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Old 2012-03-10, 23:32   Link #61
Kyero Fox
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Can't we make a shit ton of air craft carriers and fly over the earth until it hits and we land?
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Old 2012-03-11, 00:52   Link #62
The Comet has Come
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Tachyon based "Wave Motion" technology. For when you really have to blow up the entire continent.

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Old 2012-03-11, 01:10   Link #63
milan kyuubi
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There is something more scarier out there then asteroids and gama rays. This.....

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Old 2012-03-11, 09:57   Link #64
Deadpan Snarker
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Originally Posted by erneiz_hyde View Post
Interesting. Though, that is a scenario of "civilization as we know it has ended" aka "post-apocalyptic world", and not "what would you do if in two days the most life will die". Though indeed it's a more interesting idea to explore because the latter will pretty much only result in chaos and anarchy.

I don't watch those movies, but personally I think that "the mad bikers are unlikely" is a little too trusting towards human nature. Even in stable times, we already have rebellious groups marauding around. At times of chaos, these people would likely start alone at first, but will later get absorbed in larger groups as they move about (for the WAAAGH! ). So they ARE cooperating, forming one kind of community, just in a very destructive way. Even if they would ultimately be smaller in number than the "normal" communities, they are pretty much guaranteed to exist, at least for quite some time. I agree though that "normal" communities will function pretty much like how you described. And I might add that if you throw in "scarce resources" in the equation, even clashes between "normal" communities would eventually occur to secure control of said resources for themselves.
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