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Spiderman : Fake Red

Name : Spiderman Fake Red/スパイダーマン 偽りの赤
Author/Artist : Oosawa Yusuke (Green Worldz, Star Wars The Mandalorian)

Yu Onomae's life could be going better. He's burning out in the elite high school he managed to get into, skipping class to go to practice bouldering instead, failing to make friends or connections. He feels like he could never be as adored as New York City's friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, which makes him all the more conflicted when he stumbles across a cast-off costume from the wall-crawler. Impulsively putting the suit on sees Yu encouraged by the city's expectations of anyone who wears that mask, especially with the real Spider-Man seemingly missing. Yu may be faking that he has any great power, but that doesn't mean he's exempt from the great responsibility of being Spider-Man.
Was rereading this manga take on Spiderman (it originally ran from 2019-2020) and realised there was no discussion on it here, so I put one up to see what people think of it.

Comic readers on other forums seemed to largely enjoy it, especially the mangaka's thematics on what it means to be a hero, metaphorical adoption of roles in life, etc. (They say they found it even better than what USA-based writers come up with.)

Sadly the series was cancelled after 14 chapters, due to low Japanese sales.

(FYI that Fake Red was the winning entry in a 2018 Marvel/Kodansha-sponsored manga competition held in Japan. Winner got 3 million yen and contract to publish the manga in Shounen Magazine.)

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I've been meaning to check it out. As far as manga based on Superhero properties go, it seemed pretty interesting.
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Originally Posted by Frontier View Post
I've been meaning to check it out. As far as manga based on Superhero properties go, it seemed pretty interesting.
There's been some pretty interesting takes on superhero properties from Japanese mangaka (and this is just for Marvel stuff for now, DC stuff will take up too much space).

Like the runner-up entry to Fake Red, Kid Venom, whose premise is "the Alien Symbiote bonded with the legendary Sakata Kintoki/Kintarou".

(Interestingly Marvel will be serialising it starting this April - they got the mangaka to do the story and art, but chose to skip the Japanese market and directly publish it for Western/US readers in a 4-issue comic miniseries.)

Or the ongoing Spiderman : Octopus Girl, which features the adventures of Otto Octavius after a consciousness transfer attempt ends up with his soul cohabiting the body of a Japanese middle school girl (it's more wholesome than it sounds, plus its from the same team that did MHA Vigilantes).

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