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Old 2009-03-16, 20:53   Link #1901
Giroro's Bestest nakama
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Originally Posted by The Chaos View Post
Me take? Yes?
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Old 2009-03-18, 06:25   Link #1902
The Chaos
ǾΝΈ ΡЇΈΈ is the Best !!
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Originally Posted by Oyajitchi View Post
Me take? Yes?
Yes ..You Can have it

They all free if anyone want one ^_^
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Old 2009-03-20, 12:59   Link #1903
I work with computers.
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I'll just leave this here

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Old 2009-03-20, 14:38   Link #1904
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i lol'd at mikuru crying cuz it just sounded so kawaii~
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Old 2009-03-21, 15:16   Link #1905
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Originally Posted by mikoo View Post
Has anyone taken this one? If not, I'm claiming it.
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Old 2009-03-22, 21:56   Link #1906
C.C. Worshiper
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I was wondering if i could get a Gif. of Tsuruya In her maid outfit from Episode 14. 100x100
(4:01-4:04) Her Waving.
(4:09-4:13) Her Hand Movements.
That would be so great! :3

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Old 2009-03-29, 05:11   Link #1907
Killer loli xD
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I wanna request some avatar and signature of this picture:
Spoiler for haruhi piccie:

thank you very much in advance ^^
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Old 2009-04-03, 23:28   Link #1908
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Location: Somewhere where anime is real and I watch reality on TV
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avatar request
Haruhi-chan episode 16
1:04-1:06 (haruhi-chan throwing the noodles in the pot)
1:31-1:33 (mikuru crying in the corner of the screen)
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Old 2009-04-04, 22:46   Link #1909
Senior Member
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Requesting animated gif of Haruhi-chan Ep 15: 01:11 - 01:13 - Achakura chasing Kimidori-san.
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Old 2009-04-05, 15:16   Link #1910
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Originally Posted by LumpOfCole View Post
I'll just leave this here

zomg so cute xDDD
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Old 2009-04-09, 06:09   Link #1911
Humanoid Interface
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Hi, can I get an animated avatar of Yuki Nagato from about half way through episode 12 of "The Melencholy of Haruhi Suzumiya", when she is circling the mouse in the air, I'm sorry I can't be more specific on the time frame, I have no idea how to tell the exact time, my DVD set includes all three episodes on the time count.

Also could I get a banner that says in white on a black background "Yuki N.> There may be an outbreak of inconsistencies in the transmission of data..." and then in the background smaller and fainter "Yuki N.> When I murmur the forbidden words, it will end...",
> ERROR" (Disc error can be used several times) and "Yuki N.> Sleeping beauty" finally in the left corner a picture of Yuki.

If this was all done I would love whoever did it for life.

Last edited by Daftmouse; 2009-04-16 at 01:08.
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Old 2009-04-13, 17:34   Link #1912
shinku no kage
:Still Yayoi's Onii~chan:
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Sorry to be bother a bother again to all the GFX people here but I'd really love to get an animated avy of Nagato from ep18 of Haruhi-chan. #1 seeked scene is the part when she throws a fit and throws that red rock. (around 1:25~1:30ish) The other Nagato scenes are ALWAYS appreciated though. ^^;

~Thanks always. m (_ _) m
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Old 2009-04-15, 02:59   Link #1913
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Location: I wish I knew. :/
Sorry if this has been done before, but can I have an avatar of:

0:25 - 0:27
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Old 2009-04-19, 19:43   Link #1914
Senior Member
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Umm... if RmX doesn't mind, I would like to use this at another forum. Would anyone mind editing out the name over Ryouko please?

Also, kinda a looking for request... Would anyone also have a copy of the beautiful signiture of the pne where the 4 genderbent SOS Brigade members are surrounded by a thick black boarder and a smaller version of Kyonko is in the middle? It's another one I would really really like to use, but my computer crashed so I lost the image...

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Old 2009-04-20, 01:57   Link #1915
性転換 団長
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I don't mind at all.

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Old 2009-04-22, 20:48   Link #1916
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Originally Posted by DJ_RockmanX View Post
I don't mind at all.
It's just so lovely, I couldn't help it.

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Old 2009-04-26, 20:24   Link #1917
Junior Member
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Send a message via Yahoo to silentwill
can i request a signature

Spoiler for signature request:

text: silentwill.. must be 350X150 below 50kb..

thanks for the signature ^^
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Old 2009-04-30, 10:57   Link #1918
*IT Support
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Originally Posted by CarpeDiem View Post
I haven't been one to work on GIFs, but it recently, it seems like something I might enjoy trying. If it's no good, just leave me some feedback so that I can work on it.

Can I use it?
Ipsa scientia potestas est.

Watching at the moment: click on the image.

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Old 2009-05-02, 10:40   Link #1919
Well I FEEL normal..
Join Date: Apr 2009

Here's somethin' I made hur-de-dur
Finally figured out stroke augh

Last edited by vedicardi; 2009-05-02 at 10:59.
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Old 2009-05-06, 12:58   Link #1920
The Chaos
ǾΝΈ ΡЇΈΈ is the Best !!
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Freebies avatars from Haruhi-Chan ^__^

. . . .
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Closed Thread

avatars, signatures

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