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To Be Heroine

Futaba is a clever high school girl. One day, she is suddenly sucked into another world. This dark world is a world without light and the inhabitants are only children wearing panties. Arriving there, Futaba is the only one wearing clothes and she will become the heroine of this world where clothes are the strongest weapons.
You thought Hinamatsuri was funny. This Haoliners production is a late dark horse of the season, with action scenes, heart pumping music, and comedy that wouldn't lose to One Punch Man. The Japanese dub cut some scenes and even replaced the fight scene music. Watch the original here. I think it's a legit youtube source.

Jcafe is up!

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Psyco Diver
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That was a "interesting" first episode, it's been a while since I've watched a real WTF anime
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This is a really great anime!

The Chinese original is up to episode 6 and I watched all the way and it's fantastic!!

As you get farther, you start to realize that everything symbolizes stuff and it's really cool! The message that the anime/donghua ends up giving is really cohesive and well put together.

There are subs on the Chinese dub up to episode 2 right now if people bother to look.

I agree that the sound track is better on Chinese.
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action, ecchi, reverse harem

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