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Old 2003-12-30, 21:18   Link #21
多谢你爱我.... *キッス!* ^_~
Join Date: Dec 2003
~~ I need translation/lyrics for " Orange iro sora to Namida"
I think its sang by the voice actor for Akane but im not sure ~~

Requested by Yukii .... so Guu... you have new work to do now!
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Old 2004-01-04, 00:17   Link #22
Join Date: Nov 2003
LoL .
Sorry that I didn't see it till just now... been out of town since last week, and am still out of town now. I can work on it after I'm back, but I need someone to contribute the kanji lyrics, preferably a scan of the lyrics page from the album cover. I don't really trust from just what I hear, 'cuz I know I'll miss out something for sure .

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Old 2004-01-14, 21:43   Link #23
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Join Date: Jan 2004
Location: France
Age: 42
Hi... I am also looking for a translation of Precious Memories Lyrics, and I can provide you with a scan of the original lyrics :

With my (very) limited knowledge of japanese, the translation already done by the fansubbers for the first half of the song, and a japanese word search engine, here's what I've come up with... Please tell me where I made mistakes and feel free to modifiy it so it's proper english

The warm sunlight is so bright that
I recall memories of that summer
I lived without knowing pain
Always smiling and happy

I continued chasing my dreams and aspirations
The voice calling me sounds so far away

* I was always watching you
These honest feelings will go beyond the boundless sky
I'll take your overflowing tears softly in my hand
Maybe we'll meet again someday, on that hill...

Called by the blue wind
The clouds will change shape
I have learned from the past
The photographs are in sepia now

The small promises we have made to each other
Sleep peacefully in a corner of our hearts

* I'll never forget
I'll paint these important feelings on a neverending tomorrow
The words you said to me will become a treasure
That will shine in my heart for all eternity...

And (who knows) if japanese characters can be displayed correctly on this board, here's a transcript :

熱い陽射し 眩しくて

私を呼ぶ声が 遠く聴こえる

 いつかまた 会えるかな

雲がかたち 変えていく
写真 今はセピア色

心の片隅で 静かに眠る

 この胸で 輝くの


Hope this helps...
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Old 2004-01-21, 04:58   Link #24
Junior Member
Join Date: Jan 2004
I don't know japanese either but here is my version of it:

In the blue wind
you hold my hand
The cloud keeps
changing shape
when the time passes
You taught that
Photographs are now
sepia color

Exchange small promises together
sleep quietly
in the corner of my heart

Always remember this important feeling
it keeps drawing the tomorrow
the words you gave me
become a treasure
in this heart
they shine

I know it has lots mistakes.

The rest is already translated by fansubs so here is only the middle part.
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Old 2004-02-23, 21:20   Link #25
Join Date: Jan 2004
Location: Providence, RI
Age: 36
I've translated Rumbling Hearts and intend to post it to animelyrics. But I wondered what all y'all thought of it. It's much more literal than the partial translations in ep. 2. The lyrics in k&k (kanji & kana) and in romaji are at the links above. A word to the curious: if something is nana-iro, it is seven-colored, and thus like a rainbow or spectrum.


Rumbling Hearts
Kuribayashi Minami

The memory of you,
And of being able to come face to face
At the far end of the rainbow
Will live on.

Embraced by the gentle wind,
Your reminiscing heart is torn assunder.
Alone on the crest of the hill,
You watch the seasons pass.

I wonder what you can see
At the far end of the blue sky.
I want courage!
I pray softly.

They can't return,
Those carefree days
When I was wrapped in your arms.
The small fireworks of summer memories
That faintly linger, won't be extinguished,
Even now.

The spray, bathed in light,
Look! it's sparkling like a crystal.
I'm even ensnared
By your guileless smile.

Whenever our fingertips touch
I'm uneasy.
Just a little more,
Hold me like this!

They can't come back,
Those childish days
When we shied away from hurtful things.
The small memories that were able to grow
Secretly within my breast
Can't be extinguished
Even now.

Some day,
Definitely, everything
Will turn into kindness.
The memory of you,
And of being able to come face to face
At the far end of the rainbow
With the scintillating dream
That I saw that day,
Will live on.

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Old 2004-03-04, 22:03   Link #26
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Join Date: Nov 2003
is Rumbling Hearts the song at the end of the first ep and teaser? if not then which one is it?
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Old 2004-03-05, 12:55   Link #27
Join Date: Jan 2004
Location: Providence, RI
Age: 36
There's an abbreviated version at the end of episode 2; is that what you mean? I haven't seen the teaser, but the end of ep1 is just background piano music. Even though that's essentially the only place it appears in the series, it's the theme song of the ero-game, and its non-ero PS port.
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Old 2004-03-06, 16:44   Link #28
Join Date: Jan 2004
Location: Providence, RI
Age: 36
I translated Blue Tears and wondered what people thought of it.
It is the opening song for the DVD game, although I don't think it appears
in the anime. I have a version sung by Mitsuki's seiyuu, I think, but
the original is yet again by Kuribayashi-san.

But who do you think it's about? Given the color scheme of the title,
as well as the content, (suffering through injury and scorn and loneliness),
it sounds more like it's about Mitsuki than Haruka.

Blue Tears

Try to forget true mind, my precious day...
Blue tears to you, lonely blue...

Cool droplets envelop my body.
All sounds disappear into the distance.

If I raise my eyes to the weeping sky,
Although I'm merely by myself,
I wonder why you come to mind...

I'm truly glad to be with you.
Although I definitely can't become meek,
I've fully acknowledged the hurt in my breast
Since that day when I came to love you...

If I walk on the hillside path,
I won't be able to conceal the acceleration
Of the beating heart that could shake my shoulders

Becoming one with my tears,
The delusion passes,
That it would be fine to just be friends.

Don't be any nicer than you are now;
I'll smile, disoriented.
As though my heart weren't not broken,
I've sworn something precious in one of its crannies.

I'm truly glad to be with you.
Although I definitely can't become meek,
I've fully acknowledged the hurt in my breast
Since that day when I came to love you...
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Old 2004-03-08, 22:24   Link #29
Join Date: Jan 2004
Location: Providence, RI
Age: 36
I decided recently that an excellent way to practice my Japanese would be to translate song lyrics I like. I'm running out of KimiNozo ones, though... Still, I made my own original translation of Precious Memories, for public consumption. I have three points on which I'd like to diverge from both Lunar and the translations above; I would greatly appreciate anyone with better language skills than I have telling me whether they are accurate.

1: I think that the tears in the refrain that he's cupping are "his" own (first-person), because a) the song is song from Takayuki's perspective of missing Haruka, and b) pursuant to (a) above, the next line asks whether they'll meet again. How can he be holding her tears if they're not together? In the preceeding line he talks about how strong his emotions are. Presumably he's crying to himself, ne?

2: In the verse about a sepia photograph, isn't it the photo that's taught him about the passage of time? It certainly carries that message in the anime. And the tinging of something would be instructive about its aging. And doesn't oshiete kureta modify shashin?

3: In the opening line, I suppose that the imagery refers to a memory of the sunlight, not sunlight that makes him remember. Either makes sense, as they would both be associated with Haruka's brightness (hence the parallel grammatical construction with the fourth line), but I think that the clause is modifying natsu, as are the other two clauses, thus: "summer of brightly shining hot rays of the sun," "summer that I remember," and "that summer."

Enjoy, as always,


Precious Memories:

The hot sunbeams shone brilliant,
I remember from that summer.
You lived without knowing anything of suffering,
Always smiling happily.

I continued to pursue my dreams and aspirations.
The voice calling me can be heard far away.

* I was always, always, looking at you.
These straightforward emotions
Will overtake the boundless sky.
Softly, I’ll cradle my overbrimming tears
In these hands.
I wonder if we’ll be able to meet again, someday,
On that hill…

Invited by the blue wind,
The clouds change their shapes.
Having taught me of the passing of time,
The photograph is now tinged with sepia.

The small promises that the two of us exchanged
Sleep quietly in a cranny of my heart.

I will never, ever forget you.
These precious memories,
I will paint onto the unending tomorrow.
The words you gave me,
Becoming a treasure,
Will shine in my breast

* repeat
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