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Old 2012-07-10, 22:50   Link #241
Dr. Casey
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He's kidding. A 10 year old posting on message boards is uncommon enough, but if he was really so young, he'd have registered on AnimeSuki when he was five, and his early posts don't read like a preschooler's.
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Old 2012-07-11, 03:50   Link #242
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Originally Posted by ninryu View Post
Highschool is ass boring. American TV shows lied.
Well, there's also that little thing called the Status Quo...
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Old 2012-07-11, 04:55   Link #243
Sir Maddy
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Originally Posted by EssTEss View Post
Highschool? Shit. Just started University, finding it slightly better than highschool but still shit. But man, primary school? The shit
Oh man, if I could turn back time, I would so go back to primary school. My best school moments happened there.
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Old 2012-07-11, 10:58   Link #244
The Most Hated™
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i'm not trying to deny what i wrote 1 page's true my HS days were so-so but the only thing i can brag about is that in 9th grade we went to other classes and i got new classmates...

of course they saw that i'm the nerd in charge so they started bullying me. i fought back my way (i threw one of them over the classroom..i don't know how i did it cause i had 50kg and the other one more than 85kg...i grabbed his jacket and with a swift move he was something str8 from a battle manga) and tis incident made them less aggressive than usual
after a while came the turnabout....i gladly helped them, and acted towards them like the bullying never happened even though i had the chance to fail and I'd get bullied even more cause of my stupidity, BUT they became my good friends, and re-evaluated my character and taught me some things so i'd be less nerdy, and helped me fit in a little better.

i thanked them and when we have the chance we hang out & DRINK )
Go for your dreams, never give up.Because when you give up your dreams, you die!
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