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Old 2012-04-04, 21:47   Link #1
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Pokemon Conquest

Don't know if there's a thread for this, but search yielded nothing.

Like Pokemon? Like Japanese figures like Oda Nobunaga and Koei's Nobunaga's Ambition series? Guess what's getting a crossover: <-- official website
Official release date for US: June 18th (No news on EU release dates) <-- has some trailers <-- has pictures of all the characters and their names (the official website has it as well, but this is in English so it's easier to understand)
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Old 2012-04-04, 21:57   Link #2
Okuyasu the Bird
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Why the hell is this even getting a localization? I guess just because it features monsters from the Pokemon franchise. It's laughable considering I doubt the majority of everyone who will actually play it in North America (aka children) will actually know what the hell Nobunaga's Ambition even is.

Not interested in the least. I don't think it's a crossover that "works" very well either. I see no connection between the two aside from a similarity in gameplay between Nobunaga's Ambition and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, which is a Pokemon spin-off.
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Old 2012-04-05, 00:42   Link #3
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I see this selling well and all.... cause kids'll buy anything with Pokemon in it...

I however only see this actually being praised by the older audience who will actually understand most of it.
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