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Old 2022-07-21, 08:18   Link #3061
Haven't You Heard?
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Originally Posted by Sixth View Post
I would prefer the route where both of them have a talk at the abandoned house instead of this.
Me too, the flow was much more natural compare to this.
Life is simple, that's why it became complicated. -
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Old 2022-07-21, 12:04   Link #3062
President of TecoT
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Originally Posted by Tactics View Post
Me too, the flow was much more natural compare to this.
Didn't like the part where Saitama became stronger after fighting in space. Kind of go against his setting.
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Old 2022-07-21, 17:31   Link #3063
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Originally Posted by grecefar View Post
I thought boros was strong enough to make saitama try... he wasn't even close.

Saitama is insane strong.
No one will ever be able to, Saitama's power just grow infinitely and the stronger the opponent the quicker he grows. He is literally invincible, the moment you get close to him of 1 step, he already made the next 100 steps.
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Old 2022-07-21, 17:44   Link #3064
Kana Hanazawa ♥
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Yeah, after reading this chapter, I would have rather have had the therapy session end. But hey, this is Murata, for all we know he'll release a redraw of the chapter in two weeks that's going to change everything.
Rize and Kaneki
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Old 2022-08-04, 08:00   Link #3065
Hu Tao
Join Date: Oct 2006
Meh...the original ending was better.

No one, except for Genos, knows anything about Saitama's strength in the end.

Rank S heroes learned about Saitama's strength was the key focus of the next arc in the original.
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Old 2022-11-19, 16:51   Link #3066
LG-MAX 2.o
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I finally finished Garou vs Saitama murata version.
Personally I think that in the web manga everything got better.
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Old 2022-11-23, 05:31   Link #3067
Mad Pierrot
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Old 2022-11-23, 20:38   Link #3068
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Originally Posted by Mad Pierrot View Post
more important is Fubuki VA is Saori Hayami...
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action, overpowered mc, superhero

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