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Old 2007-01-26, 07:40   Link #221
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Originally Posted by Hikari no Clover View Post
i dont think he would die that soon , otherwise sakura's reinforcement will become useless
So? Why do people think that because backup was sent that the fight must continue? That makes no sense with the story.

What did you want Kakashi to do when Naruto asks him where Shikamaru is? Say that he's fighting a S-Ranked criminal but he'll be okay by himself? Of course he had to send backup. Otherwise people would have picked that apart as a huge plot hole. But that doesn't mean Sai and Sakura are going to do anything. Kishimoto sent them to get them away from Naruto's fight.

Hidan was finished in 338. Asuma's ghost wouldn't have shown up if Hidan was just going to continue. Maybe Zetsu comes along and eats him in 340 or something. But that's it.
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Old 2007-01-26, 08:20   Link #222
Souten no Seigyoku
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Sakura can still contribute by healing Shika. Meanwhile he can tell them what he knows about kakazu. One thing all you have forgotten is that those things Kakazu uses seem like ink blotches.... Maybe its cus the namga is in black and white, but maybe its cus its similar to Sai's jutsus. Which may prove useful.

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Originally Posted by DarkPaladin56 View Post
i think he exploded a suiton (water) bunshin, not a kage bunshin. it was a water explosion created by itachi himself, not by exploding tags. but seeing as how he can explode himself cuz he's made of water, i can see naruto placing explosives on his bunshins to blow up.
Well, The fact that Both Kurenai and Asuma confirmed in that same chapter It was a Kage Bushin, not to mention that the Data Book info on the Jutsu also say it is a Kage Bushin should be enough to Get that Idea that this explosion was not a sudden water explosion.

Originally Posted by Fukitsu Naruto View Post
Its called like that, however, the one made by Itachi was a Kage Bushin. And I donít see why is another question how he did it, as is Quite simple the jutsu is supposed to make a Kage Bushin explode, in this case, Itachi first create the Kage Bushin, and then He activates the Jutsu that makes the KB explode.
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Chapter 339 discussion thread created:
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