly because half the time I'd end up falling off the stage.

Mischief Makers/Go Go Trouble Makers
This was pretty unique game. I loved how the final boss was a combination of the previous bosses machines that formed a giant robot. So much fun trying to grab the robots foot to smash it into the ground or grabbing the cannon blast to throw it back right into it.

Smash Bros series
I mean come on, the boss of the first one was a giant hand!! Talk about the unexpeted. Not to mention that you had to defeat it in a different way then the other enemies by knocking away its HP rather then knocking it off the screen.

Xenosaga Episode I
Again, not really the "final" boss but...Albedo...I dont think I've ever hated a game character as much I hated him.

The battle against Macha. Not the one that takes place in the main story but in the extra dungeon after you clear the game. Took me a while just to reach her and even longer until I was at the right level with the right equipment to beat her.

Baal. Just trying to get through Baal castle is enough to make you cry but the boss himself? AAAARRGHH~~!! Just remembering how many Prinnys had to be sacrificed...orz

Ar Tonelico III
The first battle with Mute. Yeah, its literally the first battle you have in the game and your opponent was "that"!? To add the BGM is really catchy.

...I think thats all I've got for now.
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Old 2012-07-08, 19:30   Link #144
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I kind of forgot the name (was it Magus?) but that battle with the last epitaph where you can't data drain felt very VERY epic.

ZoE: Anubis

The last series of battles against Anubis. It felt extremely badass how Dingo was able to defeat Anubis despite all Jehuty's damages, and eventually drained Anubis' strength and become the Naked Jehuty. Zero Shifting around battling Anubis is simply cool.

Tales of Eternia

Not really the last boss since that one's easy. Try fighting Regulus in hardcore using only Reid. I don't know how I did it lol. Actually every ridiculous boss fight that you end with Omega Seal felt pretty much epic because it's like you told 'em who's boss with that insta-death attack. I even managed to defeat Sekundes without Indignation (because I didn't know you could do that then lol).
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Old 2012-07-08, 19:35   Link #145
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Tantra Online

The White Tiger (Byokbo) Boss that is the size of a kitty. Seriously. I find it funny being chase by a boss kitty.... It killed me so many times (one hit). I manage to form a party and have a strong tanker and healer... luckily we manage to kill it after half an hour!!!
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Old 2012-07-10, 08:03   Link #146
My posts are frivolous
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Played quite a lot of games in the arcade.

House of the Dead 2: Magician and Emperor. Their weak points are very hard to hit and they move very fast.

Dynamite Cop 2: Wolf Hongo was quite hard of a boss when playing in Hard mode, where you die after a single hit. I only won when I managed to carry a Machine Gun with 4 magazines to the last fight.

Virtua Tennis 4: Jim Courier and Duke while using a female character.

Time Crisis 1: Black Dog was HARD.
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Old 2012-07-10, 11:08   Link #147
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hmm i got it chakravartin from asuras wrath now that fight was epic not particularly challenging but epic
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Old 2016-09-17, 13:11   Link #148
Mad Pierrot
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When I was a kid, it was the final boss from Brave Fencer Musashi for PS1. Also, M. Bison from Street Fighter Alpha 3 and Omega Rugal from The King of Fighters '98

Now, an adult, my favorite is
Spoiler for subtle identity:
from Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance for the PS3, 360 and PC

Also, Sora vs Roxas from Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix. The music was touching, the attacks were fun and I could change to Limit Form to try other forms of attacking him. Sephiroth was also a good fight in both the first and the second games, but I can't pick a favorite.

Memorable mention: Vergil from Devil May Cry 3

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Old 2016-09-18, 20:11   Link #149
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Three are memorable for me for a few different reasons:

1) Bronze Dogs - Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete

Never have I struggled more with a boss fight. I played that fight at least 30 times before finally beating them. I was stunned by how badly I struggled. They were wiping me left and right. I think I might have been underleveled for them, but not by much. I threw my PSX controller out in the hallway after maybe the 20th time... and I did all of these straight through. I didn't break or come back another day. It was such a relief when I finally got past them.

2) Materia Keeper - Final Fantasy VII

This was on my most recent play-through. I was grinding like crazy. I was waaaaaay over-level by the time I reached Mount Nibel. At the start of the mountain, I got Tifa's limit break. About midway up the mountain I got Cloud's limit break. And about 3/4 of the way up I got Barrett's limit break. So, for Tifa, I was using magic the whole way up the mountain. For the last few parts no one was using attacks, just magic. And then the boss fight... I didn't quite 1-hit the boss, but Tifa went first and her limit break nearly killed the Materia Keeper outright. Cloud's limit break was a complete waste. I think maybe 1% of the damage it did was necessary for killing the boss. The fight was over in like 45 seconds, and that's with all of the time wasted by limit break animations.

3) Final Boss - Final Fantasy XIII

This was memorable solely because I wanted the reward of a Lightning background for my PS3 desktop by beating the boss with a 5* ranking. I played my ass off for that ranking. I did the fight only once, but I got it by a hair's width. I was sweating so badly trying to do everything perfectly. I was actually calling out my decisions to no one in particular (actually, my dad may have been in the room) to make sure I was thinking things through clearly and selecting the correct move (buff, debuff, attack, heal, etc.).
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Old 2016-09-19, 08:03   Link #150
Haven't You Heard?
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Based on how difficult to win:

1) I-No (Arcade) - Guilty Gear XX Accent Core
2) Justice (Arcade) - Guilty Gear
3) Garuda (Arcade) - Street Fighter EX (series)
4) Unlimited Ragna (Arcade) - BlazBlue (series)

Based on how impressive the battle are:

1) Safer Sephiroth - FF VII
2) Cavern of Remembrance - Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix
3) Corbenik 2nd - .Hack//G.U.
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Old 2016-09-19, 10:54   Link #151
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Lunar 2: Eternal Blue

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Old 2016-09-19, 13:08   Link #152
Psyco Diver
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The final battles with Sephiroth in Final Fantasy VII, the thing that sticks out to me was the music because I came from SNES and Sega Genesis and then to have a full orchestra and choir was mind blowing for me then. It's funny to look back on because it's the norm now but nothing like that really existed before that
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Old 2016-09-19, 19:16   Link #153
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Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts 2, vs Sephiroth.

I got KH for Christmas when it originally released along with my PS2 (pretty much the reason I will always stick with Playstation), and 12 year old me just fell in love (still am to this day) with the Kingdom Hearts games the moment the opening song started. I played through the game and finished it and then I decided to do the secret boss battles (that surprised me the first time I saw them) and do all of the tournaments and then I unlocked the fight with Sephiroth and up until this point I had only know of the guy since I hadn't played FF VII at this point yet and just went in and in two hits I knew I was screwed. So here I am fighting Sephiroth for the first time ever at around level 73 and this fight just looks like something out of an Final Fantasy cg trailer (at least to me), it was a literal fight to the death, now I don't know how I did it but I won in that first try and just felt like I had been fighting for hours. Then I realized that the way that fight ends is like he was just testing you and I couldn't believe it that that fight was basically a sparring match with the guy, I gained a lot of respect for FF VII, KH and Tetsuya Nomura that day.

Then, we met once again in KH 2 ony this time I am underleved at level 42 - 45, I wasn't even looking to fight the guy I was just going around grinding for levels and items to get stronger and then the cutscene happenes and at that point I was sweating my soul out. So we fought and he beat me and me being the stubborn idiot that I am went back to finish it, let's just say that I wen into the zone in that second fight because everything started to click once again and in no time I learned his pattern which doesn't get easy as the fight goes on and I once again beat him... but then the cut scene happened he dissapeared with along with Cloud and once again it felt like I was still being tested and from that point on I have been waiting for KH3 to release for yet another rematch against him (of course along with seeing the story unfold).

Demon's Souls - the entire game

I picked up on a whim after having read a review on it on the GameInformer magazine, it was an rpg so I wanted to give it a try... an obsession was born that day. I then played through Datk Souls and Dark Souls 2 and to this day I am still dodging spoilers in Bloodborne and Dark Souls 3 (sadly I still don't have a PS4 yet and it hurts) because I will defeat those games, a lot of people go to those games to die over and over again, I go to defeat everything in my path.
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Old 2016-09-20, 06:13   Link #154
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Lol these are probably unorthodox answers, but these are some of my most notable final bosses/challenges/bosses in video games that I have played.

The final boss of AA 1 Rise from the Ashes.

The final boss of AA Spirit of Justice Case 5.

The final boss of AA Dual Destinies.

Final boss of AA Investigations II...

FF Tactics Advance Final Boss (one of my favorites)

Skyward Sword: All Girahim and Demise fights.

Pokemon B/W & BII/WII those final villain battles were pretty cool.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon explorers of the Sky: That was awesome.

Dragon Quest Rocket Slime final boss.

Pokemon Ranger Guardian Signs: One of the coolest pokemon final bosses.

All the Pokemon Ranger games had pretty good final bosses actually, but I think signs had the best final boss.

DQV: Ladja...........

FF IX: Any Kuga battle lol.

Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness final boss...

DQ IX: Corvus...

DQ VIII: Dhoulmagus + Rhapthorne + Marcello.

BD & BS final bosses. God those were cray.

Minish Cap: Vaati

Phantom Hourglass: Bellum

Awakening: Grima

Not really a final boss (since I haven't gotten that far yet) DQVII: The Arena........
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Old 2016-09-20, 07:18   Link #155
Kyero Fox
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Final Fantasy 8

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Old 2016-09-21, 01:33   Link #156
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I cant beat the bosses on The Legend of Korra and Wolfstein: The New Order, both in the highest dificulty avalaible, I got to both bosses on my first playthroughs both they prove to be night impossible to beat -.-
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The One Above God
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Castlevania: Aria if Sorrow - Not the last boss, but the fight against Julius Belmont was just so epic the first time. He actually killed me a few times before I got to beat him because of my somewhat low level. The last fight with Chaos is a bit underwhelming, but it's probably because I've maxed my level already before I faced him.

Pokemon Crystal - That final battle with Red. Nuff said .

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Old 2016-09-21, 16:24   Link #158
Psyco Diver
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I almost forgot Metal Gear Solid Sons of Liberty, the final battle was serious 4th wall breaking to the point it was somewhat disturbing for me then, the game tried to screw with your head but the end really amped it up
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Old 2016-09-21, 21:23   Link #159
Wait for it...
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Dark Souls, Artorias the Abysswalker.... SERIOUSLY?!?! This guy is taller than I am and YET MOVES FASTER THAN I DO!!! (Physics be damned!)
Then there's the bonus boss of DS: Prepare to Die Edition, that fucking dragon... for extra points, don't ask Gough to help...

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