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Old 2014-12-06, 15:55   Link #21
Senior Member
Join Date: Jul 2006
Thought it was boring.
I'm fine with talking episodes, but the speech william gave isn't really anything special.. its the same standard fight with me blah blah speech we seen hundreds of times, and it wasn't particularly grand either.

Only part I liked was him reminiscing back when he was a newbie wishing to be invited along with into the tea party, but once he got to lv90, it disbanded.
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Old 2014-12-06, 16:18   Link #22
Join Date: Mar 2007
Just what I expected from the same person who wrote Meido Ane's speech, how much I can relate to William's monologue is unbelievable. While it won't quite reach into the hearts of everybody (especially non-gamers) like in Maoyuu; If you were a serious MMO player at any part in your life, this episode should resonates within you loudly.

This ep should be required viewing after any raid wipe.
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Old 2014-12-06, 16:37   Link #23
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Originally Posted by HandofFate View Post
its the same standard fight with me blah blah speech we seen hundreds of times,
Really didn't feel that way to me, especially since what jolted William into action was the statement that "Elder Tale has abandoned them", causing him to think back into why he got into Elder Tale and loved it so much. It actually felt more like William trying to reassure himself, which in turn reassured his guild, and then only at the end did he make it into an actual inspirational speech.

It's especially poignant since I can completely relate to everything William says this episode, including everything he says about gaming.

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Old 2014-12-06, 16:39   Link #24
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Originally Posted by LKK View Post
I'm a non-gamer, but as someone who was into science fiction long before it became acceptable, I could easily identify with William. An excellent episode.
Yeah, I game here and there, but nothing like MMO's, but I could certainly relate to what he was saying. Over the years I was and still am into some hobbies some people just don't and won't get, especially if you start talking about the money/spending factor for some. Things like, "You spent WHAT on a DOLL/TOY!?".
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Old 2014-12-06, 16:42   Link #25
We're Back
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Originally Posted by HandofFate View Post
Thought it was boring.
I'm fine with talking episodes, but the speech william gave isn't really anything special.. its the same standard fight with me blah blah speech we seen hundreds of times, and it wasn't particularly grand either.
The difference is how this is infinitely more easier it is for us to relate to William because that's almost exactly what a lot of us have experienced before than your standard battle against an seemingly unbeatable foe.

It might not be the hobby of gaming, but how many times have people questioned your Anime hobbies? I got the double whammy of being both a gamer and anime watcher.
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Old 2014-12-06, 16:59   Link #26
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"Lol look at this loser and his video games when he could go out clubbing!" "lol look at this loser and his anime when he could go out on a date!" William, we know that feel.
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Old 2014-12-06, 17:23   Link #27
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I'm glad they just spent the whole episode on that. It felt very right to go that route. I liked how William's speech actually took a while to get going. He wasn't even sure what he wanted to say or what he needed to say at that moment. But just thinking on his past and what they've all been through did he finally reach his answer. This had to be a truly shocking turn of events for this group and thus the reason for them to get back up again needed that much time dedicated to it.

I'll give the author credit, very good at speech work. This was a speech for this group and what they needed. Some fair points as well in there. How many of them were 100% horrified by their situation? This was a raid guild that had dedicated so much time and energy to what they were doing. Dropped in there with the closest of friends.

Kind of funny how admiration can be held with two people for different reasons. William really respected Shiroe for a lot of reasons, but the same goes for Shiroe. The ability to honestly speak with his guild and pull them back together, that's something special as well.
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Old 2014-12-06, 17:30   Link #28
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that was a long speech, but it was really good and I can related in some parts, also good job William, that was awesome.
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Old 2014-12-06, 17:52   Link #29
Blooming on the mountain
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I also thought it was a pretty good ep, and even if a little long-winded or if I disagreed with how he said things at times I still thought it was heartfelt and precisely what the others needed to hear at that time - he raised their spirits and helped them to shake off their discouragement and faintheartedness.

It is interesting that they dedicated so much attention to this pouring out of William's heart like may not be clear now but it may later show to be more important than we think.


Note - I have not read the novels, so the above really is my musing aloud. I honestly do not know if it will prove to be so or no.
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Old 2014-12-06, 18:10   Link #30
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Originally Posted by LoweGear View Post
This episode.... if you're a gamer, this episode will hit right in the feels. ;-;
Originally Posted by Chaos2Frozen View Post
Goddamnit I actually tear'd up a little, kudos to the soundtrack as always.
It was nothing short of being outstanding. Just damn, bgm + atmosphere & William nailed it.

Especially that part of when you want to join a guild (or in his case dat legendary party) you have nothing but respect for while being underleveled. Then when you are on the edge of reaching the requirements the guild disbands.

Probably my favorite ep so far of this season, really glad this was an episode long.

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Old 2014-12-06, 20:08   Link #31
Netto Azure
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William spoke to me. Yeah, I know it would be perceived by regular society as "weird" or "abnormal," but once you made the social connections in MMO's (heck even the web) it really does feel as real as a real world relationship. Which is why it is always sad to see a guild slowly lose members over time, but the memories carved by the bits of 1's and 0's in-game are still as real as the ones you have done in real life.

Human's are social creatures, the marginalized in our society craves to drag itself out of isolation and loneliness, Online social games are just one way of doing so. Hence why E-sports is starting to garner so much popularity over the past decade. What makes it so different from the regular sports of today? (physical exercise notwithstanding)
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Old 2014-12-06, 20:11   Link #32
a random Indonesian otaku
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this episode should be one of a boring one

but since I'm a gamer, I totally approve that monologue!
lol... He is a hikkikomori and gamer nerd then... what a confession
I like the fact that he is actually regretting leaving Round Table Alliance and he is also one of the secret admirer of Debauchery.
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Old 2014-12-06, 23:50   Link #33
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Yeah, its nice to see William's point of view on everything (as well as his more "plain" real self, heh, how many of us have hunched over a computer long into the night), not to mention outright admitting he's happy to be "trapped" in the game. That looks like the core group of his guild, with the rest having drifted away (dying is bad enough, but the faint feelings from the "afterlife" makes dying even harder). I don't even mind Demikas there as a counterpoint, an outsider, but he wasn't just being his typical loud, rude self either. More than anything else, it was partially "just" a rousing speech, but also seeing those friends stand up together for one more try is great. Even the outsiders appreciate.

Also loved that contrast between William and Shiroe at the end as guildmasters. Shiroe is definitely a great strategist, the brains of the Debauchery Tea Party, but William has the personal loyalty of his guild. Shiroe probably couldn't manage that, not yet at least, since he's almost a stranger to the lower level players. But looks like he's going to try to be more honest from now on, and he's caught up to Akatsuki's story, so now just one more push, and the preview looks great.
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Old 2014-12-07, 00:29   Link #34
Strangely dependable...
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That was an unbelievably long monologue but, surprisingly, I didn't find it all that boring. It actually held my attention through the entire episode.

I'm not a gamer but, as an anime fan, I can partly relate to William's monologue. Real life society always has this stigma about anime and anime fans.

I'm looking forward to seeing what card Shiroe has up his sleeves to defeat these 3 boss.
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Old 2014-12-07, 01:19   Link #35
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I enjoyed this episode greatly honestly. That speech was very upfront, and great for those that can relate to it. While on the other hand, it would be very difficult, which would make it a boring episode.

I'm the former and that speech + the soundtrack made this an enjoyable episode from start to finish for me.
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Old 2014-12-07, 06:47   Link #36
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I understand that Nakamura Yuuichi (William's VA) is a hardcore gamer like his character (as expected from the man who co-hosted Tokyo Encounter with Sugita Tomokazu! ).

Perhaps, William's (and Mamare's) words have touched him as well, and it was both William and Nakamura that we heard in this episode =3

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Old 2014-12-07, 09:39   Link #37
Marcus H.
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Mamare-sensei has done it again. After that speech by the Elder Sister Maid in Maoyuu, William's monologue once more proves the author's ability in making characters who can make other people turn their heads and listen.
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Old 2014-12-07, 10:58   Link #38
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Excelent episode, i play games a lot too so it really hit the feel, yes william you right, it doesnt matter if it useless or stupid, if you enjoy it then its all good, win or lose it doesnt matter, if you have fun then so be it.

Although i wont lie, when the speech went halfway it somehow become somekind of promo ad for elder tale game

William: *something2 japanese* elder tale *something2 japanese* elder talee *japanese words* elder tale!!!

In real life i think he could work in elder tale marketing division
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Old 2014-12-07, 11:08   Link #39
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Lets be real, all of us were unpaid-shrills for a game or anime at some point in our lives
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Old 2014-12-07, 11:45   Link #40
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^not sometime, more like even now we still are
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mamare speech

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