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Old 2015-04-03, 10:42   Link #721
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After watching the OVA there are 3 things i have to say and they're the biggest complaints about this series.
1. Anybody expecting Rito to lead a harem plan of any kind should quit their delusions cause he's soft as putty and a harem plan is far beyond anything he's capable of
2. Momoika may be lesbian (i'm not 100% sure but betting man says yes) but if she were running the harem plan it would be far more interesting then Momo is because Momo is not much better then Rito as far as soft as putty.
3. Anytime i see a haruna and Rito episode i laugh because god damn somebody needs to stick them in a room lock the key and say god damn just confess already cause its clear they like each other and its painful to watch them stutter through (granted i know why it happens).
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Old 2015-07-08, 16:35   Link #722
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Why are the TLRD 2nd threads lock?
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Old 2015-07-08, 17:25   Link #723
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Sorry; dynamic content not loaded. Reload?

You can always report those to the moderators, and they'll open up the threads. It's open now.
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