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Old 2017-07-28, 09:42   Link #81
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Would be interesting to hear how things have changed in the past three years.

Originally Posted by TheFluff View Post
alive, but seriously guys, sports anime from 1984? really scraping the bottom of the barrel, there.
I love them for that though. There are like a handful of good groups that bother subbing old shows. As someone who is less interested in modern anime, I highly appreciate that.
(Special thanks to them and CA for subbing Adachi Mitsuru's works, just one TV series left *wink* *wink* *hint* *hint* *nudge* *nudge*. Loved Touch so much that I finished it in five days during christmas holidays.)

RIP Gray-Phantom, they haven't released anything in the last two years...and it was such a good group too.

Also, just a general "thank you" to every fansubber o7
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Old 2017-07-29, 21:46   Link #82
Dr. Casey
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Originally Posted by Lucumo View Post

Would be interesting to hear how things have changed in the past three years.
I'll use ani-db to look up the ten listed in the opening post.

1. Central Anime: Last release August 31st 2016. Probably still active? Can't assume a 25 year old fansub group is dead after a hiatus of a year, especially when they've had downtimes this long before.
2. ANBU Subs: I think dead? It looks like their most recent activity was November 2015.
3. Live-evil: Alive and well. Most recent release was two weeks ago.
4. AnimeOne: Last release June 14th 2014. Barring a future revival, dead for now.
5. Kaizoku-Fansubs: Website is gone and the last release was March 2014. Dead.
6. TV-Nihon: Still active. Last release was just yesterday.
7. Static Subs: Website is still up, but it's been on 'hiatus' since April 2013. Ded.
8. SD_Project: Died May 2012.
9. Saizen Fansubs: Last release was July 7th. Still doing okay.
10. Dattebayo Subs: Stopped operations Christmas 2011. First to die of those listed in the opening post.

So that comes out to three that are still active, six that are dead or can be assumed to be so, and one whose status is blurry (Central Anime).
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Old 2017-07-29, 23:35   Link #83
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That first post was old anyway, last one was from three years ago.

Originally Posted by juggen View Post
1. Central Anime (??.??.1992)
2. Live-Evil (24.11.2001)
3. Kaizoku-Fansubs (15.11.2002)
4. TV-Nihon (05.04.2003)
5. Saizen (09.07.2004)
6. Anime-Destiny (07.12.2004)
7. Ryuu-Rogue (08.03.2005)
8. Doremi (08.08.2005)
9. gg (11.10.2005)

Originally Posted by Nanto View Post
2. The Skaro Hunting Society (1998)

Plus in addition to being an old group, most of the shows I subtitle are also very old (1960s & 1970s).
So I guess at least another one bit the dust.
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Old 2017-07-30, 02:21   Link #84
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Doki has been around for quite awhile
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Old 2018-09-21, 19:05   Link #85
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Saizen and Live-eviL both still pumps out stuff at a fairly regular pace (well, not to modern standards). Both groups are really old now.
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