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View Poll Results: Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans - Episode 05 Rating
Perfect 10 14 27.45%
9 out of 10 : Excellent 23 45.10%
8 out of 10 : Very Good 9 17.65%
7 out of 10 : Good 3 5.88%
6 out of 10 : Average 2 3.92%
5 out of 10 : Below Average 0 0%
4 out of 10 : Poor 0 0%
3 out of 10 : Bad 0 0%
2 out of 10 : Very Bad 0 0%
1 out of 10 : Painful 0 0%
Voters: 51. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 2015-11-01, 02:31   Link #1
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Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans Episode 5 Discussion / Poll

Welcome to the discussion thread for Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans, Episode 5.

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Old 2015-11-01, 05:34   Link #2
You are Dominated!
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Episode 5

Destroy This Rebirth
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Old 2015-11-01, 05:55   Link #3
Junior Member
Join Date: Aug 2007
nice episode...

maybe right now they will be call barbatos as a gundam
donie is offline   Reply With Quote
Old 2015-11-01, 06:00   Link #4
Join Date: Jan 2011
Mika sure is popular with girls. To have two girls come to you at the hanger.
Loved the action for this episode.
I thought that old-dude would get caught for his betrayel much later but I guess not
So far this series has simply been awesome for me. ...Finally the horror of Age and G no Reco will dissapear from my mind....
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Old 2015-11-01, 06:02   Link #5
Senior Member
Join Date: Feb 2015
Originally Posted by LightningZERO View Post
Episode 5

Why the hell does this never work for me anymore ever since I moved back to the East Coast it never plays anymore.
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Old 2015-11-01, 06:31   Link #6
Senior Member
Join Date: Jul 2014
I guess that's one way to treat a traitor.
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Old 2015-11-01, 06:32   Link #7
Ryuuoh DeltaPlus
A Random Lurker
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Location: Philippines
This episode really packed a punch!

The way they dealed with Todo's really amusing
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Old 2015-11-01, 06:54   Link #8
Obelisk ze Tormentor
Black Steel Knight
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Location: Indonesia
Another winner episode. The show finally went with the traditional cat-&-mouse game, and it was as tense as the best moments in Gundam series like the Whitebase/Archangel/Ptolemaios chase with the opposing force. Orga is one sly bastard. That’s one good tactic there.

Gaelio’s piloting skill is not bad for someone with a custom MS. But not really above Jerid-level from Zeta . Let’s see if he can improve.

Oh, and we have an “official” name for our Char-clone. No, it’s not “The Red Comet” nor “The Lightning Count” nor “The Hawk of Endymion”. It’s “Chocolate-man”!! Must be the best Char-clone nickname yet!

So, Mika has been snacking on Mars currant or something, and Atra is the one who supplied him all this time. Girl, I hope you didn’t put something in it .

Last but not least, don't tell me that Todo will be the Patrick Colasour of this series . That man deserve a long and painful death. Speaking of painful death: goodbye Coral and good riddance. That mace-piledriver-through-cockpit death must have granted him a rest in pieces .
Obelisk ze Tormentor is online now   Reply With Quote
Old 2015-11-01, 06:59   Link #9
Senior Member
Join Date: Jul 2014
Location: Somewhere on Earth
Great action and risky strategy! I gotta give Eugene some credit for pulling that off as that looked hard as hell. Mika is a legit badass pilot imo. "It's that Chocolate Man". Ha. I got a feeling they will face each other again in the future. Gaelio's piloting skills is alright, didn't impress me that much though.

Todo got what he deserved lol. The coward bastard has gotten on almost everyone's nerves including mine
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Old 2015-11-01, 07:03   Link #10
Senior Member
Join Date: Sep 2011
I dont think theres much I can say other than this episode really delivered

Keep it up!!!

Next episode seems to be a breather, as they head for earth and each side figures out how they are gonna handle each other in their next encounter

Gotta say the standard Graze's fare much better in space too, though thats sorta to be expected with zero gravity

The most interesting part though is where McGillis notes that throughout history MS bearing that name (Gundam) have appeared in key points in history.......hmmmmmmmm
Skye629 is offline   Reply With Quote
Old 2015-11-01, 07:04   Link #11
Senior Member
Join Date: Dec 2008
Age: 27
The animation quality has taken a weird turn. The models was not detailed a lot of the times, but the movement was top notch.
Zantetsuken is offline   Reply With Quote
Old 2015-11-01, 07:08   Link #12
Join Date: Oct 2015
The orbital mechanics were a bit wonky - objects in lower orbit are faster than objects in higher orbit. With that being said, Tekkadan's ship wasn't all that lower than her pursuers, so the speed difference shouldn't have been that great... I'll give the writers a pass.

Splendid episode, all in all. I love the gritty combat - no lasers, no beam weapons, just cold metal. It's refreshing, really!

Also, Chocolate-man? That's probably the most fitting name I've heard in the series for a Char-clone.
dienrachen is offline   Reply With Quote
Old 2015-11-01, 07:17   Link #13
( ಠ_ಠ)
Join Date: Jul 2006
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Wired swing by ftw

Haven't had this much fun watching Gundam for over a decade
aohige is offline   Reply With Quote
Old 2015-11-01, 07:32   Link #14
Senior Member
Join Date: Dec 2005
Heh... I was just smirking along with McGillis when he brought up the historical reference to Gundam and lol at the end there having a sense of humour he is pretty cool
Boukenxha is offline   Reply With Quote
Old 2015-11-01, 07:45   Link #15
Obelisk ze Tormentor
Black Steel Knight
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Location: Indonesia
I just hope the “historical”-thing about the Gundams that McGillis mentioned is only referring to this series own history of the Calamity War and not the stupid Dark History. Turn-A being the one show that shove that stupid concept down our throat is more than enough.
Obelisk ze Tormentor is online now   Reply With Quote
Old 2015-11-01, 07:46   Link #16
Titans Test Team Pilot
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Location: The Elysium
Really loving the space battle here. Using solid projectiles is a very neat change for once. Devastating at close range (Mika punching a hole through that unnamed Graze's cockpit), while disruptive at best at longer ranges (Akihiro knocking around distant targets)

Having Todo thrown out this early was a surprise but it also speak volumes about Orga seeing through Todo's acts despite them being done out of his view.

Also, that G-Saviour armor purge move.
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Old 2015-11-01, 07:48   Link #17
Obelisk ze Tormentor
Black Steel Knight
Join Date: Jul 2011
Location: Indonesia
Originally Posted by StratoSpear View Post
Also, that G-Saviour armor purge move.
Please don't remind me of that awful movie
Obelisk ze Tormentor is online now   Reply With Quote
Old 2015-11-01, 07:51   Link #18
Senior Member
Join Date: Jun 2006
I was expecting Todo to be airlocked but not live in a closet sized lifepod. Orga is too nice to execute people himself.

Heh~ Anybody else loving proper English in IBO?

Goodness Mika "Chocolate Man",you make MacGillis sound like a pedophile without meaning to.

Coral is dead. At least he won't suffer anymore with his constant bungling schemes to spark a war.

The Inspector want to capture Kudelia to turn her to a puppet in order to deal with the independence movement. They and their Gjallarhorn bosses aren't war mongers but they like status quo.

I'm guessing the reason why Gjallarhorn does not want Mars to be independent is that it would show it is not needed anymore.

Funding would not only dry up on Mars but on the rest of Earth Sphere and Out Sphere. Gjallarhorn would be obsolete.

I'm guessing Gjallarhorn would pull a coup just to keep control eventually.
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Old 2015-11-01, 07:55   Link #19
Patriot's Blade
its Ghost Madoka time!!!
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so Akihiro's Graze isn't equiped with the Alaya-Vijnana System? which makes him hard to pilot the machine unless he either trained hard enough or they later modify the cockpit to implement the system,

could have sworn Eugene's stunt with the ship's cable was wacky as hell, at least he made it in one piece, despite Orga even joking about his so called death flag "apologize to him in heaven"

i thought "Chocolate man" was a more fitting name for that detective guy from AGE,

the moon was severely damaged during the Calamity War & it isn't bright anymore? that just sounds like an Aldnoah.Zero reference, so instead of a space colony dropped on Australia like what Zeon did, its a piece of the moon that made the crater?
"legends said that Alto Saotome made a correct decision, he left both Ranka Lee & Sheryl Nome to marry the skies & proceed to make love with her, it was a long sight to behold according to the witnesses, the sky is now pregnant"
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Old 2015-11-01, 07:59   Link #20
Lumine Passio
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More and more like human, huh?

You know, Coral's death is actually because of human's habit (turning around when startled, instead of accelerate his way out), which is foolish - at that range, even the Ahab particles couldn't block sensors. Why should you turn back to see death coming to you?

Hmm... Do you like Mikazuki to keep Fareed, Gaelio and Ein as his enemies throughout the series and kill them one by one, or, for at least one to switch side or become neutral?
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