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Originally Posted by Dextro View Post
OLED is more expensive than regular LCDs yes but now that much more. What makes TVs expensive is the fact that it's hard to build large panels of OLED due to production defects, smaller panels like those on cellphones and portable game consoles are easier to build. Anyway they are still more exepnsive which is one of the reasons why the second generation ditched OLED screens
Haha, yeah I suppose :P they probably look amazing, though I hear Pioneer made Plasmas that game close to CRT (old-school tube TVs) standards, as in no blur and VERY high quality imagery with barely any visible, blotchy pixels. I hear they are better, if not extremely close to OLED than any other thin high definition television due to the effort given.

I own an HD CRT so thin HD TVs in general still have yet to catch up to that beast; and watching anime on it is like heaven! Especially since it has two huge speakers, given the TV's very large size as it is, so orchestrated music, voices, drum beats; all crystal clear sound if the video quality allows. And since it still has the old TV technology in it as well, it is capable of viewing old-school anime in HD quality too with no pixelation whatsoever since those anime were made to be viewed on those televisions. And what's great is that my PSP is capable of having component cables connected to it, which my TV also has as an option for, so I could read it on my television; with the characters and scenery looking beyond incredible

It's also a bonus that most of the anime I have seen has been broadcast during the late-nineties to mid-thousands
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