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Old 2015-07-11, 11:37   Link #1
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How To Motivate Others To Do Better

What the title said.

I am now leading a team of half-past sixes, with a mix of worn out overworked people, those who are so scatterbrained that they can't get anything right, dependents who cannot make their own decisions or take a risk, and of course, the ones who don't even care about work at all.

I am usually genius when it comes to making life difficult for others so they don't fall off the bottomline, but pushing others to perform better is a ridiculous task for my sadistic personality.


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Old 2015-07-11, 11:50   Link #2
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One way this could be done is to lead by example. Project the image you want your team to follow and over time subconsciously or not they will follow your demeanour. If you are positive and upbeat then this will tend to rub off. Being polite and respectful will also encourage others to do the same. You set the tone for the work atmosphere so use that to your advantage.

When it comes to leadership don't expect people to do things you aren't prepared to do. Most colleagues will appreciate a hard worker who gets "stuck in" and just doesn't delegate all day long. Saying that there are times when delegation is necessary and in this regard selectively choosing who to delegate what task is an important skill. The act of delegating can be an exercise in showing you have confidence in your team members ability so it can be a tool to utilise. On the other hand delegation can lead to personal development which leads to a stronger more developed team. The key in this is to delegate when necessary but still demonstrate that you are working hard and not just passing the buck.

In any case being fair and listening to what your team members have to say and do not fob them off. Be transparent and if you disagree with what they say explain why you have differing opinions and not simply say no. People don't have to agree with your actions but by explaining things you show you acknowledge their feelings. People don't like feeling ignored or not part of the decision making process.

As for the colleagues it is important to recognise and acknowledge good work when you see it. This can be simple like saying thank you after they help you out or recalling a time they did something right. If criticism needs to be given try and give it in a "sandwich" format, that is say one good point then follow with criticism followed by some positive feedback. By starting on a good note before hitting the negative you start a conversation on a positive tone thus making them less defensive when you have to say negative things to your colleagues. This will increase the chances they actually follow through with your advice. Those are general principles from my experiences of leading people but I am sure others could add to this.
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Old 2015-07-11, 12:16   Link #4
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Incentivize rather than punish. Be lavish in praises and recognition. Reduce emphasis on fault-finding and placing blame, increase focus on finding solutions (that is not to say don't evaluate or make corrections of course). Build relationships with your team and have genuine care for them. People also need to understand the stakes and how their role contributes to the big picture. They need to be able to link team goals to their own personal goals. In other words, they need to be able to see how achieving the team goal will translate to their own benefits (which may not always be monetary terms, recognition can be one of them, etc. etc.). This is a very generic suggestion I'm giving, a lot depends on the constraints of your environment as well. "John C Maxwell" books on leadership are my bible when it comes to leading teams. There are by far the best books on leadership that I've found to date.
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Old 2015-07-11, 15:04   Link #5
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Hard thing about leadership is you have to understand what motivates your people individually and work with that. You also need to know when to be nice and when to punish. Management had taught me one thing through all the years, the people above you are morons that don't understand how things work in the real world and the people below you are a bunch of idiots that could possible drown in a puddle
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Old 2015-07-12, 02:49   Link #6
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A promising reward can fill people with a drive they didn't know they could ever have! If they're an emotional bunch...I trust you've read at least one sports manga, share your big dream of becoming #1 and become their inspiration if they lack any kind of motivation to do so on their own.
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Old 2015-07-12, 02:54   Link #7
Ha ha ha ha ha...
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Positive reinforcement always works better than negative reinforcement.
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Old 2015-07-14, 15:27   Link #8
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Old 2015-07-15, 02:24   Link #9
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The key in this is to delegate when necessary but still demonstrate that you are working hard and not just passing the buck.
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