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View Poll Results: Who Has the Upper hand?
Light (Kira) 130 47.10%
L 81 29.35%
Equal ground 65 23.55%
Voters: 276. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 2006-10-19, 17:38   Link #21
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Nice post Shay...I will say L could have aslight advantage:

L should use his wit to Find Kira, I remember that the anime Initial D was said, that usually the one who is pursued is the one with the more pressure and thus prone to make mistakes, differently from the one who is the pursuer, this gives L and edge.

But then, Kira has the element of the unknow person and that that He is using supernatural powers to Kill.

EDIT...Wao this poll is so good that so far the votes are very tight
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Old 2006-10-19, 19:02   Link #22
White Manju Bun
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ok this is only through epi 2 but at this point L does have a slight advantage. He was able to conclude so many things just based off how Raito was killing ppl. I dont think Raito expected L to figure out he was in that specific area of Japan that easily.

But Raito is smart so it will definitely rotate who has the advantage

~cant wait til they get further into the series!!!~
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Old 2006-10-20, 09:40   Link #23
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Until ep2 Light still hold the upper hand because L not yet know how he kill people without direct contact and L only know he live in Kanto area. However, L is impresive for pinpoint Kira with only a few clues.
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Old 2006-10-20, 23:56   Link #24
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Episode 3 for the most part really illustrates to us again the balance between both sides. Every time L uncovers another crucial piece of evidence and you think that he has gained the upper hand, you find out that Light was actually not as reckless as you originally thought. Each side seems able to anticipate the other side's actions, making it difficult to tell who is really chasing whom. Each side has an edge in this truly masterful duel, and either one can convince you that they'll be the one that ultimately ends up on top.

Spoiler for episode 3 ending:
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Old 2006-10-21, 13:50   Link #25
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I think its safe to say Light has the upper hand.

I mean, he's been taking a very direct approach to his killing spree. The book allows him to attribute someone's death however he sees fit, however. As long as he can get a little more creative, he can really throw in a few twists...For example, what's there to say when criminals start killing eachother/killing themselves, freak accidents occur, etc...

Also, all he has to do is destroy the book when times get desperate and poof, no evidence...

As for my own was incredibly stupid to try and attack L. Not only was it exactly what was expected, but it lowered him to maniacal killer from righteous killer. L didn't deserve to die...Light should have taken the high road, as he claims to be doing...

EDIT: more post commentary...why doesnt he see the goodness that can come from the death note? if he can attribute death however he feels like, why doesnt he just write his own name and say "will die in 100 years naturally in sleep"...problem solved?
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Old 2006-10-21, 14:01   Link #26
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Originally Posted by SuperAfroPenguin View Post

Also, all he has to do is destroy the book when times get desperate and poof, no evidence...
I could be wrong but I don't think the deathnote can be destroyed that easily. I mean it is the book of a Shinigami* after all. Maybe Ryuk isn't telling Light the whole truth about the deathnote.

I personally think the evidence is here to stay and I still think L has the edge.


Originally Posted by SuperAfroPenguin View Post
EDIT: more post commentary...why doesnt he see the goodness that can come from the death note? if he can attribute death however he feels like, why doesnt he just write his own name and say "will die in 100 years naturally in sleep"...problem solved?
Hmm... I'll have to think about that one...
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Old 2006-10-21, 14:27   Link #27
Azuma Denton
Join Date: Oct 2006
I'll vote for L since i like his personality better...

Last edited by NightWish; 2006-10-21 at 17:01.
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Old 2006-10-23, 23:03   Link #28
Special UFO Hunter
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ligth has the upper hand

probably the main fact is his father, at least for now
i haven't read the manga, so it's just my opinion
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Old 2006-10-24, 01:50   Link #29
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As of episode 3 L has the upperhand, and is a good length ahead of Light. I mean, he has a list of only 141 families that contain the possible suspect. With enough time he can find that light is the culprit...however, if light goes ahead and gets the death god eyes, that will shift the balance some. Though L knows that the name and face are required, it wouldnt take long to figure out that only face is required with the eyes. All in all I guess Lights situtation doesnt change too much, other then he can take out his tail. Which it seems like he may do that, and if he does take out his tail, then L will know it was him.
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Old 2006-10-24, 10:12   Link #30
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I have to give it to L at the moment. L came in too smooth with the planing.
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Old 2006-10-25, 07:39   Link #31
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Light has the upper hand on ep2, while on ep3 L gets it... well, L;s theory was right that Kira(Light) is in kantou & again guessed that Kira could kill w/o laying a single finger on them, L's investigation is superb... If Light would get hold of those shinigami eyes... well....

I could say they are equal for now...
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Old 2006-10-27, 17:26   Link #32
Join Date: Apr 2006
Raito has absolutely no lead no clue about L & if he does not reveal HIMSELF (by himself, sounds weird >.< ) then there is no way he Raito can find him.

L, on the other hand, has already narrowed to the country--> region & possible people who can have close contact with Kira. + L is already guessing that Raito can't really kill people he cant see (by asking to check records of dead criminals)

it would be very hard to ACTUALLy catch Kira with evidence though. damn, its hard to talk or even evaluate, since I've read the manga
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Old 2006-10-28, 04:56   Link #33
Lord Embok
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After watching episode two, I was immediately favoring L in their conflict. The moment that L showed up on the television, I knew that the worst thing that Light could possibly do was kill him, and that he would do exactly that.

Light's ambition is to become a god, correct? There is one thing that all gods need, and that is followers. Light has followers because he is taking out criminals. When Faux L went up on the screen, he stated that he worked for the law. Light should have known that killing Faux L would have taken away from a resource that he would almost definitely need later. This poor thought on Light's part shows that he isn't thinking far enough in the future. If this doesn't change, Light is going to be at a disadvantage throughout this conflict.

On the other hand, L showed off his cunning strategy and high quality deduction skills. He made Light divulge a lot of information without giving away much himself. It may have been a better move to allow Light to believe that he had truly defeated L, but based off of the rest of his performance in this episode I am inclined to believe that he has a reason for it.

So really, after the second episode Light has made an error that caused him to lose followers, and to have his location revealed to L. With that combined with L's logical abilities, it seems that L has the upper hand at the end of episode two.

*heads off to watch ep3*
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Old 2006-10-29, 06:03   Link #34
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Whao! Light just stepped up a gear.

He is quickly becoming a master of the deathnote. He is using it to perfection. Just like Ryuk said, he is a more worthy Shinigami than most actual Shingami's.

However, did he take it too far? It seems just going on the date was sufficient for, Ray Penbar to strike him off the list. Surely L will see all this commotion as more than just a coincidence.

Or will Ray even get to make a report, now that Light knows his name? If Light kills Ray too soon it will be all L needs... No. Light is too clever for that. He will probably wait until Ray is following someone else, then kill him.

I love this anime.

Edit: lol Light has taken the lead! Could it be any closer!/
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Old 2006-10-29, 12:09   Link #35
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I think L has the upper hand since Light stills do not know who L is and where L is etc. However, L already narrow Kira down to 150ish households.

So pretty much like most mentioned, L has way more info on who might kira be and what kira could do.
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Old 2006-10-29, 12:50   Link #36
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after ep 4 light has the least he has a foot hold to step on via Ray Penbar and hopefully able to squeeze some info out of him while L is still above clouds

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Old 2006-10-29, 13:03   Link #37
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From episode 3;

I feel that Light is giving too much of himself away. Just killing one criminal an hour tells L. more about his ability: namely, that he can kill criminals at any time he dictates.

Also, and worse IMO, Light reveals indirectly to L. that he has a link to the police - of course, that may have been what Light wanted, but you can see from his assumption (of what L. would do, investigate the police etc etc.) that Light is getting too full of himself. He directly assumes what he thinks L. will do to be what L. will do, and he believes the assumed outcome/consequence of what L. will do to be true. So I think that that overconfidence, along with his rashness, will bring about Light's downfall.

L. on the other hand stays in the shadows, revealing nothing about himself or the way he works. I think, from first impressions that L. has the upperhand.

(lol tie-break!)
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Old 2006-10-30, 06:25   Link #38
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Once Light find out about "Watari" being L's contact then I will give Light the upperhand.
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Old 2006-10-30, 11:16   Link #39
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hahahaa sorry.! i know it's no link at all... but Happy Birthday to L kun~! and Happy Halloween to all... =))

hopefully i wun get banned for tt... :X
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Old 2006-10-31, 17:34   Link #40
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Kira has the upper hand even though L basically has eniter country looking for him. But the biggest problem I feel is this. It feels like L just pulls his theries right out of his ass! I mean how could L even begin to think that L is a student. We know this because the series fallows Kiras side of the story fr the most part. There is no way to know that Kira is a student from the evidence the police have gathered.
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